“Inside Utopia” Unearths the Most Out-Of-This-World Homes Ever Built

first_img The dream houses of the most visionary artists from the modern era.Few mere mortals get the opportunity to peak within the homes of great designers, artists, and architects. And yet, these spaces are designed with the same elaborate mindset of a great sculpture or couture line.Of course Karl Lagerfeld’s dining room looks different from ours. Designers like Lagerfeld exist style-lightyears ahead of the human race… and so do their homes. Thailand’s WARchitect Design Studio is Elevating Home Design The Best Small-Space Furniture for Living Tiny How to Cultivate Mid-Century Modern Style in Your Own Home This Belgian-Monastery-Turned-Hotel Has Us Craving a Trip to Antwerp Previous Next Published by the aesthetically-minded Gestalten, Inside Utopia— Visionary Interior and Futuristic Homes ($69) blows the roof off some of the most visionary homes belonging to the likes of Catalan artist Xavier Corbero, furniture geniuses Charles and Ray Eames, and the aforementioned German fashion designer (to name a few).With 304 pages of full-color photography and design ruminations for each dwelling, Inside Utopia transfixes our eyes as we search through the great detail of each room, rug, window, and recliner. All chosen with clear and decisive intention for the role it plays in the overall space.And while some of the featured homes, such as the Eames House, are within the same species of what we comprehend a home to look like, others are dimensions away, simulating an extra-terrestrial habitation that lights fire to our curiosity.Such is the extraordinary case of Le Palais Bulles— a home of spaceship proportions situated near Cannes, France, and designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag. This “bubble palace” can only be described as a space odyssey destination, with ovular windows and minimal furniture shaped like huge moon rocks.Similarly out of this world is The Labyrinth Home of sculptor Corbero. From the outside, the home presents itself as a surrealist maze, combining medieval stonewall arches and winding wooden staircases that weave through the foundation in a hypnotizing dance. In total, the home spans nine structures, including Corbero’s living quarters, studio, living rooms, and various secret galleries and work areas. Within Corbero’s main living space is a six-story glass atrium known as ‘The Tower.” If the aesthetic reminds you of something you might see in a Salvador Dali painting, you wouldn’t be wrong. Dali was close friends with the sculptor.From the structural complexity to minute, sometimes odd, detailing of each home, we begin to look at the structures as works of art on their own. Furniture becomes sculptural and a wall meant to hold up a room becomes a bioclimate arch to blend the foundation into its surrounding land.Within these pages are the most fascinating modern structures that have ever been built. And previously, you had to be Coco Chanel or Dali to gain access to these stunning interiors.Plus, you might find yourself inspired to rearrange your living room or build a new structure onto your home that serves a bigger purpose than watching TV or eating dinner.Images Courtesy of Gestalten and “Inside Utopia” 1 of 13 Editors’ Recommendations Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A.last_img read more

Penalties in Laws to be Revised

first_img According to the Memorandum of Objects and Reasons, a decision has been taken to revise penalties where appropriate and where not already provided for, provide a mechanism for amendment of monetary penalties relating to several Acts under the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice, by Ministerial Order. Story Highlights The Bill was tabled by Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck. The Law Reform (Amendment of Penalties) Act 2019 was tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (February 5). The Law Reform (Amendment of Penalties) Act 2019 was tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (February 5).According to the Memorandum of Objects and Reasons, a decision has been taken to revise penalties where appropriate and where not already provided for, provide a mechanism for amendment of monetary penalties relating to several Acts under the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice, by Ministerial Order.The Bill was tabled by Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck.“This is the revision of penalties of the laws. In this Bill before the House, they relate to matters in the Ministry of Justice. You will see penalties, which in the past were $20, $40 and $100, have now been brought up to date, and we are hoping that shortly they will be dealt with in the House,” Mr. Chuck explained.The Minister said he hopes that other Ministries will provide their update of the laws soon.last_img read more

Rajasthan Budget Gehlot announces Rs 1000cr farmers welfare fund infra projects

first_imgJaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday presented the Budget for 2019-20 which proposed a Rs 1,000 crore fund for farmers’ welfare apart from various schemes in irrigation, renewable energy and health sectors. Presenting the Budget in the Rajasthan assembly, Gehlot said a separate feeder at a cost of Rs 5,200 crore will be established to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to farmers. He added that it is a people’s Budget and has been prepared considering their sentiments and suggestions. Also Read – IAF Day: Tributes paid to soldiers killed in line of duty in Jammu “We have made efforts to include the suggestions and sentiments of the people. The Budget was prepared after discussion with all sections of the society. Achieving new heights in development would be priority of the state government,” Gehlot said while presenting the Budget. Gehlot announced a Rs 1,000 crore farmers’ welfare fund, a policy for new and renewable energy projects, set a target of Rs 16,000 crore crop loans from cooperative banks and said ‘Nandi Shala’ will be built in each gram panchayat. Also Read – ED can withhold names of tax evaders in Panama Papers: CIC The chief minister also announced Rs 927 crore for state highways, Janta Clinics on the lines of Mohalla Clinics in Delhi, new policy for electric vehicles, and said no permission will be required for MSMEs for the first three years. He also announced including 104 types of new medicines in the state government’s free medicine scheme and Rs 1,000 crore assistance under the CM Youth Employment Scheme. Besides, 75,000 vacant positions will be filled in various government departments to provide jobs to the youth. The chief minister also criticised the previous BJP government for improper implementation of the UDAY scheme in the state. He said the previous government had claimed that Discoms will be rescued from financial crisis, but the scheme was implemented without planning. He said the state’s debt has increased due to poor financial planning of the previous government, which took huge loans without much thought.last_img read more

Lionel Messi And Serena Williams Help Launch 1in11 Campaign

first_imgFC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) and UNICEF have launched the ‘1 in 11’ campaign to extend educational opportunities to marginalized children in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal, with the goal of expanding to more countries.Video: Lionel Messi and Serena Williams launch the #1in11 campaign to the worldGlobally, one in 11 primary school-age children – or 58 million out of 650 million children – are out of school. The majority are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable: children living in areas affected by conflict; children in extreme poverty; children with disabilities; children from indigenous communities. In addition, in many schools, sports programming does not exist, even though studies have shown that including sports in school curricula can inspire children to attend and stay in school, lead to better physical health, and help to improve their grades.The ‘1 in 11’ campaign will raise funds through individual donations and a major art auction at Sotheby’s in London on Thursday 12th February, featuring donated works by renowned artists including Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Shirin Neshat. Hirst and Murakami have created specially commissioned works of art featuring Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona player, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and President of the Lionel Messi Foundation. Murakami designed the campaign logo.Lending their voices, and their athletic ability, to ‘1 in 11’, Messi and international tennis champion and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Serena Williams launched the #1 in 11 campaign film and ‘Keep Ups’ challenge – challenging people to keep a ball up in the air for at least eleven touches.“I’m supporting the 1 in 11 campaign because I believe every child has the right to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams,” said Messi. “Education is fundamental to this, but millions of children across the world are out of school and not getting the start in life they are entitled to.“I believe that through sport we can teach values of respect, teamwork and effort, and ultimately inspire children to attend and stay on in school, so they will receive the quality education which will equip them with the skills they need for life.”A special global premiere screening of the campaign film, featuring both Messi and Williams attempting their own ‘Keep Ups’ challenge, took place at half time on the big screens at Camp Nou stadium during the FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid match on Sunday 11th January.“In many countries we take it for granted that every child has the right to receive a quality education, but ‘1 in 11’ children around the world do not enjoy that right – and without it, may never reach their full potential,” said Williams. “We need to kick start global progress and get that number down to zero, so every child has the chance to learn.”The funds raised by ‘1 in 11’ will focus initially on pilot education programmes in the three countries. In Indonesia, the campaign will support schools in six districts to include children with disabilities. In Nepal, UNICEF has worked with the government to identify 10 priority districts that will offer sports programming for children up to secondary school, particularly aimed at breaking down the societal barriers for children with disabilities and including them in school. In Bangladesh, the campaign’s focus will be on reaching out-of-school children.Through the ‘Keep Ups’ challenge, Messi and Williams are inviting their fans and followers to join, donate to the campaign and share their own ‘Keep Ups’ via social media and at www.1in11.org.last_img read more

