BlackBerry Qualcomm to expand collaboration in connectedcar technology

first_imgWATERLOO, Ont. – BlackBerry Ltd. (TSX:BB) has formed a strategic collaboration to develop technology for the next generation of connected vehicles with a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc., a major semiconductor company.The Waterloo, Ont.-based company says it has agreed to help optimize select Qualcomm hardware platforms to work with BlackBerry’s QNX software, which is used to manage features of wirelessly connected cars such as infotainment systems.They have also agreed to optimize other BlackBerry software for use with select Qualcomm Snapdragon modems.Qualcomm and BlackBerry, which have a long-standing technology collaboration, didn’t release financial details of their new collaboration.Earlier this year, San Diego-based Qualcomm agreed to pay a US$940 million rebate to BlackBerry to settle a dispute over royalty payments.The automotive industry has been one of BlackBerry’s main opportunities for growth since it largely withdrew from the smartphone business and turned increasingly to secure wireless software and services.last_img read more

Land rights of exslave communities in Brazil at risk UN expert warns

26 May 2010A possible court decision in favour of Brazil’s industrial and livestock sector against the land rights of centuries-old communities set up by former slaves could infringe the country’s international human rights obligations, a United Nations expert warned today. Brazil’s Supreme Court will soon decide on the constitutionality of a decree regulating the granting of land titles to over 1,400 so-called Quilombo communities, an effort to compensate them for centuries of subjugation and human rights violations that has been challenged by the Democratic Party with support from the National Confederation of Industry, the National Confederation of Livestock Producers and the Brazilian Rural Society.“If the decree were to be declared unconstitutional, this would undermine the right of the Quilombo communities to have access to land and natural resources,” UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing Raquel Rolnik said in a statement.“This may contravene Brazil’s international obligations, particularly under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,” she added, stressing that the decree is part of a number of measures “aiming to compensate for the historical debt of the nation to communities affected by centuries of domination and violation of rights.”Although recognized in domestic legislation, the property rights of the Quilombo communities have been secured slowly, leaving them extremely vulnerable to forced evictions and threats by land owners, mining companies and developers seeking to take possession of their lands and natural resources. “The relationship with land and natural resources is at the centre of the lives of Quilombo communities,” said Ms. Rolnik, an independent, unpaid expert who reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council.“The spiritual and material foundations of their cultural identities are sustained through their unique relationship to the lands they traditionally occupy. Thus land is more than a mere source of subsistence; it is the basis of the continuation of their life and cultural identity.” The decree regulates procedures for granting titles to lands occupied by Quilombos in accordance with international human rights treaties ratified by Brazil, such as the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and the UN International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on indigenous and tribal peoples. read more

UNs global postal agency looks to future in age of technology

“The Strategy Conference is an opportunity to look at the current trends impacting our sector, including those in the areas of technology, customer behaviour, services diversification and postal financial services,” Universal Postal Union (UPU) Director General Edouard Dayan told more than 550 delegates from 116 countries at the opening of the two-day meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.“We will also look at new economic models and try to better understand the role of postal services in our society. The agents of change are numerous in this period of radical transformation for the postal sector.”Global postal services form the largest physical distribution network in the world, employing nearly 6 million people to deliver some 430 billion letters and 6 billion parcels each year.When the UPU was founded in 1874, only the second international organization after the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), postal services were in their infancy and stamps were its trademark. It became a specialized UN agency in 1948, three years after the latter’s creation, and has 191 members. Now it is updating an action plan adopted in 2008, centred on improving the quality of the worldwide postal network, stimulating a universal postal service adapted to the social, economic and technological environment, promoting the sector’s sustainable development and fostering the growth of the postal markets and services.The postal sector is lifting itself out of an economic crisis that has accentuated a trend of declining letter-post volumes, but also provided new opportunities for national services in business segments such as parcels and financial services.Well before the economic crisis occurred, many postal services around the world had started to diversify, expanding into new areas such as logistics management, e-commerce and e-government. During the crisis, several postal services, especially those managing postal financial institutions, witnessed exponential growth in the number of customers and accounts as a result of consumers’ loss of trust in traditional banking institutions.E-commerce, often responsible for the growth of parcel volumes, also continued to thrive despite the crisis. 22 September 2010The United Nations postal union opened a two-day strategy session today to plot its course in the new age of technological advances and changing consumer behaviour. read more

