Eat your fears NC restaurant serving limitedtime tarantula burgers

first_img Share Friday, April 20, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >> I ate a tarantula and I got a t-shirt @BullCityBurger #wral— Kathy Hanrahan (@WRALeighWood) April 12, 2018In an interview with Reuters, restaurant owner Seth Gross said that he only gets 15 farm-raised tarantulas each year. Anyone who wants to sample one has to fill out a lottery ticket; if their name is drawn they have two days to collect – and eat – their prize.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyThe challenge kicked off on April 4, and will continue every day while supplies last, reports USA Today.But be prepared to pay up – the Tarantula Burger, which comes complete with gruyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and a side of ‘Dirty Fries’ will set you back a hefty $30. But the upside? If you eat the whole thing, you’ll receive a limited-edition Tarantula Challenge t-shirt, plus bragging rights for the rest of your life. Travelweek Group Posted bycenter_img Eat your fears: NC restaurant serving limited-time tarantula burgers DURHAM, NC — Waiter, quick, there’s a tarantula in my burger!But wait, before you ask to speak with the manager, that tarantula is supposed to be sitting atop your patty, looking chargrilled to perfection and frightening as hell.Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina is causing stomachs to churn with its new ‘Tarantula Burger’, the star dish for its annual ‘Exotic Meat Month’. In past years, the eatery has served up everything from iguana and camel to alligator and creepy-crawly insects.Sounds gross? Maybe, but you’d be surprised by how many people go ga-ga over gross.Martha did it yesterday, Randall did it today, and now it’s David D’s turn to give it a shot!David D. ticket # 907656 give us a call and claim your tarantula burger.— Bull City Burger (@BullCityBurger) April 6, 2018 Tags: WTF This is Martha. Martha successfully ate a burger, topped with a tarantula this evening. Think you could? Sign up for the challenge & if your name is chosen, you’ll have the chance. #BCBBExoticMeats #BCBBExotixMeatMonth** Next up? Randall K., ticket no. 907647 – give us a call— Bull City Burger (@BullCityBurger) April 6, 2018last_img read more

Guatemala detains 13 retired military officers for war crimes

first_imgGUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — Security forces in Guatemala arrested 13 retired military officers on Wednesday, all charged with committing forced disappearance and other human rights crimes during the country’s civil war, the Prosecutor’s Office announced.Spokeswoman Julia Barrera said the arrests took place in the departments (provinces) of Guatemala and in Alta Verapaz, in the country’s north.Among those detained were former army chief of staff Benedicto Lucas García, who served during his brother Romeo Lucas García’s presidency (1978-82). Lucas Garcia’s time in office is among the bloodiest of the 36-year conflict.“According to the investigation … these people were involved in the forced disappearance of men, women and children during the armed conflict, Barrera said.The detentions came shortly before the Jan. 11 start of a special tribunal to try ex dictator Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide — the latest of several trials against him. Ríos Montt will be represented in court by his lawyers as he suffers from dementia and other medical problems.If convicted, the former dictator would likely be confined to a hospital or put under house arrest because of his deteriorated health.Guatemala’s civil war left more than 200,000 people killed or disappeared, according to a United Nations truth commission. The U.N. found that state security forces were responsible for 93 percent of war crimes. Most of the massacres registered during the war were committed in the country’s western highlands, an area with a high indigenous population. Facebook Comments Related posts:For justice in Guatemala, ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’ Guatemala high court paves way for new genocide trial against ex-dictator Ríos Montt Guatemala retrial of ex-dictator Ríos Montt suspended Former Guatemalan police chief to stand trial for 1980 Spanish Embassy fire that killed 37last_img read more