Diplomats hold talks with Muslims on recent hate crimes

Heads of Mission of the European Union, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Switzerland together with other diplomatic representatives today visited the Dewatagaha Mosque to meet leaders of the Muslim community.The visit followed in the wake of attacks on mosques and businesses owned by people in the community. The ambassadors expressed their solidarity and welcomed the clear condemnation for these hate crimes from President Maithripala Sirisena and Hon Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. They emphasised the importance of the rule of law and called for prompt action to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes were swiftly brought to justice. EU Ambassador Margue said: “Sri Lankans know all too well the consequences of religious and ethnic hatred. These reprehensible actions are intended to sow discord at a time when national reconciliation and tolerance is moving forward. It is important that the Government and the Police ensure that there is no impunity for hate crimes. It is important that religious communities are at the forefront of efforts to promote understanding and oppose the spreading of hate.” (Colombo Gazette) read more

Arrest of three cops by STF over robbery a mistake

However Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara later said that it was found the arrest was a mistake. (Colombo Gazette) The arrest of a Police inspector and two constables over a robbery has been found to be a mistake.A Police inspector and two constables had been arrested over a robbery in Kalutara. The Police said the arrest was made by the Special Task Force (STF).The suspects were handed over to the Organized Crimes Division for further investigations.

In the NBA Its Not Whether You Win or Lose Its Whether

It was the age of foolishness. It was the summer of trading three draft picks for Andrea Bargnani. It was the autumn of J.R. Smith being suspended for marijuana possession. It was the winter of disparaging the shot clock. It was the New York Knicks’ 2013-14 season. So when Mike Woodson was fired as the coach of the Knicks on a warm, spring day in Gotham Monday, New York breathed a sigh of relief.But Woodson’s problem wasn’t just that the Knicks were bad. The Knicks are usually bad. Woodson’s problem was that the Knicks — for a change — were expected to be good. They’d won 54 games and gone to the Eastern Conference semifinals the year before. Preseason over-under lines pegged their win total at 49.5 games. When my ESPN colleague Kevin Pelton, through his SCHOENE system, instead projected the Knicks to win 37 games, his projection threatened to turn Knickerblogger, the eminently sane and stats-friendly blog, into the basketball version of “unskewed polls.”The Knicks went 37 and 45.In the NBA, where about 30 percent of the league turns its head coach over every season, these expectations matter as much as reality. I mean that literally: Las Vegas’s preseason over-under lines predict coach turnover just as well as actual wins and losses do.I went back and collected preseason over-under lines dating back to the 2006-07 season. I compared them to each team’s actual record during the regular season. Then I ran a logistic regression analysis. The dependent variable is whether the team kept the same head coach from the start of that regular season to the next one. Here are the results:The regression output contains two variables: exp_w (the number of games a team was expected to win, per Las Vegas) and act_w (actual wins). For the 2011-12 NBA season, which was shortened by a player lockout, I’ve prorated both totals to 82 games.You may notice that the coefficient on each variable is almost identical, though they have opposite signs. What that means is that an expected win hurts a coach about as much as an actual win helps him.The graph below provides an illustration of this, and measures the probability of a coaching change under two scenarios: a team (like this year’s Sacramento Kings) that was expected to win 30 games, and a team (like the Knicks) that was expected to win 50. If the projected 30-win team wins 35 games, just slightly better than expectations, its probability of a coaching change is only about 17 percent. If the projected 50-win team wins 45 games, just slightly worse than expectations, the probability is 37 percent instead.Lest this seem too abstract, I’ve compiled a list of all teams since the 2006-07 season that underperformed their over-under line by 10 games or more. There are 33 of these. Here’s what happened to their coaches:Nine of them were fired during the season;Nine of them were fired after the season;One of them resigned during the season;Two of them resigned after the season;Two of them, Larry Drew of the Milwaukee Bucks and Brian Shaw of the Denver Nuggets, just completed their seasons and have yet to learn their fates;The other 10 kept their jobs, although five of them were fired during or after their following season. Other factors also affect a coach’s odds of being fired. Deep playoff runs help coaches. First-year coaches sometimes get mulligans and are less likely to be fired. We’ll save that discussion for another post, however.The lesson is simple: A coach is not long for his job when expectations run wild, as they often do in New York. With the benefit of hindsight, it now seems likely that Woodson’s Knicks overachieved in the 2012-13 season. That only made it harder for him to keep his job this year. read more

Less than a quarter of people feel confident saving money

first_imgA NEW SURVEY has revealed a declining rate of confidence in saving money.The Nationwide UK (Ireland)/ESRI Savings Index fell to 88 points in November, after a buoyant few months saw it climb as high as 115.The index measures whether people think that the current period is a good time to save and whether they believe government policy is encouraging saving.The survey found that just 23 per cent of people believe that now is a good time to save.That is the lowest score recorded since the index started in January 2010. This has been particularly prevalent among the over 50 age group with just 19 per cent saying now was a good time to save compared with 31 per cent last month.Despite the negative sentiment, when asked about their preferred use for any spare money available, 39 per cent of people say they would save their spare cash.Nationwide UK (Ireland) say that the increase in DIRT in October’s Budget has led to a decline in confidence.Read: Shoppers still going to Northern Ireland for cheap food and alcoholRead: Ibec predicts strong post-bailout growth and 50,000 jobs in 2014last_img read more

Project aims to digitalize local news from late 19th century

first_imgNewspapers ArchiveThe family tragedy that killed three Clark County people was summarized in two intriguing sentences:“A dynamite explosion wrecked the home of W.C. Walker at Manor, killing Mrs. Walker and her daughter, Mrs. Bailey, who were preparing breakfast. Walker had put the explosive in the oven to thaw.”The blast, which also killed another family member, was reported by The Vancouver Independent on Jan. 24, 1901.The summary was provided by Carl Landerholm’s chronology, a compilation of a century of local news stories from several local publications, including The Columbian.The chronology is part of an exhibit — “Above and Below the Fold: News Fit to Print” — that closes this week at the Clark County Historical Museum. Saturday will be the final day of the exhibit at the museum, 1511 Main St.Meanwhile, the museum is expanding a program that can provide, digitally speaking, home delivery of 1870s news coverage from the weekly Vancouver Independent.The museum is collaborating with the Washington State University Vancouver Library on the Newspapers Archive.“WSU has software and expertise we could never afford,” said Susan Tissot, the museum’s executive director.The collection is starting with The Vancouver Independent, one of the first newspapers published in Clark County. It includes a function to search for a word or phrase.So far, the online archive has about four years of online images of The Vancouver Independent, from 1876 through 1879. That’s back when the newspaper’s masthead identified the publication’s home as “Vancouver WT” — Washington Territory.last_img read more