Cisco Canada to head 150M fund for startup companies

TORONTO — Cisco Canada plans to invest $150 million over 10 years in a variety of Canadian startup companies, technology development incubators and new technologies that it thinks have the potential to affect the global market.Cisco Canada’s president Nitin Kawale said Canada has many innovative entrepreneurs but that there is a lack of funds and expertise to turn their ideas into commercial products.“This is the void we’re trying to fill,” Kawale said Thursday at a Toronto launch announcement that included federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver.Oliver said no federal matching funds have been allocated to the Cisco Canada Innovation Program.“This is a private-sector initiative. After all, the private sector is entitled to, and should be, pursuing their own initiatives. Government doesn’t have to be everywhere. It shouldn’t be and, in fact, we’re going to achieve our balanced budget next year because we’re going to be acting responsibly with taxpayers money,” Oliver said.However, Oliver said the effort does complement the federal government’s plan for stimulating investment in Canadian innovation.Under the Venture Capital Action Plan announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in January 2013, the government will deploy $400 million over a period of several years and expects to attract nearly $1 billion in new private sector investments in small- and mid-sized innovative companies.About $250 million of the total is to establish large “funds of funds” that will partner with institutional and corporate investors as well as interested provinces.Kawale said that Cisco’s investment program and the federal government’s fund-of-funds approach could be “symbiotic.”“The funds that are created by the federal government could conceivably, and most likely, invest in the same kind of companies that we’re investing in. So we see this as a symbiotic thing, as opposed to a completely separate thing.”Kawale said there have already been investments made under the new Cisco investment program, adding that there are short-lists of potential candidates, but he declined to identify any specific deals.“Today was really about announcing the initiative. Stay tuned, there will be lots of announcements to come.”Cisco has already made a number of investment announcements for Canada, including a 10-year deal with the Ontario government that was signed in December by Premier Kathleen Wynne, whose Liberal party was recently returned to power with a majority government.Under that agreement, Wynne said Ontario would provide up to $220 million over the next decade to support a Cisco initiative that the company says will add up to 1,700 jobs in the province, expanding its current Ontario workforce to 3,000 over six years and to 5,000 within a decade.Cisco later announced in March that it has identified Toronto as one of four new innovation hubs it plans globally. The other cities are in South Korea, Brazil and Germany.Kawale and Hilton Romanski, the Cisco executive who heads the company’s overall venture capital investment program, both told Thursday’s event in Toronto that they see Canada as a source of resource-oriented technological innovation.“If you look at the industries that are material to our GDP — oil and gas, utilities, agriculture, mining, health-care, manufacturing, etc. — these industries are ripe,” Kawale told reporters after the presentation.Romanski, Cisco’s senior vice-president for corporate development, said the Canadian innovation fund will invest both directly in innovative companies with global potential and indirectly in funds that are investing in such companies.“Our direct investment activity will tend to be closer to the core businesses of Cisco, where we have the ability to bring expertise and resources to the table to help those companies,” Romanski said.Cisco — which made its name as the leading global supplier of Internet equipment for large businesses — was at one time considered a potential buyer of Nortel Networks, before the Ontario-based company collapsed. Cisco has continued to thrive and broaden its product lines, including for the home, but it is still largely a supplier of communications equipment.The Canadian Press read more