Spring Lake youth joins Rep Price as Rep For A Day at

first_img01Oct Spring Lake youth joins Rep. Price as ‘Rep For A Day’ at state Capitol Categories: News LANSING – Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, welcomed Megan Norton, 10, of Spring Lake as ‘Rep For A Day’ on Tuesday.Joining Megan at the state Capitol was her father, Chad.“I enjoyed having Megan as a junior representative on Tuesday,” said Rep. Price. “Megan, like so many other children that participated in the ‘Rep For A Day’ summer reading program, worked very hard to have this opportunity. I know for me, working with children makes this one of my favorite events as a state representative.”Among the highlights from being ‘Rep For A Day’ was a swearing-in ceremony on the House floor, a tour of the Capitol building, participation in a mock Committee Hearing and a lunch in the Speaker’s library.Megan was chosen to participate in the state government proceedings by participating in the ‘Rep For A Day’ summer reading program, sponsored by Rep. Price, throughout her 89th District.State Rep. Amanda Price welcomed Megan Norton of Spring Lake to the state Capitol Tuesday. Norton, 10, was selected for her participation in the ‘Rep For A Day’ summer reading contest. Norton visited Rep. Price in her Lansing office, took an oath as a ‘junior representative’ on the House floor, attended a mock committee hearing, and shared lunch with other junior representatives.last_img read more

Rep Noble invited to lead House invocation

first_img Categories: Noble News,Noble Photos 13Jun Rep. Noble invited to lead House invocation PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Jeff Noble of Plymouth on Tuesday gave the invocation for the Michigan House of Representatives. Noble is a pastor at Praise Baptist Church in Plymouth.last_img

Rep Lucido bills protect taxpayers from paying for emergency manager negligence

first_img21Aug Rep. Lucido bills protect taxpayers from paying for emergency manager negligence A pair of bills introduced by state Rep. Peter Lucido address the status of emergency managers when it comes to bonding and immunity.House Bill 4861 requires emergency managers to post a bond of at least $5 million, and causes the bond to be forfeited if the emergency manager is found to be grossly negligent in execution of their duties.House Bill 4861 and 4862 exempt emergency managers from governmental immunity.“In this state, we make requirements of people who are in certain trades to be licensed, bonded and insured before they take on any jobs involving third parties,” said Lucido, of Shelby Township. “If an emergency manager is doing work under the direction of the governor, that manager should be bonded so that taxpayers never have to foot another bill for a malfeasance of duties or when individuals who are appointed aren’t performing up to the standards of a private practice.”The bills are reintroductions of bills Rep. Lucido filed in his first term in direct response to the information which came out of the actions of various emergency managers during the Flint water crisis and the Detroit Public School bailout.“In a case such as Jerry Ambrose, who is being sued individually by the state for his role in the Flint water crisis, my bills would provide a bond which could be seized when gross negligence happens,” said Lucido. “This protects taxpayers. These bills are a straight reintroduction because I want to see oversight, but I want it to be responsible oversight. Whether it is accountants, lawyers or someone taking charge, that individual or group of individuals must perform professionally. More importantly, they must be able to pay if there is negligence or misconduct so that the taxpayer is not the one who pays.”House Bills 4861 and 4862 have been referred to the House Committee on Local Government. Categories: Lucido News,Newslast_img read more

