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Faculty discusses non-profit options

first_imgShe demonstrated how extensive the sector is, highlighting a variety of fields that students have the potential to work in.  Rees also said NPOs are often a great career choice because they allow students to combine their passions with educational skills, and take on a variety of leadership roles.  Throughout the lecture, Reed encouraged students to see the exciting possibilities in the field.  In an interview with The Observer following the event, Hebbeler said each year, approximately 10 percent of Notre Dame’s graduating class commits to one or more years of full-time service in the United States and abroad.  “Engaging in service helps Notre Dame students continue the University’s mission for social justice,” he said.  “It is very possible to work in an NPO, have a career and pay off student loans,” she said. A group of Notre Dame students gathered to learn about opportunities available in post-graduate service work and careers in non-profit organizations (NPO) Wednesday at Geddes Hall.  The event was sponsored by Inspire, a student club founded in 2009 that works to “foster a community of non-profits rooted within the Notre Dame family,” according to the club’s mission statement.  Alicia Quiros, a who senior attending the event, left the presentation confident of her decision to go into service following graduation. Quiros said she was motivated to do this because of the problems that she sees in our world, and her belief that “service leads to learning, which leads to justice.” “All these myths are simply not true. Over one million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone, and one in 10 citizens are employed by an NPO,” Rees said. “Be The Change: Unlocking the Nonprofit” began with a discussion led by Michael Hebbeler, director of Student Leadership and Senior Transitions at the Center for Social Concern (CSC). Hebbeler centered on the numerous post-graduate service opportunities open to Notre Dame students, in faith-based and secular programs alike.  “If you work in a small NPO, you can gain a large amount of responsibility early on,” she said. “You should think, ‘How do I want to frame my life? What can I do to engage my passions?’” she said.  He also discussed his time after college serving in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as an advocate for homeless families at New Life Community in Cleveland and the importance of students cultivating a sense of social responsibility upon graduation.  Following Hebbeler’s presentation, Anita Rees, the associate director of the College of Arts and Letters at the Career Center, discussed the workings of the nonprofit world.  Rees began her presentation by challenging students with the “Myths of the Nonprofit Career” — among them, the notion that no one makes money working the nonprofit sector, that it is a field without competition or organization and that it is the same as volunteering.  Rees also debunked the myth that students going into NPO work will be met with the financial burden of paying off student loans. She highlighted a number of government-sponsored programs and legislature that have been designed to allow students to pursue their passion for service, and encouraged all members to visit the Career Center and Office of Financial Aid to help plan this. last_img read more

Men’s basketball: Gard allowing deeper bench, more production in start as head coach