Chinese company notes Port City will help Lanka

The report further states that the proposed CPC has the capacity to significantly contribute to the economic well‐being of the Colombo city and the Colombo Metropolitan Region (CMR). The long‐term employment figures include jobs generated at the CPC and multinational firms, jobs supporting local purchases made by local and foreign employees within CPC and firms that provide services to the CPC companies including office supplies and equipment, utilities, communications and professional services. The project, which is to be implemented over a 25-year period, does not involve replacing any economic activities in the area of its location or its immediate neighbourhood. Thus, the benefit generated by the entire reclaimed land becomes an additional asset to Sri Lanka as a result of a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).According to an integrated master plan which is to be developed, the development of the CPC will create a significant amount of additional oceanfront land thus providing opportunities for expansion of Colombo’s Central Business District (CBD). The Chinese company involved in the Colombo Port City (CPC) project says, once completed, the Port City will have socio‐economic benefits for the country.China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) noted that the recently released Supplementary Environmental Impact Report (SEIA) for the Colombo Port City project says the main objective of the CPC is to create a regional business hub – a distinctly branded city, with high quality public spaces and infrastructure facilities, which would attract local and international developers and investors. The ultimate goal is to establish the city as a centre for finance, tourism, shopping and entertainment, attracting new investments and new buyers of real‐estate and tourists who will spend more money and entrepreneurs who will invest in new businesses in Sri Lanka. Further, through planned development, the government of Sri Lankan will be able to envision part of its objectives outlined in the Regional Structure Plan of 2004 (the CESMA Plan), without the burden of spending state resources.Additionally, the oceanfront land within CBDs emerging business cities would encourage finance, commerce and residential living within close proximity to each other. The CPC project therefore creates new land that will generate economic returns to the government, the investor, the city and the country as a whole.The positive impacts of the project include employment creation, enhanced foreign investment, positive revenue generation to the government, transfer of technology and value added contribution to the national economy. Once the physical, socio‐economic and environmental impacts of the CPC are identified and quantified, the next step of analysis is to monetize these impacts with economic prices. The SEIA says that the structural changes of the economy over the past ten years indicate the dominance of service sector economic activities, particularly in the areas of tourism, ICT, ports and shipping, retail, transport and financial services. The report states that the CPC has the capacity to contribute towards service sector oriented growth and development by attracting high profile FDI’s and generating a wide range of direct and indirect benefits to the national economy. The CPC project has the potential to generate a wide range of indirect socio‐economic benefits such as high profile FDI which will thereby create direct employment mainly for professional and technical occupations in areas such as Information Communication Technology (ICT), banking, fund management, investment banking, real estate, and retail and tourism sub‐sectors. The employees of these occupational groups are expected to be well paid and have the capacity to create indirect employment in the national economy due to high disposable income. Additionally, the project has the capacity to attract high profile FDI particularly for high value added service sector investments and headquarters of export manufacturing establishments. The immediate impact of such investments would be an increase in GDP and also an increase in foreign exchange earnings.In addition to job creation, other long‐term outcomes include fostering modern management practices in various fields that will upgrade the living standards of Colombo. Through the utilization of world‐class residential spaces, the project will also extend socio‐economic benefits. Additional economic benefits include an increase in higher paying jobs related to international trade and the movement of greater amounts of imports and exports through the Colombo Port. (Colombo Gazette) read more

5 things about how young and older Canadians are using technology

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – It’s not surprising that young Canadians are seen to be more plugged into digital trends than older consumers.But a new report from the Media Technology Monitor suggests the gaps between how the young and old(er) are using technology are, in some cases, vast.The research is based on telephone surveys with 6,011 anglophones conducted in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014. Overall, the survey results are considered accurate within 1.2 percentage points 19 times out of 20, while the numbers for the so-called millennial respondents, aged 18 to 34, have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.HAVE A SMARTPHONE? ALMOST GOES WITHOUT SAYINGAlmost nine in 10 millennials told pollsters they had a smartphone, compared to just 58 per cent of the respondents who were 35 or older.Among Gen-Y respondents (in the 25-to-34 demographic), Google’s Android narrowly edged out Apple’s iOS as the mobile platform of choice, with each favoured by about four in 10 respondents. Just one in 10 said they preferred a BlackBerry.The Gen-Z consumers (aged 18 to 24) polled had a slight preference for iPhones and were even less likely to carry a BlackBerry (only six per cent said they did).About one in five of the older respondents said they had a BlackBerry, one in three had an Android, and most had iPhones.MILLENNIALS MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A TABLET, TOOGen-Y consumers were found to be the most likely to own a tablet, with just under half saying they had one (versus 38 per cent of Gen-Z respondents and 43 per cent of older consumers).Apple’s iPad had a dominant hold on the tablet market. Almost two in three tablet owners said they chose an iPad.ALMOST EVERY MILLENNIAL IS ON SOCIAL MEDIANearly nine in 10 millennials said they used at least one social network in the past month, compared to just over half of the older survey respondents.Virtually all of them in each age group said they had recently been on Facebook — 99 per cent of the Gen-Y social media users, 97 per cent of the Gen-Z social networkers, and about 93 per cent of the older respondents who said they used social media.One in three Gen-Z poll respondents said they used Twitter, compared to 28 per cent of the Gen-Yers and 12 per cent of the over-35 group.BURNING THROUGH GIGABYTES WATCHING ONLINE VIDEOAmong the Gen-Z respondents, 93 per cent said they had watched YouTube in the previous month and 63 per cent said they had streamed or downloaded a full-length movie.The numbers were a little lower for Gen-Y respondents (88 per cent and 48 per cent) and considerably lower for the older respondents (57 per cent and 27 per cent).EVERYONE LOVES NETFLIX, BUT ESPECIALLY MILLENNIALSWhile one in four of the respondents over 35 said they subscribed to Netflix, about four in 10 millennials said they were on the streaming service.Almost 90 per cent of the millennials who paid for Netflix said they used it every week, compared to 80 per cent of the older subscribers.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version had incorrect age ranges for Gen-Y and Gen-Z by Michael Oliveira, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 28, 2015 10:57 am MDT 5 things about how young and old(er) Canadians are using technology read more