Monroe County proposes tolls for US 1 in the Florida Keys

first_imgKEY LARGO, FLA. (WSVN) – Tolls on U.S. 1? It might actually happen in the Keys.At a county commission meeting in Monroe County Wednesday, commissioners voted unanimously to determine the impact that tolls may have on the highway. The intention of the proposition is to determine if a toll could generate revenue for infrastructure development and environmental projects.However, according to the Keynoter, the Florida Department of Transportation is not a fan of the proposition.“Under current federal and state law, the existing lanes of U.S. 1 in the Keys cannot be tolled,” FDOT spokeswoman Ivette Ruiz-Paz wrote in an email to the newspaper.The FDOT strongly opposed efforts in 2010 and 2012 to consider a toll for the Florida Keys.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Police Mother kills children herself in apparent murdersuicide

first_img“I actually had to take a moment and cry,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to show her face to cameras. “because I can’t fathom the thought of harming my kids in any way.”The area resident said she had seen the family around the neighborhood and had heard arguing coming from the house, but never imagined anything like this.The bodies were removed from the home late Friday, but the big question remains: Why would a mother murder her own children and then take her own life?“Like, now to hear the ages of the kids, and to even know that it’s actual kids that got harmed, it’s just sad,” said neighbor Mykhale Rivera.Police said they most will likely release the name of the mother sometime on Saturday.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police believe a mother shot and killed her two children, then herself, inside their Southwest Miami-Dade home, Friday afternoon.Miami-Dade Police homicide investigators worked well into the evening after the home, located in the area of Southwest 253rd Street and 132nd Avenue, turned into the scene of a gruesome crime.Hours earlier, police said, the children’s father had made the deadly discovery. “The father of the children came home, and he found his two children and his ex-wife deceased from apparent gunshot wounds,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Argemis Colome.Investigators said the fatal shots were fired some time before 12:30 p.m. The young victims were an 8-year-old girl and her 18-month-old brother.Police say it appears the 29-year-old mother shot the girl and the toddler before turning the gun on herself.“The preliminary investigation is indicating that this is possibly a murder-suicide,” said Colome.The father spent hours with detectives answering questions about his kids and his ex-wife. last_img read more

Renovations Completed At Soldotna 911 Dispatch Center

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Soldotna Public Safety Communications Center recently completed renovations to the 9-1-1 dispatch area thanks to financial support from Marathon Petroleum (formally Tesoro Foundation). The Center remained fully operational during the renovations and services to the public were not disrupted, according to a post from the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  Approximately 28,000 calls annually come through the Center, including all cellular calls. The Center dispatches as far north as McHugh Creek in addition to the entire borough, and serves eight local, state and federal agencies. Also upgraded was the complex cable management and climate control for electronics. New anti-static carpet tiles replaced the deteriorating anti-static tile flooring. Reconfiguration of the AC power, data, radio and other low voltage cabling was also completed to support the new workstations. Marathon Petroleum invested $225,000 towards the project. The project included replacing six obsolete workstations with eight new stations complete with ergonomics, lighting and climate control for the dispatchers. On January 14, the Borough administration, Office of Emergency Management, dispatch personnel and Marathon Petroleum representatives were on hand to celebrate the completed renovations with a ribbon cutting.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly August 28 2014

first_imgIndividual news stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at alaskapublic.org and on Twitter @aprnDownload Audio:Shell Oil Files Exploration Plan for Chukchi SeaLauren Rosenthal, KUCB – UnalaskaShell Oil took its first step toward returning to the Arctic on Thursday morning. The company filed a new plan to explore the Chukchi Sea with federal regulators in Anchorage.Parnell Vetoes A Bill Curbing Record AccessAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – AnchorageGov. Sean Parnell has vetoed a bill that would have scrubbed Courtview — the state’s online criminal records database — of any charge that did not result in a conviction.Alaska Mayors Group Rallies Against PotAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – AnchorageThe Alaska Conference of Mayors has come out against a ballot initiative that would regulate marijuana like alcohol.Senate Candidates Stake Ground In Unconventional First DebateAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – AnchorageWednesday night the conservative umbrella group United for Liberty hosted the first Senate debate of the general election season. Democratic incumbent Mark Begich and Republican challenger Dan Sullivan squared off in an Anchorage auditorium and used the event to establish some of the themes of their campaigns.New Study Sheds Light On How the Arctic Was PopulatedSteve Heimel, APRN – AnchorageArchaeologists have been arguing for decades about how human beings got to the new world, and genetic research released today deepens the mystery. An article published in “Science” magazine shows that there must have been at least four pulses of migration from Siberia through Alaska since the last Ice Age, and the Yupik and Inupiat people now in Alaska actually replaced an earlier population.Investigation Finds 7 Juneau High Schoolers Responsible For HazingLisa Phu, KTOO – JuneauA Juneau School District investigation finds seven high school seniors responsible for the paddling of six incoming freshmen. The incident took place shortly after school ended in May.ENSTAR Strike Ends Without A New ContractAnne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageThe ENSTAR operating employees strike is over, but the workers do not have a new contract. After two and a half weeks they returned to work today Thursday.Prince Of Wales Island Finds Success With A 4-Day School WeekEmily Files, KRBD – KetchikanThe Southeast Island School District on Prince of Wales Island encompasses nine small, rural schools. Last year, the district implemented a four-day school week in all but one school. It worked so well that every school is running on a Monday through Thursday schedule this year.New Tanana Rec Site Not Thwarted By RainDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksIt’s been one of the rainiest summer’s on record in Fairbanks, but that hasn’t hampered the debut of new recreation area.last_img read more

Smallscale hydro project comes online in Iguigig

first_imgA prototype in-river hydropower system is currently in operation at Igiugig in southwest Alaska.  It’s part of a recent surge of research that has pushed in-river hydro power closer to becoming a reality for rural communities seeking an alternative to diesel-based electricity.Download AudioGiven that most rural communities in western and interior Alaska are situated on rivers, hydropower seems like an obvious renewable energy source.Putting up dams on big rivers like the Yukon is unlikely to happen for environmental and economic reasons, but in-river hydropower is a possibility.  An in-river power system is like a wind mill, but in the water, using the kinetic energy of flowing waters to move blades, which spin a turbine and create electricity.Alaska Village Electric Cooperative President and CEO Meera Kohler is keeping an eye on developments with in-river hydro technology, and says it has some promise for her member communities scattered across rural Alaska.  But there’s a catch:“Obviously, moving water has a lot of energy associated with it, and trying to harness that is the goal.  But being able to harness it with destroying the machine that is harnessing it every couple of weeks – that’s the challenge.”The destruction that Kohler is referring to would come from one of in-river hydro’s biggest challenges to date: driftwood and debris.  Tests of small in-river turbines at Ruby on the middle Yukon River and Eagle on the upper Yukon were constantly plagued by driftwood.Unlike the design tested at Ruby and Eagle, which was suspended just under the surface of the water by a small pontoon platform, the prototype in use at Iguigig right now sits on the river bottom.  It’s much wider than it is tall and looks like an old fashioned push lawn mower rather than a typical wind mill or table fan shape.The prototype is called the RivGen, and it was designed by Ocean Renewable Power Company, which is based in Maine but has an office and several projects underway in Alaska.  Monty Worthington is ORPC’s Director of Project Development.  Having a hydropower system sitting on the bottom of a river, Worthington says, has several advantages.  It works quietly and out of sight, but….“More importantly it gets us down below the floating debris in a river.  That can be wood, that can be ice in some cases.  Anything that is floating on the surface of the river we are no longer in the way of, and it also includes impeding navigation in certain areas, so we can be down a depth where boats are able to pass freely over the device.”If placed in a river like the Yukon, the RivGen or any in-river hydropower system would still have to contend with heavy amounts of silt, grinding into and ruining moving parts.  Worthington says that ORPC has been testing various styles of bearings and seals for 6 years through a partnership with UAA, and have found some promising solutions.  But even materials containing diamonds are proving to be susceptible to silt damage over time, so bearings will need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance.The RivGen test site on the Kvichak River at Igiugig is clear and mostly free of debris – not an ideal place to test the turbine’s ability to deal with driftwood and silt.  But the clear water does give researchers a better chance to watch how the blades impact fish, another important environmental consideration that hydropower designers must deal with.At a test site on the Tanana River at Nenana, researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Alaska Center for Energy and Power are putting some different in-river hydro designs through their paces in more challenging environment, including lots of driftwood and silt.The most recent design to be tested comes from Oceana Energy Company.  It’s suspended just under the surface from a barge, and looks like a ring with shark fins embedded around it.  According to Alaska Hydrokinetic Research Center Program Director Jeremy Kaspar, the Oceana system worked without a problem for a month last fall and a month earlier this summer.  The Oceana unit was protected by a UAF-designed debris diverter placed just upstream, which Kaspar says was highly effective.Photo: Alaska Center for Energy and Power.“The debris diverter is kind of a V, and we can adjust the angle.  At the tip of the V, there is a cyclinder that rotates, and when the debris hits that cylinder the debris starts to rotate it and the debris slides off the sides.”The UAF team also changed the anchoring system to rely on a single line instead of many, reducing the amount of driftwood getting caught by the lines.Future research is going to look at the potential problems caused by subsurface debris, like water-logged trees and root balls that bounce along the bottom of a river.  When silty water does not allow for video cameras to get a look at what’s going on, Kaspar says the researchers will use sonar.“The other thing that we are going to be doing in conjunction with the sonar is having a mechanical means of detecting debris – basically we’re gonna put down a grate near the bottom and see if we can get some simultaneous impact measurements along with the sonar.  So then we will know what the sonar is seeing and what the impact forces are.”As more of the engineering hurdles are crossed, Kaspar predicts that in another five years in-river hydropower systems will be ready for widespread use across Alaska.“I am hoping that we start convincing the Department of Energy that they really need to fund these pilot projects in places like Alaska.  I think what we will probably see in the next few years is a few communities – Igiugig is almost there – adapting these technologies, with partnerships between the developer and the community.”Regardless of the technical advances with in-river hydropower systems, no one thinks they can survive spring breakup, so they are all being designed to be removed from the water in the fall or winter before the ice goes out.last_img read more