first_imgThe Wisconsin men’s basketball team is running five-on-five sets in practice. The reserves are in black practice jerseys, while the starters and main rotation guys are in white.Freshman forward Alex Illikainen is in black, working hard offensively to prove his worth against the likes of Nigel Hayes and Ethan Happ. After a few possessions, however, interim head coach Greg Gard spoke up.“Alex, go white,” he said.Under Bo Ryan, Illikainen may have not expected to hear these words in practice, as, for the most part, minutes came sparingly for the true freshmen. But under Gard and his deeper rotation, Illikainen along with many other guys are expecting to see that coveted white jersey, and are stepping up their play in practice as a result.“I think the competitiveness has definitely increased with more guys playing,” Illikainen said. “We’re going at it, trying to compete for time, so we are really pushing each other and that is helping my overall confidence too. Just being able to do more.”Gard’s extended rotation has reached as many as 10 players compared to Ryan’s limit of seven or eight, and not only have the individuals involved regained some confidence, but the team as a whole has regained confidence and is putting together better on-court performances.Someone who has seen extended time on the court, even more so than Illikainen, is redshirt sophomore guard Jordan Hill. In Ryan’s final game as head coach against Texas A&M Corpus-Christie, Hill played just two minutes after not appearing in the previous five outings.Since then, Hill has played 20-plus minutes in each of the five games under Gard. The interim head coach has given Hill an opportunity he has been waiting two years for, and one Gard thought he was more than ready for.“I feel I’ve been doing a good job and doing whatever coach Gard asks for,” Hill said. “I try to be a dog out there, create some havoc and try to make smart decisions on offense.”So far, Hill has been very effective, posting 10 points, four rebounds and four assists in his first game under Gard against UW-Green Bay and has averaged 5.4 points in that five-game stretch after not scoring a single point in the first 12 games of the season.But beyond his production, Hill has provided a much-needed spark of energy off the bench. With good ball handling and ability to slash to the basket, the redshirt sophomore gives the Badgers a dynamic that Ryan was reluctant to put on the floor.This ended up being a big reason as to why Gard decided to play Hill as much as he has.“I thought Hill could give us a little spark, so I put him in,” Gard said of his first game against Green Bay. “I thought we needed a shot in the arm.”And despite the fact Hill must limit mistakes as he continues to fight for playing time, that does not mean he’s going to allow his aggressiveness to come to a halt.But it does mean Hill needs to work on maintaining the balance of when to attack and when to stay more conservative.“It’s tough to balance being aggressive and being under control sometimes, especially when I don’t always know when I should pass the ball or when I should take a shot,” Hill said. “But I think I’ve started to figure it out.”And the team has started to figure it out as well, because despite posting a 2-3 record under Gard, the team has been able to remain competitive against not only the best the Big Ten has to offer, but the best the country has to offer.In fact, their three conference losses against No. 14 Purdue, Indiana and No. 3 Maryland have come by just a combined 10 points, thanks in large part to the team’s improved defensive effort.That stronger defense is likely coming as a result of the deeper rotation, key guys getting more rest and having fresh legs on the court much more frequently. This is something that, according to Illikainen, should continue to trend in a positive direction.“Now that we are getting better, it’s going to allow the older guys to get more rest time and go in there and give it their all,” he said. “I think we are starting to get used to it.”While the young, inexperienced players continue to get used to more minutes, more on-court action and ultimately more responsibility on this Wisconsin team, they understand it means they now have a lot more work to do.And for Hill, he wants people to know that this young core hasn’t yet scratched the surface of what they’re capable of.“We are still trying to find our way through this,” Hill said. “I know we have a lot more to offer.”last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — May 25, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest One more fully dry day over the state today. Temperatures will be rather warm in all areas, above normal by a good 5-10 degrees at least. The weekend starts dry tomorrow morning, but we are having to advance our arrival time of moisture forward just a little bit. We are going to allow for scattered showers to arrive as soon as tomorrow midday and afternoon. Rain chances linger through tomorrow night and through Sunday, but we have a similar duration of rains in our forecast as we were talking earlier in the week. To be clear, we are not increasing our rain totals as all at this point…but rather just looking for the rain to start sooner, and therefore end sooner. We will put rain totals for the entire state still at .25”-.75” but feel it will take thunderstorms to put areas into the upper part of the range. Most of us will be closer to the .25” side. Coverage will be 70%.Dry weather is back statewide still for Monday, and that dry pattern goes through Thursday. Temperatures will be normal to above normal for the period, and we should see good dry down leading to good fieldwork potential. However, we still have a stronger frontal system moving in to finish the week. Showers can develop at soon as Thursday night and hold through Friday, with secondary scattered action lingering for Saturday. We do have some concern about heavier thunderstorms trying to develop over Ohio for Friday and Saturday, which could increase our rain totals. For now, we will leave rain totals for the event at .25”-1.25” with coverage at 80% of Ohio, but will leave the door open to revise that upper end of the range higher on thunderstorm development.For the rest of the 11-16-day window we see a dry start to the week of the 4th, but still have a minor front working in around midweek that week, for the 6th. The front can bring up to half an inch of moisture with 70% coverage.Tropical storm Alberto formed in the western Gulf yesterday and will move north into the weekend. We expect landfall somewhere from the western FL panhandle over to New Orleans. However, the storm is not expected to be strong. It will bring heavy rain to the Deep South and the Lower Delta, but should not throw a lot of moisture up our way. As our front draws closer later in the week next week, any lingering moisture from the tropical storm may enhance the precipitation coming with the front, which is why we are concerned about some better thunderstorm development with the front late this coming week. However, that should be where we see our interaction with the tropical event start and stop.last_img read more

