DEW has faith in TNA Audio

“If they win I feel they will be more democratic and they will also gradually move away from the separate state concept,” he said. He says the TNA will lead the council well and in the process they will also set an example for other provinces. The Minister also said that some politicians enter the fray to contest polls for money while the more intelligent people stay away.He said the upcoming elections should be used to identify that issue and bring about a change. (Colombo Gazette) Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Government Minister DEW Gunasekera feels the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will set a good example if it wins the Northern Provincial Council elections.Gunasekera said that the TNA  has a strong list of candidates contesting the polls headed by former Supreme Court Judge C.V. Wigneswaran. read more

Annan receives arms petition by onemillionth signer vows to transmit call onward

“I am honoured to receive this petition in recognition of the people in more than 160 countries who have supported it, and given it a million ‘faces,’” Mr. Annan said in accepting the call from the Control Arms Campaign, Amnesty International and Oxfam International, the International Action Network on Small Arms and the young survivor.The Secretary-General pledged to transmit the petitioners’ call for an international arms trade treaty to the President of the Review Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons, which is currently meeting at the UN to review a 2001 plan of action against the scourge. “It will be in their hands to decide the future direction of the initiative.”Irene Khan, Amnesty International’s Secretary General, said the proliferation of small arms “has facilitated some of the most appalling human rights tragedy of our times, including genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacres, mass displacement, torture and ill treatment.” She blamed “hypocrisy, greed, and inaction of governments” for allowing the trade to continue.Ms. Khan pointed to the effect on women and children. “From the bedroom to the battlefield, whether killed by violent partners or raped at gun point, women and girls have paid a high price for the unregulated trade in small arms. Children as young as eight years of age have been drawn into conflicts as soldiers.” “Up to 1000 people a day die from gunshot wounds, and thousands more are injured,” the Executive Director of Oxfam, Jeremy Hobbs, said. “And for every person shot, there is a family left to fend for itself; a family left without a child; or a family that must now look after a relative with a serious disability.”The Million Faces petition is a photo petition from people in more than 160 countries who recognize the small arms issue and have signed and supported the initiative. Julius Arile, a Kenyan armed violence survivor, presented the Secretary General with the Million Faces Petition showing the many faces on the plaque. “I used my first AK47 (gun) at the age of 15. Small arms are dangerous. Guns have affected my life, have killed my friends and my brother,” he told the UN News Service. “This petition means a lot to me and the people of Kenya,” added Mr. Arile, whose brother died from gun violence and who has witnessed other numerous crimes caused by small arms. The armed violence survivor spoke of trading in his weapon in 2004 for money during a local peace agreement, “I am much better now, at that time when I surrendered my AK47, for a price, and then I went down and told my friends that these arms are no good, and to leave those guns.” In an appeal to delegates, he added: “I would like this UN conference to agree [to] global rules for small arms sales. We owe it to people like me from all over the world.” read more

Graduating students present gritty play about oil in Canada

For the final production of the regular 2017-18 season, Brock’s fourth-year Dramatic Arts students will tackle some hard-hitting Canadian issues.The DART 4F56 ensemble will present Len Falkenstein’s award-winning play Lac/Athabasca in the Marilyn I. Walker Theatre. The production, inspired by the Lac-Mégantic train explosion of 2013, tells the dark truth of the forces behind the disaster.Co-directed by Professor Gyllian Raby and student Mark Dickinson, the play premiered at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts on Thursday, April 12 and will continue nightly until Saturday, April 14.Audiences follow the train filled with explosive fuel as it journeys across time and place, beginning with townsfolk sharing their experiences of the tragic event and lamenting for the lives lost. The crowd is taken to tour the magnificent Athabasca glacier and meets workers at the oil sand companies in Fort McMurray, witnessing Canada’s exploitation of its land and peoples from the 1800s to now. The beauty and terror of these encounters reveal a Canadian dream as twisted as the train tracks that stretch across it.The DART 4F56 students unanimously picked the play not only because of its Canadian roots, but also because “it’s about something that matters,” says Raby. The production tells the story of the train explosion, but audiences can also “expect to see a First Nations story play out,” she says.“We were fortunate enough to be advised by Adrienne Smoke of the Six Nations and William Constant, a Cree mentor, to make sure we were approaching the Indigenous story correctly.”On a daily basis, Canadians are reading about the problem of oil and the exploitation of natural resources. Lac/Athabasca is a deeply Canadian play that provokes reflection on corporate greed, environmental policies and the future transportation of oil.In addition to Dickinson, the 2017-18 Dramatic Arts fourth-year ensemble features cast members Mackenzie Kerr, Adrian Marchesano, Sarah Marks, Michelle Mohammed, Tarndeep Pannu, Naomi Richardson and Kaylyn Valdez-Scott. Set construction is by Helena Ciuciura, costume design by Samantha Mastrella, properties design by Rebecca Downing, sound design by Jillian Wardell, lighting design by Meryl Ochoa, and projections design and production management by Chelsea Wilson, assisted by guest instructor and Brock University Dramatic Arts alumnus, James McCoy. The production team also includes Allie Aubry as stage manager and Candice Burn as head of publicity.Lac/Athabasca plays Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the MIWFSPA in downtown St. Catharines. Tickets are $5 (plus taxes and fees) from the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre box office at 905-688-0722 or online. Tickets will also be available at the door. Limited parking is available onsite. read more