This Teen Nearly Died In The Santa Fe School Shooting Now Shes

first_imgAllison Hess for NPRSarah Salazar was 16 when a gunman walked into her Santa Fe, Texas, classroom and changed her life forever. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and Sarah Salazar would rather be sleeping. Not just because it’s early. Or because she’s a teenager and can’t seem to get enough sleep. Doctors say the shotgun pellets embedded in her shoulder, lung and back have sent her lead levels skyrocketing and leave her feeling tired much of the time.Her injuries also make it hard for Sarah to do even simple tasks, like bathing. Her home, in the small town of Santa Fe, Texas, has one shower for six women — Sarah, her mother and four sisters — so she now wakes early, before everyone else, to take her time in the shower.Later, in her room, Sarah picks a shirt for the day — though definitely not her favorite navy top with thin white stripes. Its wide, open neckline is now too wide, too open, too revealing. Sarah’s younger sister Sonya helps her fasten her bra.By 6:20 a.m., Sarah catches a ride to school with her best friend, Emma Lovejoy, and Emma’s grandmother in their Jeep Wrangler. Unlike her sisters, Sarah, now a junior, doesn’t ride the bus to Santa Fe High School anymore. Not since she missed the bus on May 18, 2018 — the day that changed her life forever.According to police, that’s the day a 17-year-old student carried a Remington 870 shotgun and a .38-caliber pistol into Sarah’s art classroom. He killed eight students and two teachers and wounded 13 others, including Sarah.This is her story — the story of one teenager’s long, slow struggle, physically and emotionally, to rebuild her life after a school shooter nearly took it from her.May 18, 2018ScapeWare3d/DigitalGlobe/Getty ImagesSatellite imagery of Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, about 35 miles southeast of Houston.When the shooting begins, Sarah, then 16, is the last person to hide inside her art room’s supply closet. Her classmates try to block the door, but the gunman can still see them through a small window in the door. He aims his shotgun at the glass and fires.Small lead pellets explode into the closet. Sarah’s neck, left shoulder and leg are hit. She drops to the floor and, trying to stay calm, reaches for a classmate.Trenton Beazley is also hit, in the back. The sophomore catcher on the baseball team feels a tug and turns. In the dim light he can see a girl bleeding badly from her neck and shoulder, her long black hair in her face. Sarah gasps for help.Trenton grabs Sarah’s jacket from her lap and wraps it like a tourniquet around her shoulder to stop the bleeding. He doesn’t remember thinking about it.“It’s not like you practice something like that. It’s more like an instinct. You just look down, and you see something you think might work,” Trenton says later.Before she is shot, Sarah prays for God to protect everyone in the closet.After she is shot, she calls to God again:Here I am. If you’re ready to take me home, I’m not scared. But if you want to let me stay, then that’s fine too.The students wait more than half an hour for the shooting to stop and for help to arrive.Daniel Kramer/AFP/Getty ImagesEmergency crews gather in the parking lot of Santa Fe High School after the shooting.Sarah’s mom, Sonia Lopez, says her own prayers the moment she hears that there has been a shooting at her daughters’ school. She tries to make her way to Santa Fe High but, at a designated meeting point, has to wait for Sarah to come back to her.Bus after bus reunites students with their families. Sarah never comes.“Lord, please be with Sarah. Let her be OK,” Lopez prays over and over and over.Allison Hess for NPRDr. Brandon Low was on call when Sarah was rushed to the hospital. Experienced in treating gunshot trauma, Low says Sarah’s wounds were so devastating because she had been shot at close range with a powerful weapon in a vulnerable part of her body.Then word comes: Sarah has been shot and taken to HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake. The blast caused serious bleeding in Sarah’s neck. Doctors decided it was too risky to repair the two damaged veins, so they tied off the ends instead. Her shoulder joint has been shattered, and remnants of the shell are scattered through her body.To Lopez, this all seems a blessing.“I know that the Lord was there with [Sarah] because she called unto him, and he answered. She may not have seen him, but I know that he protected her because none of her vital organs were touched. Her brain was intact,” Lopez says.Still, it takes back-to-back emergency surgeries to stabilize Sarah. Dr. Brandon Low, the orthopedic surgeon on call, checks the scans and knows it is a devastating injury.“The joint where the shoulder meets up with the socket was just destroyed — hardly visible even on X-ray, it was in so many pieces,” Low says.Low often treats gunshot patients and says Sarah’s injury is a triple hit: shot at close range with a powerful weapon in a vulnerable part of her body.Allison Hess for NPRAn X-ray taken before Sarah’s emergency shoulder surgery. “The joint where the shoulder meets up with the socket was just destroyed — hardly visible even on X-ray, it was in so many pieces,” Low, the orthopedic surgeon on call the day of the shooting, says.The surgeon joins the rest of the trauma team in the operating room and begins removing nonviable body tissue to prevent infection. They also remove as many pellets as they can, as well as fragments from the shell itself, before sewing up the wound.Nearly a month later, Sarah will have a complete shoulder replacement.SUMMERBrendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty ImagesJai Gillard, who was in the class where the mass shooting started, looks at a cross for Sabika Sheikh, an exchange student from Pakistan, before signing it at a memorial for the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas.Sarah’s hospital room fills with balloons, flowers and visitors. Pop star Justin Timberlake promises her tickets to his upcoming Houston show. NFL star J.J. Watt pays a visit. “Santa Fe Strong” starts appearing on T-shirts and billboards across South Texas.Doctors have to wire Sarah’s mouth shut so her fractured jaw can heal, limiting her diet to chicken broth and applesauce. Her best friend, Emma, visits almost every day. They play cards and watch Netflix. At first, Emma is surprised at how swollen Sarah’s neck has become — “like a marshmallow,” she says.Seventeen days after the shooting, Sarah is discharged and moves back to her mom’s three-bedroom house. Though her jaw is still wired shut, she begins supplementing her limited diet by sucking on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, her favorite snack. A small taste of her old life.In July, she begins aquatic physical therapy to exercise her new prosthetic shoulder joint and regain some strength. In the water, Sarah feels more comfortable. Her arm is lighter and so is the pain.In August, on the first day of school, Sarah doesn’t hesitate to return to class at Santa Fe High. She wants to focus on her junior year and prepare for college. Her dream school is Texas A&M University in College Station. Her dream career: nurse anesthetist.Allison Hess for NPRSarah and her mother, Sonia Lopez, who says her strong faith has been a source of strength over the past year.Sarah’s mother, Sonia Lopez, worries more about her daughter’s reentry. For one thing, how will she navigate the bustling hallways of a school with 1,400 students?“We were scared that people were going to bump into her in the hallways, you know? And she was like, ‘No, I can do it, I can do it. I don’t need anybody carrying my books,’ ” Lopez says.Sarah admits later, though, that the return is difficult at times. Whenever someone knocks at the classroom door, she has to check who it is before she can continue her work. The new alarms on the doors are loud and make her feel anxious.In September, Sarah’s mother and other families that have been irreparably scarred by the massacre appear before the Santa Fe school board. They publicly recognize their loved ones who were killed and ring a bell for each. They then recognize the 13 injured, including Sarah, though the board president tries to stop the group.Lopez worries that the board is doing too little to help the community recover and protect against future threats. At the lectern, she pleads with the district.