Is Oriented Strand Board as Impermeable as They Say?

first_imgThe Quirkiness of OSB: a Summer Camp presentationThe graph depicted in Image #2 (below) shows that the permeance of OSB is really low when the mean RH is low and that it doesn’t even reach 10 perms when the mean RH is 100%. That means it’s still a class III vapor retarder at best, whereas plywood, which gets up over 30 perms, becomes quite permeable as the air on one side gets more and more humid. So, plywood dries better than OSB, but how well do we really know OSB?At Building Science Summer Camp this year, Chris Timusk, a building science professor at George Brown College, gave a presentation called The Quirkiness of OSB (pdf).  He did his doctoral research on OSB and how well it deals with moisture. I’ve spent the past few days reading as much of his dissertation as I could, and I have to say, it’s a fascinating and well-written document. (Click to download pdf version.) Chapters 2-4 give the general background information on wood, OSB, and moisture and, I believe, are readable even by those without science degrees (although that would certainly help).Timusk saw the existing data on OSB and realized that we really didn’t know much at all about how well it handles moisture. For example, if you look at a graph of OSB permeance like the one above, you need to know what type of OSB it was. OSB comes with a range of densities, resin type and content, and surface treatments.So that was the first thing he wanted to look at. The table in Image #3 below (Table 5.1 in Timusk’s dissertation) shows the sample types that Timusk chose to study.His research project looked at two important moisture properties of OSB: permeability and sorption. The former, as stated above, tells you how much moisture moves through a material under a given set of conditions. The latter tells you how much moisture the material can hold as you vary the relative humidity. In this article, I’m going to discuss only his permeability results and will come back to sorption in a future article.The photo at the top of the page (Image #1) shows one of the samples he studied. The researchers manufactured the OSB themselves just for this experiment but did so in a commercial OSB plant, not in a lab. Then they cut it to various sizes and shapes and sealed the samples to the tops of cups, as shown in Image #4 below. They placed the cups in a chamber where they could control the temperature and humidity on the outside of the cup.In each cup was either water, for the wet cup results, or a dessicant, for the dry cup results. They would periodically weigh the samples and cups to see how much moisture they gained or lost. That allowed them to calculate permeability. Permeance and permeabilityPermeance, as shown in the graph above, is a number that tells you how much water vapor will move through a particular piece of material. Permeability tells you how much water vapor will move through a particular type of material. Permeance depends on thickness; permeability doesn’t. (For the science geeks out there, permeance is an extrinsic property, permeability intrinsic.) Another way to think of them is that permeance is like mass, and permeability is like density.The units of these two quantities aren’t very pretty, but I suppose you want to see them, don’t you? Here they are in imperial, or inch-pound (I-P) units:[permeance] = grain/square-foot·hour·inch of mercury, which we normally shorten to perms[permeability] = grain·inch/square-foot·hour·inch of mercury, which we shorten to perm-inchesDon’t say I didn’t warn you! RELATED ARTICLES How Risky Is Cold OSB Wall Sheathing?Monitoring Moisture Levels in Double-Stud WallsOpen-Cell Spray Foam and Damp Roof Sheathing Calculating the Minimum Thickness of Rigid Foam SheathingThe 2012 Code Encourages Risky Wall StrategiesAll About RainscreensDo I Need a Vapor Retarder? As you can see, plywood and OSB have about the same permeance when the mean relative humidity (RH) is low. But as the RH mean grows, so, too, does the difference between plywood and OSB in terms of their ability to move water vapor through from one side to the otherJoe’s recommendation: “The key seems to be an air gap between claddings and sheathings and an ability to redistribute moisture – typically facilitated by – yes, you guessed it – a gap.” Read his article for