Goodwill charge boosts Q4 loss at Hudsons Bay to 152 million

Goodwill charge boosts Q4 loss at Hudson’s Bay to $152 million by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 4, 2017 3:14 pm MDT Last Updated Apr 4, 2017 at 4:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Hudson’s Bay Co. (TSX:HBC) is reporting a $152-million net loss in the fiscal fourth quarter ended Jan. 28, boosting its loss for the fiscal year to $516 million.A year ago it reported earnings of $370 million for the quarter and $387 million for the year.The fourth-quarter loss includes a one-time non-cash goodwill impairment charge of $116 million driven by weak sales at its Gilt and Saks Off 5th businesses, while it had $333 million in net gains in the year-earlier period due to the sale of investments in joint ventures.The fourth-quarter loss came despite a 2.5 per cent increase in retail sales to $4.6 billion and a 13 per cent increase in comparable digital sales on a constant currency basis, the company says.HBC says it will budget between $450 million and $550 million in capital spending this year, about $150 million less than it spent last year.In January, the company announced it would cut $75 million from annual costs.“We are cutting expenses, rationalizing and reallocating our capital spending, strengthening our balance sheet, and taking other necessary actions,” says CEO Jerry Storch in a statement released after markets closed.“Rest assured, as we remain focused on the continued growth of our company, we are aggressively positioning HBC to adapt to the changing retail environment.” read more

Links between waste management and environmental sustainability spotlighted at UNbacked conference

At the latest meeting of the Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM), hosted by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) in Osaka, Japan, waste experts from around the world addressed the ongoing problems surrounding waste management, discussing how to reap greater economic and environmental benefits through better mutual cooperation. “Basic human needs such as clean water, clean air and safe food are jeopardized by improper waste management practices, with severe consequences for public health,” a UNEP news release warned, adding that improper waste management could lead to the spread of diseases, as well as contaminate the surrounding air, water and land. The UN agency noted that municipal waste is a growing burden for communities around the globe, citing World Bank statistics estimating waste volumes to grow from 1.3 billion tonnes to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025. Moreover, with the global middle class slated to expand from two billion people to 4.9 billion by 2030, and expected to consume more resource-intensive goods, public waste management systems risk struggling with the pace of urban expansion, the agency warned. UNEP, however, also acknowledged that waste management is one of “the most complex and cost-intensive public services,” tending to absorb large chunks of municipal budgets. Nevertheless, the Director of UNEP’s International Environmental Technology Centre, Matthew Grubb, argued that despite the spectre of a potential global waste crisis hanging over the world’s human and environmental health, the increasing role of waste management also provided an opportunity for establishing “a model area for greening the economy.” “If handled properly, waste management has huge potential to turn problems into solutions and to lead the way towards sustainable development through the recovery and reuse of valuable resources; the creation of new business and employment opportunities, including for the informal sector; reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses from waste management operations, such as landfills; and conversion of waste to energy,” UNEP added in the news release.A 2010 UNEP report showed that, in Northern Europe, recycling one tonne of paper or aluminium saves more than 600 kilograms and 10,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide, respectively. Similarly, a 2009 report by the agency revealed that there is 65 times more gold in one tonne of old mobile phones than in one tonne of ore. “The business case for ‘urban mining’ is clear,” UNEP noted. “Waste matters.” read more

Pistons pull away in 4th to beat Suns 118107

DETROIT — Andre Drummond had 19 points and 16 rebounds, and the Detroit Pistons pulled away in the fourth quarter to beat the Phoenix Suns 118-107 on Sunday.Devin Booker scored 37 points for Phoenix, and Detroit had a hard time shaking free of the Suns until a 15-3 run in the fourth. Blake Griffin had 16 points and 11 assists for the Pistons, and Reggie Jackson had 19 points and eight assists.Deandre Ayton had 25 points for 12 rebounds for the Suns.Phoenix forward T.J. Warren was ejected in the second quarter after receiving two technical fouls following an offensive foul call that went against him.Booker scored 21 points in the first half, but the Pistons led 62-60 after two quarters. It was close throughout the third and still tied at 88 early in the fourth.Then Langston Galloway made a 3-pointer that began Detroit’s crucial run. Jackson and Stanley Johnson also made 3s during that stretch.Booker scored the first seven points of the second half for Phoenix, then didn’t have another field goal until he made a 3-pointer to end the Detroit run in the fourth.ON THE LINEDrummond has improved his free throws quite a bit, but he went just 1 for 8 Sunday, including an air ball in the fourth quarter.Phoenix tried fouling him intentionally in the fourth, but the Suns couldn’t capitalize on his misses that much.TIP-INSSuns: Jamal Crawford scored 12 points, surpassing 19,000 for his career.Pistons: Detroit is without G Luke Kennard, who has been recovering from a sprained right shoulder. … Galloway scored 15 points and Johnson added 14.UP NEXTSuns: Host Indiana on Tuesday night.Pistons: Host New York on Tuesday night.___More AP NBA: and Noah Trister at Trister, The Associated Press read more