“We need to set an example out of this, so what happened to my daughter will not happen again,” she says, near tears.In the packed audience, Sarah sits silently, her left arm in a sling.FALLAllison Hess for NPR“Santa Fe Strong” began appearing in Santa Fe and across South Texas soon after the school shooting.On a breezy Saturday night in October, a DJ pumps Mexican ranchera and cumbia music in between Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus as dozens of people mingle inside the community center at Santa Fe’s Runge Park.This isn’t Sarah’s party. It’s her younger sister Sonya’s quinceañera, her 15th birthday party — a rite of passage in many Hispanic families. It is also the first time their extended circle of family and friends has had something to celebrate since the shooting.Sarah arrives late, having picked up the last of the balloons. She wears a short, sleeveless pink dress and a black crepe jacket to cover the scar on her shoulder. Her father, Nick Salazar, proudly walks her from table to table to greet family members and friends.Allison Hess for NPRA photo of Sarah with her four sisters hangs inside their Santa Fe, Texas, home. Sarah’s sisters have been a constant source of love, laughter and support since the shooting.“She looks like she’s having fun,” he says later. “Which is good to see her smile and everything. I’m happy that she’s happy.”“Some of these people I met through the shooting,” Lopez says as she serves rice, beans and cabrito with lamb to a long line of guests.Another survivor, Flo Rice, stops by with her husband. The former substitute teacher walks with a cane and smiles for a selfie with Sarah.After the official dance and presentations, Sarah slips outside and takes off her black ankle-strap heels. She’s tired and thinking about going home early.“This was a good distraction. It’s nice,” she says. “It was good to keep my mind off other things.”The fact is, many things are still hard for Sarah. She can’t raise her left hand past her waist. At her dad’s house, she can’t reach the microwave to heat up ramen noodles. Also, her mom doesn’t think her shoulder has healed enough for her to drive safely, so even after Sarah turns 17 that November, she still depends on others to get around.Some days she wishes she could simply put her long black hair in a ponytail without help.As winter approaches, Sarah’s inner circle — her mother, four sisters and Emma — help her piece together a new routine. When the insurance company deals her a hard blow, refusing to pay for any more aquatic therapy sessions, her older sister, Suzannah, encourages Sarah to do some exercises at home. Her mom keeps track of medical appointments. Each morning, sister Sonya, who shares a room with Sarah, helps her get dressed, while her two youngest sisters, Star and Sophya, pitch in with Sarah’s household chores and help feed the family’s pets.In between all this work, there’s still plenty of time for fun too. The family hosts a regular Friday game night. And every night, Sarah can find comfort and distraction with the family’s many animals: four dogs, two cats, four parakeets, 11 fish, plus a turtle and a goat named Michelle. The goat was supposed to be dinner at the quinceañera but now hangs out in the backyard with a menagerie of chickens and ducks.Sarah loves to snuggle in bed with her gray kitten or practice her Spanish by bingeing on her favorite telenovela, Sin senos sí hay paraíso.“Netflix is the cure,” she says with a smile.“I feel like she’s slowly getting to a new normal, a new happy and stuff. But I wouldn’t say that she’s completely there yet,” Emma says. “It kind of depends on the day. But ultimately, I feel like she’s still processing, and she’s going to for a while.”WINTEROnce every other week, Sarah skips advisory period at school to join a small therapy group with a few others affected by the shooting, though they don’t talk much. Only twice have they actually discussed that day.Instead, they make arts and crafts. A Christmas wreath that now hangs on the door to the family’s laundry room. A rock covered in magazine clippings that sits on Sarah’s windowsill. Sarah prefers creating things over talking. Art makes her feel calm.“I don’t know how talking about it is gonna help how I feel about it,” she says.But she knows, emotionally, she has a long way to go.Allison Hess for NPRReminders of the shooting, big and small, remain in Santa Fe one year later.“The wellness counselor at the school — I have a lady that I talk to — she says that I keep my emotions in and that’s not good,” Sarah says. “I do do that, and so, emotionally, I’ve not come that far because I try to keep it to myself.”Even before the trauma, Sarah was pretty quiet. But since May, it has been hard even for her best friend to know what’s going on sometimes. And they’ve known each other since first grade.“She does what I do whenever I’m bothered by something — just kind of puts on this front that makes everybody think that everything’s going all great,” Emma says. “But you know there’s still things that are bothering her.”At school, offhand remarks can trigger difficult emotions. Sarah can’t stand to hear students mention their weekend hunting plans — a frequent topic in this small Texas town. Even the moment of silence her school holds every morning can be difficult.“Sometimes they’re like, ‘OK, pause for a moment of silence,’ and I start praying. And then they’re like, ‘All right!’ And I’m like, ‘I can’t even pause,’ ” Sarah says. For her, prayer has been a constant comfort “in the morning and at nighttime and whenever I need someone.”Sometimes Sarah wonders what will happen to the former student accused of shooting her and killing so many of her classmates and teachers. One day in February, she and her mom file inside Galveston County’s state courthouse. They sit near the front so they can get a good look at him. When the accused shuffles inside, handcuffed, his lawyers ask the judge for a change of venue. They argue that the mass shooting has gained so much attention in the community that he won’t receive a fair trial.Sarah watches him closely. That day in May, in the art room, she never made eye contact with the shooter. This day, she wants to look him in the eyes.But he keeps his head down.SPRINGAllison Hess for NPRSarah’s sister Sonya Salazar stands with their mother before Sarah’s surgery at UTMB Health in League City, Texas.As the shooting’s May anniversary draws closer, the emotions that Sarah keeps tucked inside grow more intense, especially the sadness.“Some days I’ll just wake up and be like, ‘Today is not going to be a good day,’ ” she says. “It’s like, ‘No, I just want to go back to bed.’ Or just, like, throughout the day, I guess I’ll be having an OK day, and then I’ll just get sad.”Sarah doesn’t know how she’ll feel on the actual anniversary. Or what she’ll do.“It’s just been a year, but it doesn’t feel like it, because the year’s gone by so fast — I don’t have time to process things,” she says.Sarah’s physical recovery has also been slow. She has had six surgeries since the shooting and, nearly 11 months later, must now have a seventh. Pellets from the blast remain embedded in her chest, shoulder and back, and they’ve pushed her lead levels four times past the acceptable limit.“It gives her headaches, stomachaches, dizziness,” her mother, Sonia Lopez, says. “I just can’t wait till they’re gone — all these pellets.”It’s another 5 o’clock morning, mid-April, and Sarah is already awake. Not to claim the shower though. She, her mom and younger sister Sonya pull up in their rusty Toyota Corolla to the outpatient surgery center at UTMB Health in League City.Inside, Sarah waits calmly in the pre-op area.Allison Hess for NPRDr. Ikenna Okereke, mom Sonia Lopez, Sarah, anesthesiologist Sandhya Vinta and a nurse make final preparations before Sarah’s surgery.“I saw Grey’s Anatomy,” she says. “There’s this one episode where a girl is scared to have surgery. I don’t know, I’m not scared.” Because it’s all so routine by now.Sarah has one unusual request for the surgeon. She wants to keep the pellets he finds.“They were inside of me, so they’re mine,” she says.“I’ll have to talk to some people. I don’t know in terms of the evidence, chain of command, forensic,” says Dr. Ikenna Okereke.The fog of anesthesia settles over Sarah. Lopez leans down and kisses her forehead.“God bless you,” she whispers.As Sarah is wheeled into surgery, her mother calls out to the staff, “Bless y’all if you’re working on Sarah today. Know that there are a lot of people praying for y’all today!”The doors to the operating room close.Once again, Lopez waits for her daughter, Sarah Grace, to come back to her.If you or someone you know needs support there are resources available, both nationally and locally:The National Suicide Prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)SAMHSA, or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, national helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)There are also local resources available at the City of Santa Fe Resiliency Center. 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SCHEDULE CHANGE Sundays Softball Game at Notre Dame Moved to 11 am