Mens basketball What to expect from Ohio State in 201718

The 2017-18 Ohio State men’s basketball team held its preseason media day Wednesday at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Nick Clarkson | Social Media EditorKnowing how the Ohio State men’s basketball team was going to perform each night the past two seasons was a mystery. This year, it might be even more difficult to predict.Ohio State held its preseason media day Wednesday with all seven returning players, plus Michigan transfer guard Andrew Dakich, before the team’s first official practice Saturday for the first season under head coach Chris Holtmann. With a fresh coaching staff and a roster full of new players, there likely haven’t been more question marks heading into an Ohio State season since former head coach Thad Matta took over the program in 2004. But despite all the program turnover and offseason storylines, the team goals haven’t changed.“I was definitely excited [for the season] because I felt that as a team, we didn’t leave it all out there on the table [last season],” senior forward Jae’Sean Tate said. “I wouldn’t say that overall goal hasn’t changed since coach Holtmann came, but the style was an adjustment from one coaching staff to another.”It’s difficult to know if Ohio State can actually compete with top programs this year, but based on depth and overall uncertainty, the logical answer would be “no.” Yet, if there’s a reason Ohio State can surprise teams and critics around the country, redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop’s play could be it.After playing just nine games due to a season-ending leg injury last year, which led to a medical redshirt, Bates-Diop returns as perhaps Ohio State’s best two-way player. He said he hasn’t “felt this good in probably a year and a half, physically.”At 6-foot-7 and with a wingspan of more than seven feet, he has the ability to contest on the glass, defend on the perimeter and shoot over top of any defender.“I think I’m more consistent with my jump shot. I worked on a lot of the stationary stuff, so I kind of went back to basics, essentially with shooting,” Bates-Diop said. “And coming back, I worked on a lot of footwork and agility stuff just because my leg was weaker and I needed it. I think I’m better in a lot of areas.”Tate said he believes the team is talented enough to meet its goal, presumably being competitive in league play and improving significantly from last season’s dismal 17-15 finish without a bid to the NCAA Tournament, or even the NIT. However, the steps to get there have changed a bit.The first step for the team is learning an entirely new system. All the players who spoke Wednesday said Holtmann is a defensively focused coach. In the two hours per week the team can be with the coaching staff in the offseason, per NCAA rules, Holtmann has steered clear of working in the half court, instead focusing on transition defense and offense.“He’s big on defense,” Bates-Diop said. “All the details in everything. It just kind of opened our minds, essentially.”Sophomore center Micah Potter said the team is in better condition now than it was at this point last season, which could be a direct cause of the heavy work in transition.“If you remember back last year, there were a lot of games we lost by, like, one to five points,” Potter said. “I think being in shape will help us keep that focus and help us make those extra hustle plays that help us win those kind of games.”Depth at point guard is a major issue for Ohio State in 2017-18, with junior C.J. Jackson being the only true point guard on the roster. It is still unknown who is going to be the backup point guard, but all signs point to Jackson playing extended minutes. Tate, Dakich, Bates-Diop and redshirt senior guard Kam Williams have all been practicing as ball handlers. Bates-Diop said Williams is the most likely of the bunch to receive time at point guard. Williams said he expects to play some point guard this season.Including Bates-Diop, Ohio State returns three starters and because of depth problems will have to play inexperienced freshmen forwards Kyle Young and Kaleb Wesson and freshman guard Musa Jallow because of depth problems. The players raved about the maturity of the freshmen, which is important for the future of the program, but might not translate to victories in the intermediate.“We’re Holt guys. We’re Thad guys, but at the end of the day, we’re Holt guys,” Tate said. “We’re the start of this new tradition and coach Holtmann has let us know that there’s an emphasis on we’re going to be the building blocks for years to come.” read more