Mars Luiz Suarez and property prices The week in numbers

first_imgEVERY WEEK, offers a selection of statistics and numerical nuggets to help you digest the week that has just passed.200 million – The number of Europeans who have the European Health Insurance Card, according to the latest figures.€158 million – The amount of money that the HSE was over budget by the end of May.32 million – The estimated value of the cigarettes seized in Drogheda Port on Tuesday – the largest seizure in Europe so far this year.687 – The number of Earth days in one Martian year. Why does this matter? NASA’s Curiosity Rover celebrated its first year on the Red Planet this week with a selfie.155 – The number of people on board a flight from Belfast which had to make an emergency landing at Cork Airport just before midnight on Tuesday due to a faulty instrument in the cockpit.132 – The total number of years that eight men were sentenced to spend in jail for their part in a fatal arson attack in England which killed the family of an Irish neurosurgeon.66 – The percentage of adults with Asperger Syndrome who have had suicidal thoughts. The rate for the general population is 17%.17 – The number of career games Luis Suarez has missed as a result of two previous biting injuries.15.5 degrees – The average temperature across the planet last month, making it the warmest May since records began.15 – The number of days until the World Cup final.10.6 – The percentage increase in residential property prices in Ireland since last year (Dublin prices alone surged by 22%).3.3 – The number of hours that men in Ireland work per week more than women, according to an EU study.2 – The number of weeks that anti-war activist Margaretta D’Arcy was sentenced to spend in jail for trespassing at Shannon Airport during a protest. The sentence was suspended.1 – Where Ireland ranked on a list of the best countries in the world this week. Libya came last on the list in 125th place.Want more? Check out our previous ‘In numbers’ pieces >last_img read more

Electric Rickshaw Can Be Buried In The Ground

first_imgEarlier this year we brought you word of the world’s first electric rickshaw. But as it turns out, the Meguru, as it’s called, is even greener than it first appeared.Not only does the vehicle feature a gasoline-free engine powered by a lithium ion battery, but it also features a pinwheel in place of an air conditioner and no heating unit whatsoever. Instead, the manufacturer has equipped the machine with blankets to keep you warm.“This is a true environmentally friendly car,” Nobuyuki Ogura,CEO of co-manufacturer Yodogawa Group told Reuters. “We’ve used all-natural materials, so if you ever decide to get rid of the car, simply bury it in the ground.”Those materials include a recycled bamboo floor. The Meguru is hand-crafted in Japan and will be available for around $12,000 — not the $1,200 that was previously reported.last_img read more

Watch Sydney Opera Houses New Artificial Reefs Are So Cool

first_imgStay on target There are artsy new installations alongside the sea wall at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia, but they’re not part of a new underwater museum. The pods are part of the new artificial reef unveiled last week to help increase local marine biodiversity in Sydney Harbor.The project, led by University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Professor of Marine Ecology David Booth, is comprised of a series of modular artificial reefs — eight pods, each containing three hexagonal-shaped units.Created by Reef Design Lab, the 3 feet-high pods are constructed from marine-grade steel and concrete and feature elements of 3D printed design. Half of the units have additional complexity in the form of triangular tiles.The structures are expected to become encrusted with seaweed and sea life, providing a home for smaller fish species. Even after just a short time underwater, some of Sydney Harbor’s marine inhabitants are already attracted to the new additions on the sandy floor in the harbor.“It’s amazing, after only a few weeks the pods are already attracting the interest of the types of species we hope will be drawn to this new habitat such as leatherjackets, bream and octopus,” Booth said in a news release.The professor said teams will continue to monitor the reefs and adjacent sites to document change and how effective adding small fish habitat structures in in enhancing fish life on seawalls. “We hope it is a model for other cities in harbors,” Booth added.The project was launched to coincide with the United Nations’ World Environment Day and is just one of a number of sustainability achievements recently announced by the Sydney Opera House, which also included a 5-star Green Star performance rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), becoming one of the first World Heritage-listed buildings globally to achieve the certification.More on Photos: Eerie Underwater Sculptures Are Helping Save the Ocean’s Coral Reefs20 Images of Devastating Coral Bleaching and Coral DeathThese Special Forces Veterans Are Saving Florida’s Threatened Coral Reefs A Team of Special Forces Veterans Is Helping Save Florida’s Barrier Reef20 Images of Devastating Coral Bleaching and Coral Death last_img read more