first_imgStory Links Due to rain in the forecast, Sunday’s ACC series finale between the University of Louisville and Notre Dame has been moved to 11 a.m., an hour earlier than its originally scheduled 12 p.m. first pitch. The game will be shown on ACC Network Extra.Fans can follow Louisville Softball on Twitter (@UofLsoftball) at https://twitter.com/UofLSoftball and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LouisvilleSoftball Print Friendly Versionlast_img

GOG slashes 50 percent off most games for the holidays

first_imgGOG is well known for having some pretty huge sales around the holidays, and this year is no exception. In their own words, the service has announced “virtually the entire catalog” of games they offer has 50% knocked off the price between now and January 2nd.There are a few exceptions, however. Codemasters and Piranha Bytes will not be participating, so games like Cannon Fodder, Second Sight, and the Gothic series will remain full price. The Witcher 2 is only getting a 40% discount ($23.99), and although Activision games are included, those titles will only remain so until December 26. So if titles like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Zork, or Gabriel Knight are on your wish list, pick them up before Christmas.With most games typically selling for between $5.99-$9.99 before the sale, you’re going to pick up a lot of titles for the cost of a single PS3 or Xbox 360 game. This definitely counts as a time to search through GOG’s catalog and pick up those gems you’ve been eyeing for weeks or months. $50 will get you at least 10 games–more than enough to see you through the holidays.As GOG have only just announced this sale, you can imagine their servers are getting hammered. I’d suggest waiting a couple of days if you have problems as the rush will have died down a bit by then.As an additional treat, GOG has also decided to offer a free game to all account holders until the end of tomorrow (10:59am GMT December 14). Log in during this period and Empire Earth: Gold Edition is free to download and play.Read more at GOG and view the full list of games on sale.last_img read more

Meeting with agroscientists to focus on increased crop production

first_imgKolkata: The state Agriculture department is soon going to hold a high-level meeting with agro-scientists from all its research stations to discuss measures for further enhancement regarding the yield of different crops in the state as per demand in the market.Asish Banerjee, the state Agriculture minister, said: “We have decided to hold the meeting with scientists and concerned officials from all the research stations.”He further said: “The date of the meeting will be finalised soon. But there are possibilities of the same getting organised by end of June or beginning of July and would also take place at Nabanna Sabhaghar.” Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIn the meeting there will be agro-scientists from the rice research stations of the state Agriculture department at Chinsurah in Hooghly and Bankura. It may be mentioned that besides the increase in production of paddy, Bengal has also witnessed introduction of new varieties of seeds in the past few years. Agro-scientists in the rice research stations had been constantly working on different varieties of rice seeds. In the meeting, the agro-scientists from the rice research stations would be putting forward their views and would also discuss issues that will come up in the meeting in connection with paddy cultivation. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedScientists from the research stations of the state Agriculture department including pulses and oilseed research station at Behrampore, field crop research station in Burdwan and Water Management Research Station (WMRS) will also be present in the meeting. Initiatives have also been taken regarding cultivation of rice that needs less water and it will also be discussed during the meeting.It may be mentioned that Bengal has bagged the Krishi Karman award for five consecutive years from the Centre for its success in the agriculture sector and the improvement has come after the change of guard in 2011 when the state government has started taking steps to ensure market-driven production. Despite bagging the awards, the state Agriculture department is still taking all necessary measures to continue with the development of the sector.At the same time, the state Agriculture department has taken up a drive to ensure that farmers do not burn stubble after the harvest as it creates huge amount of pollution and at the same time, the fertility of the soil also gets affected.Officials of the state Agriculture department posted in districts are also approaching farmers to make them aware of the harm it is causing to agricultural lands.last_img read more

Chris Brogan on Running a Virtual Business

first_img Register Now » 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. December 21, 2010 This story appears in the January 2011 issue of . Subscribe » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global When I started Human Business Works, there was never a question that it would be a virtual business. The name of the game is staying in contact with my team and working with deliverables in mind–not proximity.Making it work requires a comprehensive set of useful tools. Here’s what we’ve come up with as staples in running our virtual business.CommunicationGoogle Apps. We use a hosted Google Apps solution for e-mail. It’s been simple to manage, flawless in its operation and easy for new employees or contractors to adopt. We also use the calendar application.Skype. We use Skype for a de facto office phone. It’s free and allows one to work hands-free while collaborating. I use Skype Credit to dial out to numbers in the traditional telephone network. It’s much less expensive than using an office phone.Adium and Trillian. Instant messaging comes in lots of flavors. I chose an app that lets me use whatever system the other party chooses while keeping my interface the same. Whether using Adium for the Mac or Trillian for the PC, if you have a fast-paced collaboration project on the go, this is a huge help.Yammer. My other company, New Marketing Labs, uses Yammer as an internal version of Twitter. At HBW, we just use Twitter if the missive is something of the 140-character set. (We do use cell phones, too, but sparingly).CollaborationGoogle Docs. We didn’t bother buying office software. Google Docs works well for sharing information back and forth. I’m writing my next book with Julien Smith, my collaborator on Trust Agents, in Docs, and I also do financial projects with my COO, Rob Hatch, with Google’s spreadsheet app. If you need an offline solution, OpenOffice has come a long way and works just as well.Linoit. This is a virtual cork board where your team can put up sticky notes. Since we’re a smaller company, I don’t need to know every line item in a Gantt chart. Notes in various colors help us stay on the same page.GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. These guys are clients of my marketing company, so it makes sense that I should be a customer of theirs for my small business. I’m enjoying the use of these tools when sharing something that requires eyes on the same document or design.Evernote. We use Evernote for note-taking, each with our own account. (Dear Evernote, I’d love a group app, please).Dropbox. We pass files through Dropbox, which gives as much as 2GB of free storage.At HBW, we went with a virtual office because it costs less, it keeps people closer to home and these tools ease any concerns on collaboration. Sure, we meet face to face at times, but that’s the exception. I’d rather my team be more productive and have more family time than desk time.last_img read more