the full scoop on that; but in short, this is why we need vented rainscreens on homes sheathed with OSB. Relative humidity cycling and permeabilityIn addition to the samples with various densities, resin contents, or surface treatments, Timusk looked at two other variables. One was the result of taking the samples through repeated cycles of soaking in water and then drying. The other was cycling the samples through exposure to high relative humidity (100%) and then low RH (42%).About the latter, Timusk wrote in his dissertation, “The findings from the relative humidity cycled specimen are perhaps the most significant of all the tests conducted.” Why? Because repeated exposures to high relative humidity aren’t that uncommon.Image #6 shows the results for both the liquid and vapor wetting tests.As you can see, in both cases, the permeability of the OSB increased with repeated cycles of wetting. For soaking, it increases by nearly a factor of four. For exposure to humid air, it nearly doubles. Wow! How is OSB different?Oriented strand board is that flaky plywood you see on most residential job sites these days. (That’s a closeup of a piece in the photo above.) I toured an OSB plant several years ago and got to see how it’s made, from beginning to end — logs to 4’x8′ sheets. It’s pretty cool! To get a sheet that’s 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick, they start with a layer of chips (called strands) that’s about 6″ thick.OSB replaces the previously dominant sheathing material, plywood. The properties of these two materials, however, are not the same. Joseph Lstiburek, PhD, PE, wrote about the importance of recognizing the differences in his article, Mind the Gap, Eh? The article included a permeance graph (see Image #2, below).center_img Oriented strand board (OSB) gets blamed for a lot of problems that are really the fault of the designers and builders. Part of the problem, of course, is the perrenial confusion between correlation and causality. OSB hit the market as we really started getting serious about insulation and air sealing. As I described in the story of painters refusing to paint insulated homes, building assemblies that keep the exterior sheathing and cladding colder restrict its ability to dry. Is that the fault of the OSB? Or the insulation? Or the lack of a vapor barrier? Or something else altogether? Permeability resultsHere’s a quick look at the results of all the permeability tests they ran. The graph in Image #5 below (Figure 7.11 in Timusk’s dissertation) shows that there’s quite a lot of variation from the least permeable to the most permeable sample. Here are the main takeaways:Higher density is correlated with lower permeabilityThe OSB core is much more permeable than either the top or bottom surfaces.The more resin in the OSB, the lower the permeability.The more a sample has cycled through wetting and drying, the more permeable it is.There’s a huge difference (~6x) between the most and least permeable samples tested.Now, let’s look at the most interesting part of this research. How should we build with OSB?OK, so the main takeaway here is that we don’t really know how permeable the OSB we’re using is. If you’ve got a type that has higher density or more resin, your OSB may have a lower permeance than the material specifications say. If it has a lower density or has been soaked and dried or repeatedly exposed to high humidity, it probably has higher permeance than stated.What we do know, however, is that it’s still not as permeable as plywood. That means you should assume it needs some help drying out, so always follow the two main rules of moisture management:Don’t let susceptible materials get wet.Allow for materials and assemblies to be able to dry out after they do get wet.Flash the windows properly. Use overhangs. Install your cladding over a gap with a vented rain screen.Remember, there are three things that can cause a building to fail faster than anything else: rain, moisture, and water. Respect the H20 molecule! Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, energy consultant, RESNET-certified trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. Check out his in-depth course, Mastering Building Science at Heatspring Learning Institute, and follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard.last_img read more