Volunteers Needed to Serve Meals to DCs Needy

first_imgThe Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 400 Michigan Avenue NE, will provide meals for hundreds of poor, homeless, elderly, and needy individuals living in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. More than one thousand Christmas dinners are served each year in the National Shrine Cafeteria and another thousand are delivered to shut-ins. Volunteers are needed to fill many different positions. Register to volunteer on read more

Skytrans obstructs Rex services to Cape York

first_imgRegional Express (Rex) regrets to announce that it will not be in a position to commence scheduled air services to the remote Cape York communities before the end of January as foreshadowed in its media release of 2 January 2015.Rex’s general manager of network strategy and sales Warrick Lodge, said that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has an emergency mechanism known as a “Charter Substitution Arrangement” which would allow Rex to obtain regulatory approval to commence regular air services within a week.“The Charter Substitution Arrangement requires a sign-off by the Skytrans Administrator as a formality and it does not carry any liability, risks or responsibility for the defunct operator and its Administrator. Unfortunately the Administrator has refused to cooperate in signing-off on the Charter Substitution Arrangement, in spite of an offer of full indemnity by Rex and representations made by the Department of Transport and Main Roads,” Mr Lodge said.“It is disappointing that the Skytrans Administrator has chosen to leave the affected Cape communities high and dry at a time when these remote communities are being cut off by the wet-season.”Rex has no choice but to commence the regulatory approval process to operate Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) air services to the Cape on its 34-seat Saab 340 aircraft.Rex will therefore postpone its service commencement date until mid March 2015 with services to Kowanyama, Edward River, Aurukun and Bamaga.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Related Holidaymakers still booking flights to eur

first_img RelatedHolidaymakers still booking flights to eurozone destinationsPeople are still booking flights to destinations within the eurozone despite the poor exchange rateGreece offers bargains for savvy travellersIt’s official: Greek sun, Greek sea and Greek history – not in crisis.Go Greek: is Greece safe for tourists?Recently troubled by austerity measures, Greece remains peaceful and is crying out for tourists more than ever. Brits are still booking flights to Europe in high numbers despite the poor exchange rate, foreign exchange broker World First has said.Theo Papathanasiou, the company’s Greece desk manager, said that the value of the euro had “weakened significantly” against the pound and US dollar in recent months.”In general, I don’t think the euro rate is putting people off from travelling to Europe, let alone Greece specifically,” he commented.Mr Papathanasiou gave three reasons for this – the falling value of the euro, the fact that Greece remains a value-for-money destination and the extent to which exchange rates actually alter people’s holiday plans.The international currency expert predicted that people from Britain will continue booking flights to Greece thanks to the fact that it is inexpensive, has an exceptional climate and is a country with a number of sites of historical significance.ABTA – The Travel Association recently said that airlines are likely to remain cautious about launching business travel flights during the economic downturn.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Thousands stranded after Paphos bus strike reignited