Lenovo Yoga C930 Review

first_img Hard Drive Type 802.11 AC (2 x 2) Bluetooth 4.1 PCIe NVMe SSD Company Website Touchpad Size Core i7-8550U 1174 Weight Secondary Hard Drive Size lenovo.com 2476 Secondary Hard Drive Speed Warranty/Support Display Size Windows 10 Home RAM Operating System Mobile Broadband Thunderbolt 3 802.11ac Bluetooth Wi-Fi 1920×1080 256GB Headphone/Mic Size Hard Drive Size 4.1 x 2.7 inches RAM Upgradable to 3DMark Fire Strike1 of 12Tests notebook graphics performance.Lenovo Yoga C930Asus ZenBook Flip 14Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018)HP Spectre x360 (13-inch)Category Average (as of 05/31/19) Native Resolution CPUcenter_img 12.6 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches Video Memory Hard Drive Speed Intel UHD Graphics 620 Graphics Card Review Highest Available Resolution Wi-Fi Model 12GB 2 Ports (excluding USB) 13.9 1010 1112 Optical Drive USB 3.1 Specifications Intel Core i7-8550U CPU Ports (excluding USB) Last year’s Lenovo Yoga 920 impressed us with its classy hinge, excellent display and long battery life, which is why I had high hopes for its successor, the Yoga C930. I can happily report the new convertible laptop doesn’t disappoint. Apart from having upgraded components, the C930 does away with its predecessor’s watchband hinge and replaces it with a more functional soundbar. The Yoga C930’s utilitarian design also has a built-in slot for the included stylus and a webcam cover for added privacy.article continued below Those additions already make the C930 a more intriguing device than its predecessor. Add lengthy battery life and a sleek design, and the C930 is undoubtedly one of the best 2-in-1 laptops around. Design Another Yoga, another special hinge. This year, it’s substance over style. Gone is the swanky metal watchband, and in its place is a practical “soundbar” speaker. The Yoga C930 may not be as gorgeous as its mechanical forebear, but what it loses in beauty it recoups in functionality. Dozens of tiny holes coat the smooth cylindrical surface that enables the C930’s dual speakers to project sound outward no matter the laptop’s orientation (more on the speaker below). As a 2-in-1, the Yoga C930 can convert from a traditional clamshell laptop into a tablet. The Yoga 920 is a seriously sleek laptop. The razor-thin aluminum slate has a gunmetal finish on the lid and deck, and an eye-catching chrome hinge that reflects against the light. The polished earthen tones add flair and a layer of luxury to the typical silver metal laptops we so often see. Those who prefer a minimalist design will appreciate the restraint Lenovo exercised with the Yoga C930’s design. The gray lid is bare aside from a stylized chrome Yoga logo in one corner. Open the lid and you’ll find the same gunmetal finish on the deck, keyboard and touchpad. Branding on the deck includes a faint Dolby Atmos logo and a Lenovo emblem, which sit on a secondary mini hinge a few centimeters to the left of the soundbar. An ovular power button is on the right side of the device, and a fingerprint sensor blends into the deck just under the right keyboard arrow. The Yoga C930 may not be as gorgeous as its mechanical forebear, but what it loses in beauty it recoups in functionality. The Yoga C930 doesn’t just look premium, it feels sturdy, too. The screen didn’t budge when I used the included pen, and the new hinge rotated backward with little effort. The razor-thin bezels surrounding three sizes of the display are common for a premium laptop in 2018, but with the Yoga C930, the webcam is located above the display. However, a thick black bar borders the bottom of the screen, creating the illusion that it’s floating a few inches off the deck. MORE: Best and Worst Laptop Brands At 12.6 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches and 3.1 pounds, the 13.9-inch Yoga C930 is larger and heavier than the 13.3-inch HP Spectre x360 (12 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches, 2.9 pounds) and the Dell XPS 13 (12 x 7.9 x 0.5 inches, 2.7 pounds). The 14-inch Asus ZenBook Flip 14 is about the same size (12.9 x 8.9 x 0.5 inches) as the Yoga C930, but a bit heavier (3.3 pounds). Ports The few ports offered by the Yoga C930 are found on its left side. Those include a USB 3.1 port, two Thunderbolt 3 inputs and a headphone jack. That’s it. The right side is naked apart from a power button. Display The Lenovo Yoga’s 13.9-inch, 1080p display is detailed, but fails to impress when compared with other premium laptops. When I watched a trailer for the upcoming crime-thriller Destroyer, I could see the freckles and wrinkles on Nicole Kidman’s distressed face. The display captured the minute details in her subtle expressions as her aggression grew throughout the gripping clip. I saw a ton of detail in a wide shot of London in the trailer for the upcoming film The Kid Who Would Be King, but the maroon, Gryffindor-like school uniforms the children wore didn’t pop. When the fighting gets going, the array of colors bursting across the battlefield looked nice, but the picture could have been more vivid. When I opened up a Google Chrome web page, the display’s white balance leaned yellow, and the colors in Chrome’s logo looked muted. The Lenovo Yoga’s 13.9-inch, 1080p display is detailed, but fails to impress when compared with other premium laptops. On a positive note, I didn’t have any issues using my finger or the included pen to draw pictures on the touch-screen panel. The Yoga C930’s panel covers 100 percent of the sRGB gamut, which is a definite step up from what you’ll find on mainstream and budget laptops. But compared with the displays on other premium machines, the Yoga falls just short. For comparison, the Spectre x360 reproduced 109 percent of the sRGB color gamut, while the 1080p XPS 13 registered 117 percent. The ZenBook Flip 14 (115 percent) matched the premium laptop category average, which is also more colorful than the display on the Yoga C930. MORE: Laptops with the Best Display Brightness Display brightness isn’t a strong point for the Yoga C930, either. The panel reached a maximum of 273 nits of brightness, falling short of the mark achieved by the XPS 13 (372 nits), the ZenBook Flip 14 (274 nits) and the category average (311 nits). The Spectre x360’s relatively dim display (261 nits) wasn’t as luminous as the competition. Keyboard, Touchpad and Stylus While not up to the lofty standard set by Lenovo ThinkPads, the keyboard on the Yoga C930 is decent for a laptop this thin. That’s despite the keys being relatively shallow, at 1.3 millimeters (we prefer at least 1.5 mm of key travel). A high actuation force of 75 grams gives the keys a certain weightiness, but they can feel stiff during long typing sessions. A quiet bump provides nice response when a key is registered, although I would have preferred a more clicky, audible feedback. I have no complaints about the spacing and size of the backlit keys, and I’ve always been a fan of the curved keycaps Lenovo employs. I scored 108 words per minute on the 10fastfingers.com typing test, just short of my 109 wpm average. My 89 percent accuracy rate, however, was notably worse than my typical 95 percent accuracy. The large, 4.1 x 2.7-inch touchpad on the Yoga C930 is responsive. I used the smooth surface to quickly scroll through Google Chrome web pages and complete numerous Windows 10 gestures on my first attempt, including three-finger swipe to open apps and four-finger press to open the action center. To the right of the touchpad is a fingerprint sensor, which makes signing in easy and fast. The stylus slides into a pen slot in the rear of the laptop, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you placed it. The pen pops out with a satisfying click when you press in on the cap. Audio The C930’s soundbar hinge is no gimmick — this thing sounds great. The dual-firing speakers easily fill a medium-size room with rich, luscious audio. There wasn’t the slightest hint of distortion coming from the hinge, even at max volume when I listened to Death Cab For Cutie’s “Hurricane.” Ben Gibbard’s soothing vocals were crystal clear, and