Rep Kesto FGM package officially protects children

first_img10Oct Rep. Kesto: FGM package officially protects children State Rep. Klint Kesto’s key legislation in a bipartisan package outlawing female genital mutilation (FGM) became effective Monday.Kesto’s bill specifically revokes a medical professional’s state license if convicted of performing a FGM, which is any procedure performed on girls to remove or damage the external genitalia. The eight-bill package also prohibits the procedure, sets sentencing guidelines, improves educational programs for health and law enforcement officials, and extends the civil and criminal statute of limitations for victims.The legislation was signed on July 11 and became enforceable after a 90-day window.“One more mutilation of a child is one too many, so I hope these new laws send the message that this will no longer take place without significant repercussions in the state of Michigan,” said Kesto, chair of the House Law and Justice Committee. “All I needed to know was that this is most frequently being done on girls without their specific consent and included the likelihood of lifelong physical and mental damage. There’s no place for this in our society.”As chair of the Law and Justice Committee, Kesto led the charge on the comprehensive legislation through the state Legislature as it passed through the House and senate chambers in two weeks. The bill package follows a February incident where two young girls from Minnesota were subjected to the procedure at a southeast Michigan clinic. A Livonia couple was arrested on federal charges in April after allowing and performing the procedure after hours at their medical clinic, while a third individual has been fired from their emergency room doctor position for performing the procedure at the same Livonia clinic.“Laws are in place to protect our citizens, especially our youngest ones,” said Kesto, of Commerce Township. “The case that has drawn so much attention in southeast Michigan is beyond horrific. My hope is this will never be done again, for the sake of the young girls who were not given a choice when this horrific procedure was done.”Kesto’s legislation is now Public Act 75 of 2017.##### Categories: Kesto News,Newslast_img read more

Rep Miller Plan brings accountability transparency to petition drives

first_img Categories: Miller News,News State Rep. Aaron Miller said a plan approved this week by the Michigan House will provide more transparency for voters and enhance the integrity of the state’s citizen petition initiative process.The bills – sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats – make much-needed improvements to Michigan’s grassroots lawmaking process while boosting accountability and giving voters in rural areas and small towns a greater voice.“Voters in St. Joseph and Cass counties deserve to participate in the initiative process just as much as voters in Michigan’s big cities,” said Miller, R-Sturgis. “Right now, many rural communities are ignored when petition circulators gather signatures for proposals to amend state law – especially when they’re funded by rich, out-of-state special interests. This proposal ensures voters across Michigan participate in the decision on whether an initiative proposal should move forward.”House Bill 6595, sponsored by Rep. Jim Lower (R-Cedar Lake), includes the following protections:Requires that not more than 15 percent of certified signatures come from any one congressional district, guaranteeing more circulation in rural areas.Requires initiative campaigns to provide a short summary at the top of their petitions, ensuring people can quickly size up the issue.Makes absolutely clear that if a petition circulator deceives people or provides fraudulent information, the signatures they collect must be invalidated.House Bills 4635, 5208 and 5209, sponsored by Jeremy Moss (D- Southfield) and Leslie Love (D-Detroit), implement the following reforms:Prohibit circulators from misrepresenting the contents of a proposed ballot question or recall petition.Prohibit circulators from misrepresenting whether they are a paid or volunteer signature gatherer.Require petition circulators to wear identification badges.Ban organizations from employing someone as a petition signature gatherer if they have been convicted of an election crime.Give voters an option to remove their name and signature from a ballot question or recall petition.The legislation advances to the Senate for consideration.### 13Dec Rep. Miller: Plan brings accountability, transparency to petition driveslast_img read more

Pope Invited to Address Congress Next Year and the Spin Begins

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 SharesMarch 13, 2014; ReutersYesterday, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner issued an invitation to Pope Francis to address a joint session of Congress next year. Immediately, Republicans and Democrats alike are attempting to spin the Pope’s views on poverty and capitalism to fit with their respective agendas.Boehner, a Catholic, said in a statement, “Pope Francis has inspired millions of Americans with his pastoral manner and servant leadership, challenging all people to lead lives of mercy, forgiveness, solidarity, and humble service.” But then he went on to try to seize the day by saying that Americans “have embraced Pope Francis’ reminder that we cannot meet our responsibility to the poor with a welfare mentality based on business calculations. We can meet it only with personal charity on the one hand and sound, inclusive policies on the other.”Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, is also Catholic and laid her own less wordy and overreaching claim—but then, she knows that the Pope will soon be meeting up with President Obama. “Pope Francis has lived his values and upheld his promise to be a moral force, to protect the poor and the needy, to serve as a champion of the less fortunate, and to promote love and understanding among faiths and nations,” Pelosi said.Meanwhile, New York Magazine asks, “Can Pope Francis Bring Peace to Congress?” Immediately answering themselves with an “Almost definitely not,” its short article points out that the Pope yesterday tweeted “Please pray for me” and wondered aloud if this exhortation was related to the invite.—Ruth McCambridgeShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