Home Ministry willing to give inputs for CWG probe: PC

first_imgUnion Home Minister P Chidambaram on Saturday said his Ministry was ready to give inputs to the appropriate authorities looking into allegations of corruption relating to the Commonwealth Games.”If we are asked about what went wrong (in the Games) by the appropriate inquiring authorities, certainly Delhi Police and the MHA will provide inputs,” he told reporters in New Delhi.He was replying to a question on whether the Home Ministry will provide any inputs on issues relating to problems in ticketing and accreditation for the Games.Asked what would be scope of the probe, he said, “I don”t know. I have nothing to do with it.”Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had on Friday appointed a high-level committee headed by a former CAG to go into allegations of corruption relating to the sporting extravaganza.The committee, headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) V K Shunglu, will submit its report to the Prime Minister within three months.last_img read more

Vidal admitted that he has got many offers

first_imgArturo Vidal has still one more year on his contract with Bayern Munich but the midfielder admitted that he has got a lot of offers from other clubs and he will consider his future.The former Juventus player claimed that it is possible that he will change teams but he will only move to the club which is at least fighting for the Champions League because he knows his worth and qualities.The Chilean spoke about his future as he said, according to Gianluca Di Marzio:Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“I still have a year left on my contract with Bayern, I am very calm. I know my worth and know how to play important games. For this reason, I have many offers every time the market opens.”“This time I am going to take it easy, my agent will think of this. I will look only to relax and recover in the best way possible and to see if I am changing squads or not.”“The most important thing is to be 100%. If I change teams, it will be to go to a team who fights for the Champions League.”last_img read more

Report Payet set for shock West Ham comeback

first_imgDimitri Payet’s representatives have offered West Ham United the opportunity to re-sign their former star player this summer, claims The GuardianThe France international had left the Hammers two years ago in some rather controversial circumstances, that had soured his relationship with the club, for a return back to Marseille.Payet had handed in a transfer request to the West Ham board in the middle of the 2016/17 campaign after growing discontent with life at the club.However, the London club stood firm and rejected the request.But Payet eventually did seal his dream return to Marseille in a £25m deal after his refusal to play for West Ham any longer.Marseille needing to replace Florian Thauvin Taimoor Khan – September 12, 2019 Florian Thauvin is out of action due to an ankle injury which means that Olympique de Marseille have to quickly seek a solution. It’s…Although, the 31-year-old apparently does still hold some affection for his former club and is now understood to be keen on a reunion due to Manuel Pellegrini’s appointment as the new head coach.The new West Ham boss is concerned about the reaction of the club supporters and has taken to consulting his senior players over the move before taking any final decision, despite the fact that he is currently in the market for a creative player.Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is understood to be in negotiations over joining West Ham this summer, although Payet may still have a chance at rejoining the club due to Manuel Lanzini’s long-term injury.But the Frenchman will first have to prove his own fitness, having suffered a big injury of his own in Marseille’s Europa League final defeat to Atletico Madrid back in May – which saw him miss out on a place for the World Cup with France.last_img read more

Liverpools Xherdan Shaqiri taunts Gary Neville

first_imgXherdan Shaqiri has taken a swipe at Gary Neville with a signed Liverpool shirt after losing a bet with Jamie Carragher.Neville lost a penalty shoot-out bet with Carragher and must wear a Liverpool shirt with ‘Shaqiri 23’ on the back as a result.The Sky Sports pundit has insisted he will put on the shirt and the new Liverpool recruit took matters into his own hands on Sunday.He gave Carragher a signed shirt with a special message for Neville written on the back.#MNF @GNev2 @XS_11official pic.twitter.com/vlKMZgTpb9— Jamie Carragher (@Carra23) August 19, 2018Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“To my number 1 fan Gary. Please don’t track back. Sorry, please back track on this bet,’ Shaqiri wrote before signing off with his signature.It is unlikely Neville will be allowed to get away with not wearing it after losing the shoot-out.“Before stepping up to take the penalty Kick with his colleague in goal, Neville asked: ‘What’s the bet by the way? There’s got to be something on this.’Carragher replied: “Get you a better shirt.”Neville said: “You’ve got to wear a United shirt or I’ve got to wear a Liverpool shirt when you’ve felt your way back in in a show in a few weeks.”Neville is yet to follow through on his promise of wearing a Reds jerseylast_img read more