because the speakers pointed toward me, it sounded as if the popular indie artist were serenading me. The C930’s soundbar hinge is no gimmick — this thing sounds great. However, some of the speaker’s faults were revealed when I listened to Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out.” The vocals again sounded great, but at high volumes, the upper frequencies were sharp and aggressive on my ears. Also, I wish the bass drove a bit deeper. MORE: Buying Headphones in: Pros and Cons of Every Type Still, the C930 sounds better than the majority of thin laptops, and the clever hinge design means audio quality doesn’t degrade when it’s converted into a tablet. Also, if the sound quality isn’t to your liking, you can use the included Dolby Atmos program to choose from audio presets (music, movies and games) or adjust the frequency levels yourself. Performance Equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U CPU, the Yoga C930 did an excellent job on our real-world performance test, quickly loading 15 Google Chrome tabs without a hint of lag. The 2-in-1 had no problems running a full-HD stream of Fortnite on Twitch and a YouTube video of the funniest late-night talk show moments. From there, I fired up two more 1080p videos, but even those didn’t phase the Yoga. With a Core i7 CPU and 12GB of RAM, our Yoga C930 review unit scored a 13,952 on the Geekbench 4 benchmark, which determines overall performance. That tops the scores of the Spectre x360 (Core i7-8550U; 13,569), the ZenBook Flip 14 (Core i7-8550U; 12,799) and the category average (12,468), but lags slightly behind the score achieved by the XPS 13 (Core i7-8550U; 14,180). The 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD in the Yoga C930 is fast, but competing laptops have even quicker storage. The Lenovo convertible duplicated 4.97GB of mixed-media files in 15 seconds on our File Transfer Test for a rate of 339.3 megabytes per second. The Spectre x360 (512GB M2 PCIe NVMe MLC SSD; 565.5 MBps) and the XPS 13 (256GB; 508 MBps) trounced that time, and the average premium laptop (478.9 MBps) is also considerably faster. The ZenBook Flip 14 (512 GB PCIe SSD; 318.1 MBps) completed the same task without much urgency. Matching 65,000 names with their corresponding address in Excel is no easy task, but the Yoga C930 needed only 4 seconds to do it. The Spectre x360 (1:36), the XPS 13 (1:08) and the ZenBook Flip 14 (1:40) took considerably longer. The average premium laptop requires 1 minute and 40 seconds to match the entries. MORE: Laptops with the Best Overall Performance The Yoga C930 fell only to the XPS 13 in the Handbrake test, which involves converting a 4K video into 1080p resolution. The Yoga needed 20 minutes and 45 seconds, whereas the Dell finished the task in 16 minutes. The Spectre x360 (26:00) and the ZenBook Flip 14 (25:04) couldn’t keep pace, falling far behind the category average (20:07). Graphics Equipped with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU, the Yoga C930 isn’t for gamers, but it can run less-demanding titles on low settings. The convertible 2-in-1 scored a 85,758 on the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited graphics test, narrowly beating the Spectre x360 (UHD 620; 79,528) and the XPS 13 (UHD 620; 85,616), but falling short of the premium laptop category average (89,112). The Nvidia GeForce MX150-armed ZenBook Flip 14 topped the competition with a huge score of 110,792. The Yoga C930 didn’t fare well in our real-world gaming test, playing the racing game Dirt 3 at only 37 frames per second. That tops our 30 fps threshold, but the Spectre x360 (56 fps), the XPS 13 (67 fps) and the ZenBook Flip 14 (122 fps) did much better. The average premium laptop runs the rally racing game at 75 fps. Battery Life The Yoga C930 will easily get through a full day on a charge. The laptop lasted an excellent 10 hours and 10 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi with display brightness at 150 nits), topping the premium laptop average (8:11). That’s almost identical to the time its predecessor, the Yoga 920 (10:14), achieved. The 1080p XPS 13 (11:59) endured significantly longer than the C930, but that clamshell laptop has a non-touch display. The Asus ZenBook Flip 14 (9:27) powered down shortly before the Yoga C930, while the Spectre x360 (8:00) struggled to make it through the day. Webcam Located on the thin bezel above the display, the Yoga C930’s 720p webcam takes decent images. When I took a selfie in our dim office, the fairness of my skin looked accurate and I could see hints of green in my eyes. The camera even captured the tricky gray-and-black plaid pattern of my long-sleeve shirt. Unfortunately, there was a lot of visual noise on my face and in the dark background, resulting in a blotchy image. Save the tape — covering the C930’s webcam lens is as easy as sliding a switch. Positioned just above the camera, the new Privacy Shutter is a convenient and unobtrusive feature designed to protect you from snoopers. Heat Thin laptops typically get toasty under a heavy workload, but the C930 remained relatively cool when we watched a 15-minute full-HD video. The hottest location, on the bottom of the laptop near the hinge, topped out at 98 degrees Fahrenheit, just above our 95-degree comfort threshold. At 96 degrees, the center of the keyboard and the underside were also a tad warm. The touchpad remained at a comfortable 81 degrees. Software and Warranty The Yoga C930 comes with a pretty standard set of preinstalled apps and programs. From Lenovo, the Vantage app lets you download system updates, adjust hardware settings, run scans and search for exclusive offers on accessories. App Explorer spotlights apps and games from the Windows Store, while LenovoUtility enables special hotkey functions. There is also a program for adjusting the settings of your Yoga C930’s stylus, an app for changing microphone settings and Dolby Atmos for tinkering with the speakers. Windows 10 Home brings its own set of apps, most of which are bloatware. That’s especially true of Candy Crush Saga, Hidden City and Minecraft. Other preinstalled apps include LinkedIn, Xbox and Microsoft News. MORE: Longest Battery Life Laptops The Yoga C930 ships with a one-year warranty. See how Lenovo performed on our Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Brands ranking. How Much Does the Yoga C930 Cost? The Yoga C930 starts at $1,399 for a 1080p display, a Core i5-8250U CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. That’s a steep price, but at the time of writing, U.S. customers can get our review configuration — with a full-HD display, a Core i7-8550U CPU, 12GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD — at Best Buy for $1,299. If you want the best entertainment experience possible, you might want to upgrade to the 4K display. Equipped with a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, the least expensive UHD model costs $1,519. Upping RAM to 16GB and storage to 512GB increases the price to $1,649. The top-of-the-line model, with a 4K display, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, goes for $1,839. Bottom Line The Yoga C930 has a gorgeous, premium design and loads of useful features, like a built-in webcam cover, a fingerprint sensor and an integrated stylus slot. Of course, the main attraction is the C930’s unique soundbar hinge, which outputs very good audio even when the device is in tablet or tent mode. Although the display could be brighter and more colorful, the C930 retains almost everything we liked above its predecessor, including long battery life and a decent keyboard. The C930 goes up against some excellent competition, including the Dell XPS 13, which makes up for a poor webcam placement with blistering speeds, extra-long battery life and a vibrant display. If you need a 2-in-1, you should also consider the Asus ZenBook Flip 14 for its discrete graphics card and beautiful display. Overall, though, the Yoga C930 is one of our favorite premium 2-in-1s, which makes it one of the best Surface Pro alternatives. 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