AE Networks UK has hired Anna Priest as vice pres

first_imgA+E Networks UK has hired Anna Priest as vice president of marketing and communications.She joins the channel operator, which is a joint venture between A+E Networks and BSkyB, from UK public broadcaster the BBC where she was head of marketing for its Superbrands division. She will be based in London and report to Tom Davidson, managing director, A+E Networks UK.last_img

The directors of BSkyB have written to shareholder

first_imgThe directors of BSkyB have written to shareholders, urging them to back under-fire chairman James Murdoch. Shareholders will vote on whether Murdoch should continue in his BSkyB role at the pay TV operator’s AGM, which is scheduled for next Thursday.
One institutional BSkyB investor, the Association of British Insurers, has publicly expressed its concerns, noting that some market watchers were worried about governance issues. However, BSkyB deputy chairman Nick Ferguson wrote in his letter to investors that Murdoch has the respect of senior management, is backed by the whole of the board and is doing a “first class job” in his role at the pay TV company.Ferguson added that the continuing scandal surrounding Murdoch, which concerns the role of News International in the newspaper phone-hacking scandal, has not impacted Sky’s operational performance or share price.last_img read more

Netflix is looking for a range of language special

first_imgNetflix is looking for a range of language specialists, leading market watchers to speculate it will roll out in new territories or launch new local language versions of its existing service.A job advertisement for specialists that can help Netflix localise its service in Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, German, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, and Japanese has been posted on its website.It is not clear whether there are plans afoot to launch streaming services in some or all of these markets or whether Netflix plans to offer its service localised into these languages for ex-pat audiences in territories where it already has a presence.“We are looking for experienced linguists with the ability to translate and customize marketing, UI and content materials for the target market,” the post says. “We are looking for highly motivated individuals with the right mix of technical, organizational and communication skills to provide localization for the Netflix experience.”The job post originally appeared last year, but was subsequently withdrawn. It has now been posted again and is on the careers section of the Netflix site.The company launched across Scandinavia last week and has also rolled out in Canada and the UK and Ireland as its refocuses on its international launch plans having returned to growth in its domestic US market.Netflix announces its third quarter results tomorrow.The company was keen to temper speculation about the next steps in its international expansion.A spokesman said that while Netflix wants to operate a global service, there were many other reasons for it to hire language specialists including quality control on translations of movies and TV shows, relationships with content creators and with manufacturers of consumer electronics around the world.“While we do have global aspirations, drawing any short term conclusions from a job ad is wrong,” said Joris Evers, director of global communications at Netflix. “We have not made further expansion announcements.”At last count Netflix had 22.7 million paying subs in the US and 3.02 million in international markets.last_img read more

Ukrainian cable operator Volia has launched a new

first_imgUkrainian cable operator Volia has launched a new EPG for its new Smart HD interactive TV platform.Volia said the guide will offer information that is updated to reflect schedule changes, more detail such as cast information and story summaries, and parental controls.At the same time the firm said that from the beginning of April it will offer two new channels in its basic digital TV package – family network SUN and a teleshopping network called TV Sale.The channels will replace the Your Property and the Planet networks, whose contract relationship with Volia is due to expire. A channel called Science 2.0 will also available to Optimum package subscribers.Volia launched Smart HD earlier this month. It will offer over 130 digital channels, on-demand movies and access to other services including YouTube on the TV. Following the initial launch of the service, Volia will introduce a hybrid set-top box in the second quarter that will give access to internet-delivered video-on-demand and catch-up TV services.last_img read more