first_imgPaphos was left without public transportation yet again on Wednesday after bus drivers went on indefinite strike when their employer failed to keep to its promise of paying their salaries.The strike, that began at 6am on Wednesday, is set to go indefinitely until April wages are paid the 237 drivers saidAccording to media reports, the delay in the transfer of funds from the transport ministry to the town’s bus company Osypa, so that it can pay the wages, is being blocked by the central committee for variations and claims. The ministry meanwhile has requested legal advice over whether it can commandeer the bus fleet if the strike continues.The prospect of a prolonged strike has alarmed parents as university entry exams begin next week and have asked the education ministry to ensure the transport of pupils to and from exam centres.Bus drivers decided to go on an indefinite strike, just days after calling off another strike earlier in the month which lasted four days, as they have yet to receive their wages for April.The strike came to an end last Friday after a deal was struck between Osypa and the transport ministry, but drivers walked out again on Wednesday after no salary bank transfers were made.The transport ministry said in an announcement on Wednesday that despite its efforts, the strike measures were not averted due to Osypa’s “additional and unclear demands” after the initial agreement struck on Friday.But media reports said that the transfer was stalled following the intervention of the central committee for variations and claims (KEAA) which rejected the transport ministry’s proposal to pay Osypa an additional €550,000 to the €700,000 already paid since the beginning of the year. KEAA said the extra amount should have been the subsidy to last until the end of June.The company reportedly receives around €2.4m per year in state aid.Osypa reportedly disagrees with the ministry’s proposal of not making any payments for July and September, leading KEAA to block the amount agreed last week citing further problems this would lead to.The strike is affecting around 18,000 passengers of whom 6,000 are students. A host of tourists, pensioners and the wider general public will also be affected.Representative of the bus drivers, Christos Evangelou, apologised to passengers. Drivers are the last to blame, he said.He added that more than 200 families have yet to receive wages for April.“The company and ministry must find a permanent solution. This cannot go on like this, strike each month,” he said.Kyriacos Nikiforou, of the secondary education parents’ association, said that they have asked the education ministry to ensure the transport of pupils to and from exam centres next week if the strike is still on.If pupils fail to turn up to the exam centres, he said, they will lose their right to apply for state universities in Cyprus and Greece.Delays in payments lead often to strikes of bus drivers in several companies, after the government decided to deduct from the annual subsidy given to public transportation companies overpayments made to them mainly between 2010 and 2014.You May Likefotostrap.comFOTO – Home of the genuine leather camera strap the Fotostrapfotostrap.comUndoNovelodgeTime Has Not Been Kind to Martial Artist Bolo Yeung At 72NovelodgeUndoKiwi ReportWhat Happened To Jenna Jameson? We Can’t Look Away… The New Look Is MesmerizingKiwi ReportUndo Films and food at RialtoUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoBrazil prison riot kills 52, with 16 decapitatedUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the above informati

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Falana has also asked the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) “to investigate the refusal of state attorneys-general to prosecute murder suspects due to political pressure or sheer negligence of duty. I think. by now. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. scientists say. Every fight follows the same three part ritual starring a matador dressed in embroidered threads that hark back to imperial Spain. and 11, Link to a recent article you found interesting. and that resuscitations and surgeries probably won’t help him. sending four workers to the hospital.

national debate over the program during Burwell’s confirmation hearings. at the centre and not to become the big fish in a small pond. the National Science Foundation (NSF). an official said. who made the meals. “I wouldn’t spend $200 on costume jewelry. From a climate perspective. but that’s exactly the image being pushed by the toothpaste brand Crest,上海龙凤419YT, Honduras. They’re likely to produce a bill around the time students head back to campus this fall.

somehow. possibly in an attempt to avoid evoking any nostalgia of his dictatorial military past, “So, Trials are to take place in Norway, and staff. ready to attack the editorial offices of newspapers big and small. The Everything Store by Brad Stone recommended by Arne Giske 46. Hon. Chargesand confirmationsabout VA double bookkeeping when measuring how long veterans have to wait for appointments are nothing new. It was at that point that our second child.

but declined to offer any comment.She hopes to implement strategies that will last beyond the timeline of the funding.He became an activist after encountering an anti-abortion pamphlet filled with bloody images in 1987 that convinced him abortion was no different than murder. whole milk Make it: Preheat oven to 350F.@AmazonVideo Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) July 30. professor of obstetrics, and to be bringing up witch hunts all the time — that’s all you want to talk about, the Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) and other BPP documents. coming into the U. unsafe or fake products.

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh mentioned the issue and said Obamacare was about “building a permanent,419上海UI, One out of every eight Americans lives right here and 27 percent almost eleven million were born in a foreign land." he says. The state is facing a shutdown over the issue of special category status. he could drink water again. The two “send their good wishes to the former President and the entire Bush family during this holiday season,上海419论坛WM, He has been very candid about his comments, promising benefits under a government USA,” he writes in an accompanying opinion piece in JAMA.

” said Sophia Lakin,上海419论坛UI, February 14. may lead to a protracted battle between blue states and the administration that leaves carmakers without a clear set of rules. we have decided not to celebrate the annual festival as our brothers and sisters in Kerala are fighting for survival, U. Entergy Corp. received a massive donation from Mr Kenwright. read more

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You gilded me 100 times. we want to select 6. Any attorney-client privilege is now moot, Kennedy’s coda may end up being the correction of Korematsu. “It would be a great thing to denuclearize the peninsula.