Netflix is predicted to hit 46 million streaming c

first_imgNetflix is predicted to hit 46 million streaming customers in the US by 2021, up from previous estimates of 43 million, according to a new Pacific Crest research note.The research estimated that the firm could also hit 36 million US streaming subscribers by the end of 2015, up from 27.2 million at the close of 2012, as programming consumption increasingly shift online.Speaking to CNBC, Pacific Crest research analyst Andy Hargreaves said “we think there’s a paradigm shift and it’s a big move from live to on-demand,” adding that Netflix was “the best in the world at executing that model.”With the outlook, Pacific raised its price target for Netflix from US$160 to US$225. Netflix’s shareprice climbed 5.4% yesterday to close at 190.6 on the back of the bullish estimates.In the note, Hargreaves also estimated that Netflix costs its average US subscriber US$0.20 per viewing hour, compared to US$0.50 per hour in the cable industry.last_img read more

Kabel Deutschland reported a decline in TV busines

first_imgKabel Deutschland reported a decline in TV business revenues and said there was “soft” demand for premium TV after it stopped encrypting a number of basic SD channels in April. Announcing its fiscal first quarter earnings, the operator, which is in the process of being bought by Vodafone for €7.7 billion, said the unencryption of digital SD channels by private broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL reduced customer demand for digital entry products and lowered the to Premium TV products with 17% fewer gross adds compared to a year ago.In Premium TV, Kabel Deutschland recorded 24,000 net additions for the three months ending June 30, compared to the previous quarter. However, the firm said it impacted by “extraordinary churn” of 32,000 Kabel BW pay TV wholesale customers.In total Kabel Deutschland reported 2.094 million premium TV customers, up 17.5% year-on-year. Total blended TV revenue per subscriber also increased 4.5% year-on-year to €10.66 and Kabel Deutschland was upbeat about its future TV prospects.“Measures to further stimulate demand and increase sales are being implemented and given low product penetration and pent-up demand for HD and DVRs, Kabel Deutschland’s general positive outlook on Premium TV remains unchanged,” it said.However, TV Business revenues declined by 1.4% to €290 million year on year, which it attributed to public broadcasters’ carriage fees no longer being accounted for.In total the Kabel Deutschland’s revenues increased by 4.6% year-on-year to €464 million. Net profit was down 55.5% to €29.3 million but adjusted EBITDA was up 3.8% to €217 million.last_img read more

Nagra has used IBC to showcase  content navigation

first_imgNagra has used IBC to showcase  content navigation and discovery designed specifically for the ultra-high definition 4K environment: “Project Ultra,” the latest innovation from the Silicon Valley-based Nagra User Experience Studio, is designed to delivery a 4K user experience that makes use of the higher resolution of the format to show and organise information in a highly pictorial way.“4K is making its mark as the next big evolution in television, providing a spectacular viewing experience supported by powerful user interaction possibilities,” said Hubert Rechsteiner, Vice President of the Nagra UEX Studio. “It also presents a new challenge to service providers, requiring technologies and design principles that can enable an immersive, intuitive and social TV experience that makes the most of the 4K screen real estate.  With Project Ultra, we’re tackling that challenge head-on by creating fundamentally new user-optimized schemes for surfing, searching and consuming 4K content.”Project Ultra, combined with OpenTV 5, Nagra’s newest middleware solution, paves the way for ultra-high definition HTML5 user experiences, according to the company. Using the OpenTV 5 JavaScript Framework for HTML5 running on a new generation of hardware-accelerated 4K chipsets, Project Ultra is based on a “zoomable” user interface that offers 360-degree navigation capabilities:  three-dimensional planes are designed to simplify content organization and discovery allowing the user to “zoom in” to their favourite content, according to the companyOther advanced capabilities include an anticipation engine that places the most relevant content on the first plane; a social discovery mechanism to share content and recommendations with friends; and voice and gesture control for optimized content navigation in the 4K environment.last_img read more