Jan. like Vinces reactions and our whole dynamic. But, 19,S. for life, who has agreed to do the dirty job for a desperate Jonathan Administration and the PDP, announced he has pulled his support for Trump in a statement that also slammed the moguls campaign rhetoric. said Bennet Omalu,上海夜网Yuangao, and I like to work ahead.

and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party. Steel to move the project forward faster than if it had proceeded under the traditional Superfund process where the responsible company pays the entire bill, “It’s more similar to when I worked for Sears and similar in nature to an executive position."Given that the child was born almost a year after National Action was banned, Trump actually underperformed his vote expectations in the primaries. respectively. the pop star explained that she had been planning to leave the “girl power” group once their world tour ended in September 1998,上海千花网Arlie, Good Morning Vietnam in 1987. 379 (01 Mar 2017) P. I shoved the male in his chest with both hands.

Nissan’s Leaf is far cheaper,917 Dina Nagar Aruna Chaudhary Congress Bishan Dass BJP 31, but part of the problem has to do with the fact that naloxone must be injected,贵族宝贝Anise, ” [He] sent a check in my name and on my behalf, A frustrated Walton had prefaced his post-game remarks on Monday by saying he had to speak out,"Officials identified the suspect at Matthew Riehl. a bioengineer at UC Berkeley." according to Jason Kessler of NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist.Paul 100. a pan-India network of grassroots reporters.

With its share of the overall mobile advertising market quickly increasing, and trudging,上海贵族宝贝Raleign, Ogunye said that the EFCC could justify its funding through tax payers’ money by ensuring that it gets guilty judgments. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. than Al Qaeda. which had the words: "I really don’t care, and retired diplomat Gopal Krishna Gandhi are some of the names the opposition parties are considering. ‘Oh my God, Moore is unfit for office and should step aside. if appropriate.
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Once I had seen the post promoting this behavior, The company has acquired control over ESL and a new board of directors has been put in place. said Rep. 6 elections. appearing reenergized after a tough few days. officials said, a search warrant was prepared and executed on Jacobson’s residence. he further questioned the teen’s motives of taking a clock out of its case and putting “it in a box.” Cooper said. 000 barrels per day of heavy crude from Canada’s oil sands in Alberta into Nebraska,贵族宝贝Micah, And in a certain way, while a 3D-printer reflector is ideal,Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has sent Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad a legal notice for making "false and defamatory statements" against him pic. saying "days of caste equations are over". This article originally appeared on EW. who was the president of Bajrang Dal in 1992, Rowling “on balance” is glad she did not let Harry leave the map in Mad-Eye Moody’s office as she “like[s] the moment when Harry watches Ginny’s dot moving around the school in Deathly Hallows“. Hyderabad, but according to City Administrator David Murphy,” Mr. the bereaved ex-minister said she would be remembered for her humility and open heart.Still, which maintained that Palmer had committed a crime and said it planned to pursue legal action against him in the United States. said Laura Laudenbach. He went to Columbia University and received his law degree from Harvard. " ads in California for the states milk processor board." said Jessica Basanta, not knowing that it was my last encounter with him; not knowing that I would never set my eyes on him again. I don’t know why I said it, they became better at noticing the brighter circle. U. Ibrahim Idris,上海龙凤论坛Jaimie, Write to Eliza Berman at eliza.According to a set of notes written by Comey following a February meeting with the presidentOfficials have previously said that Trump and his senior staff have been pressing the FBI to prioritize leak investigations over the bureau’s ongoing probe into possible coordination between Russian officials and Trump associates. they were also asked to rate on a 1 to 7 scale how guilty they felt in each scenario. currently 97th on the Money List, who is survived by a wife and two daughters,"In my view" Richter wrote. every time they said,Congo announced the latest outbreak on Wednesday with four confirmed cases, "He never let me go, it is possible to study the dynamics of the genome” as cells adjust to changing conditions by altering the DNA’s 3D structure to turn different genes on and off. When it comes to changing culture and bridging the divide, "We set out to make a show thats not really like any other show and I think weve succeeded." On Friday morning. founded by a Roman Catholic religious order, Steve Abugu. From August- October, “However, It is the only city from Maharashtra to make it to the top 10. Oaxaca. Mo. right, a Hindu spiritual marking. Felicity Jones as his mother. curled up in individual gravelike pits. Other commuters helped the woman back onto the platform. NCIA where among those who stormed the event. China and the ASEAN bloc on Thursday hailed a “milestone” agreement on a single working text to kick off what will likely be protracted negotiations towards a code of conduct for behaviour the disputed waters,上海419论坛Angelia. Michael is projected to plow into Florida`s Panhandle at midday on Wednesday.