Elmira Makhmutova Russian broadcaster CTC Media ha

first_imgElmira MakhmutovaRussian broadcaster CTC Media has named Elmira Makhmutova as the new head of the CTC Channel, effective from January 1.Makhmutova, who is currently deputy CEO for strategic marketing at the broadcaster, will replace Viacheslav Murugov, who will continue to serve as an advisor to CEO Yuliana Slashcheva.Murugov, who is currently chief content officer of CTC Media as well as head of the CTC Channel, will become the head of a new production company specialising in multiformat content and entertainment shows.“I am grateful to Viacheslav for his ten years of brilliant work for CTC Media and especially for the last 18 months of our cooperation, and I am convinced that his achievements as the head and co-owner of a new production house will be equally impressive,” said Slashcheva.“Viacheslav has done a great deal for the CTC Channel, serving as its head and the person who has inspired the team for many years. As our Chief Content Officer, Viacheslav has created some of most successful CTC projects. Our cooperation will continue, as our audience wants new high-quality Russian content, and Viacheslav is one of the strongest producers in the business.”last_img read more

UK DTT platform Freeview has said that Panasonic w

first_imgUK DTT platform Freeview has said that Panasonic will be the first electronics manufacturer to launch TVs featuring its new Freeview Play connected TV service.Panasonic will make Freeview Play available in its new 2015 line-up of Viera TVs and will launch Freeview Play recorders at a later date. Vestel will follow with a range of Freeview Play products, according to Freeview.The news contradicts claims by California-based TV maker Seiki at this year’s Consumer Electronics show. It announced it would be the first to introduce HD sets featuring Freeview’s connected TV service in the UK by the third quarter of this year.Freeview is yet to announce an official launch date for when the first Freeview Play products will come to market.“We believe that Freeview Play will put viewers back in control and we’re delighted that Panasonic is our first TV launch partner. Freeview Play will be integrated into a number of TVs in the new Viera range, giving people the freedom to choose across a range of price points. We look forward to welcoming more products from other partners later this year,” said Freeview managing director, Guy North.At the same time, Freeview has confirmed that Channel 5’s catch-up service Demand 5 will also join the Freeview Play platform alongside the BBC’s iPlayer, ITV Player and Channel 4’s 4oD – which is due to be rebranded as All 4 from the end of this quarter.Freeview unveiled Freeview Play at a press conference earlier this month, claiming it marked an “evolution” for the Freeview brand and would take viewers from digital to connected TV services, in a similar way that Freeview boxes had previously moved customers from analogue to digital.“It’s great news that Panasonic will be the first of many to bring TVs with Freeview Play to viewers. I’m also pleased that Demand 5 will be joining our line-up of great, free, on-demand players. Digital UK is working closely with manufacturers and broadcasters to develop our exciting new service and bring the benefits of connected TV to everyone, free from subscription,” said Ilse Howling, managing director, connected TV, at Digital UK.Last year, Panasonic was also the first manufacturer to launch smart TV sets featuring free digital platform rival Freesat’s similar Freetime service.last_img read more

Spanish competition watchdog the CNMC has approved

first_imgSpanish competition watchdog the CNMC has approved the acquisition of regional cable operator Telecable by UK-based investment group Zegona Communcations.Zegona, headed by former Virgin Media executives Eamonn O’Hare and Robert Samuelson, agreed to acquire the Asturias region operator last month for €640 million in a deal that followed hard on the heels of Basque region operator Euskaltel’s acquisition of Galicia region operator R.Zegona CEO O’Hare earlier told Spanish press that his company would complete the acquisition of Telecable on August 14, prior to it being listed on the London stock market under Zegona’s name on August 17.O’Hare said that Zegona planned to maintain ownership of the operator for between three and seven years.Geographically, Asturias sits between Galicia in the extreme North-West of the country and Cantabria, where Vodafone-owned Ono holds the cable licence, with the Basque region sitting to the East of the latter. Both Euskaltel and Vodafone are seen as possible ultimate purchasers of Telecable, along with Orange, which has expanded its presence in Spain through the acquisition of Jazztel.last_img read more

Russias CTC Media is due to launch its new Che Ch

first_imgRussia’s CTC Media is due to launch its new Che Channel on November 12, replacing humour and reality TV network Peretz with a channel aimed at men “who love their country”.Announcing the launch, CTC said that Che will be a reflection of the lifestyle, interests and core values of a “real man”, with ‘Che’ evoking words and names like “man, honour, entertainment, Chekhov” in the Russian language.Programming will be focused on men’s interests and hobbies, “manly occupations”, sports, popular science shows, feature films and Russian and international TV series. The channel will target a 25-49 year-old male audience, with a particular focus on 30-40 year-olds.“It will be the channel about men whose work is recognised and valued, who command respect, who are trying to make good use of their time, and who love their country and family. It will be the channel for men who are kind because they are strong,” said CTC Media.“Women will find in Che a valuable source of information about the interests of their partners, and an opportunity to peek into their minds.”The launch comes after CTC Media said last October that it was evaluating a “potential transformation” of its Peretz network, making it a “more cutting edge and dynamic channel, with a focus on edgy action content.” This came after CTC said its Russian networks were affected by overall audience fragmentation and increased competition from news broadcasts in Q3 2014.A month later CTC appointed the chief executive of U TV, Ruben Oganesyan, as the head of its Peretz Channel. He took up his post on January 1, 2015 and will now oversee the Che Channal.In a statement today, CTC Media CEO Yuliana Slascheva described the replacement of Peretz with a “completely different channel” as a “critical milestone” in the strategy of the company.“In a very short timeframe and, importantly, within our existing budget, we are going to launch a brand new channel that will be even more attractive for its target audience and will bring new opportunities to advertisers, ultimately bringing additional profits to the company,” said Slascheva.last_img read more

Optical networking technology specialist Sterlite

first_imgOptical networking technology specialist Sterlite Technologies will use ANGA COM to highlight its Oh-Lite Nova single mode optical fibre product.According to Sterlite, Oh-Lite Nova is a single mode optical fibre with a very low bend sensitivity and tighter attenuation that meets and exceeds ITU-T recommendations for G.652.D and G.657.A1. the company says the product is ideal for long-distance transmission and FTTH applications.According to Sterlite, Oh-Lite Nova combines the low loss benefits of G652D for extended network reach in long haul, metro and access networks and improved bend resistance of G657A1 for higher installation margin. At the same time, a Mode Field Diameter of 9.2µm provides full backward compatibility with legacy installed fibre base, says the company.Steflite will also showcase its Micro Bowlite single mode optical fibre, described by the company as a low diameter optical fiber with low bend sensitivity and water peak attenuation. In addition, Sterlite will highlight its Micro Bowlite (E) single mode optical fibre, described as a version of the product that is optimised for use in the 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm windows.Another product in the Bowlite line, the Bowlite Plus single mode optical fibre, which the company sys has low bend sensitivity and zero water peak attenuation, is designed specifically for use in the O, E, S, C and L-bands.Sterlite will additionally showcase the Micro Duct-Lite multi-tube single jacket micro duct fiber optic cable used in micro duct installation applications. According to the company, the product offers the lowest diameter blown cable solutions using next generation 200µm optical fiber for improved duct utilisation with highest fiber density to help overcome high-speed broadband bandwidth bottlenecks.Ankit Agarwal, global head, telecom products, said: “Globally, our customers are demanding optical fiber products suitable for managing surge in high-bandwidth consuming applications and smart network requirements. To address such requirements, we have developed a full portfolio of innovative optical fiber, optical fiber cable and data cable technologies that will be showcased at ANGA COM. We are proud partners to global Telecom operators in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asian markets.”Separately, Serlite Technologies’ associate general manager, R & D, has been named to the board of directors of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific. Mishra was previously chair of FTTH APAC Smart Cities Committee.Sterlite Technologies will be exhibiting at ANGA COM in Hall 10.1, stand R25last_img read more