GCHQ codebreakers crack the cryptic code of Frank Sidebottom

It is famed for cracking the complex codes of malignant foreign powers.But in its ongoing bid to protect the country, GCHQ has turned its attention to cryptic matters of a different kind; the secret messages of Frank Sidebottom.They were initially stumped. But Britain’s finest brains have finally revealed that the creator of the giant cartoon character said things like: “Why does my nose hurt after concerts?”A GCHQ spokesperson said such challenges help the master codebreakers at the government’s listening station “build the skills we need to keep the country safe.”It is a turn of events that would have greatly amused Chris Sievey, the man behind the cult comedy hero.Sievey, who died in 2010, inserted cryptic symbols in artwork around the borders of various fan newsletters, football programmes and record and tape sleeves sent out to Sidebottom fans in the 1980s and 1990s. Frank Sidebottom's mystery code But even they were flummoxed, admitting they had absolutely no idea how to crack the code.That is until Sievey’s son, Stirling, recalled how his father would ask the children to fill an outer row with random symbols before Sievey inserted his code into the inner row.Mr Sullivan added: “It meant the outer row triangles is a complete red herring. Not only did he put a mystery out there, he made it deliberately impossible to crack.“By letting his kids add nonsense into the message, it deliberately obscures the chances of anybody – even top mathematicians – being able to crack it.“So I reported back to GCHQ that the outer ring is a red herring and then had an email one day saying, ‘Right, we’ve cracked it during a light-hearted training exercise.’” GCHQ told Mr Sullivan that Sidebottom “had a small but dedicated following” among its staff.Noticing some repeated pairs of symbols, the first word cracked by its team of top codebreakers was Sidebottom’s favourite, “bobbins”.The messages turned out to be a “combination of slightly autobiographical statements and silly statements about Frank’s world”, Mr Sullivan admitted.”Why does my nose hurt after concerts?” is believed to relate to the nose peg Sievey wore under Sidebottom’s giant head to give the character his trademark nasal voice.Another code translated as: “The Man From Fish EP is top secret” which is suitably baffling to even those who knew him best.”It was just an exercise in wilful absurdity, which is why he was doing it,” Mr Sullivan said.”But then all of his work was an exercise in wilful obscurity and absurdity. I think he loved the idea that he was putting communication out but people didn’t even know he was communicating.”He said GCHQ had “a great sense of humour about the whole investigation.”A GCHQ spokesperson said: “As the national authority for cryptanalysis, we’re sometimes sent codes which the team will test themselves with in their spare time.”They provide us with a great challenge and help build the skills we need to keep the country safe. Frank Sidebottom's paraphernalia  At the time, they were barely noticed by followers of the character with the giant papier mache head.But Sievey, from Manchester, told friends and family he was hiding very important messages in the code.When Steve Sullivan, the director, started making Being Frank; the forthcoming film about Sievey and Sidebottom, he took the rows of symbols to several codebreakers, but none could help. Frank Sidebottom’s mystery code Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. He told BBC News: “My own attempts to crack it proved absolutely futile. I spent a while just looking at them going, ‘What could he be saying, what could this mean?'”But it was impossible to crack them, and it was entirely plausible that there wasn’t a code there and that he was just winding people up.”In an attempt to solve the mystery, Mr Sullivan eventually turned to GCHQ.Astonishingly, they agreed to look at the comedian’s seemingly impenetrable rows of shapes and symbols. “With its colourful drawings and striking patterns, this code caught our eye and it was satisfying to be able to break it.” Frank Sidebottom’s paraphernalia Credit:Frank Sidebottom’s paraphernalia  read more

GroundProbe slope stability monitoring achieves two million operating hours

first_imgGroundProbe’s Slope Stability Radar (SSR), a world leading mine slope stability monitoring system, has reached an impressive two million hours of operation – with 120 mines around the world contributing to the milestone. These SSRs safeguard mine assets by giving advanced warning of rock wall instability, allowing time to safely remove people and equipment from harm’s way.GroundProbe describes its SSR as “the international standard for open pit risk management. It is used by many of the world’s large miners. Since the first unit started monitoring to provide precise pit wall stability data, more than 120 SSRs have been deployed.GroundProbe’s global marketing manager, Lorraine Elsmore, said the large global community of SSR users chose the technology because of its proven reliability and technical robustness, and the calibre of support provided by GroundProbe. “The rate at which SSR monitoring hours are accumulating is ever increasing as more mines adopt this best practice in slope monitoring,” she said.“In the first half of 2010 alone, we sold 17 new radars in addition to supporting our customers with geotechnical and subsurface mapping expertise.”The list of GroundProbe SSR owners has expanded to include PT Adaro and PT Bayan’s Wahana mine in Indonesia, the Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea, Shenhua’s Zhungeer coal mine in China, as well as Diavik (diamonds) and Mont-Wright (iron ore) in Canada; and Ranger (uranium), Rolleston (coal), BMA CQO (coal), Newman and Area C (iron ore) in Australia.Some sites, such as Konkola Copper’s Nchanga mine in Zambia, have bought and comissioned a second radar. Moreover, additional SSRs have also been bought by Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen and Thabazimbi mines as well as the African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and Norilsk Nickel 50% joint venture in Nkomati nickel mine in South Africa, Jwaneng (diamonds) in Botswana; and Rossing (uranium) in Namibia.Meanwhile in Chile, Anglo-American (Mantos Blancos and Mantoverde) and Kinross (La Coipa) have added GroundProbe SSRs, and copper giant Codelco has ordered a fifth unit for the Chuquicamata mine.“The accumulated knowledge and experience from operating these radars for most of the world’s leading mining companies, in locations all over the globe, is unparalleled and it is a value-add we provide to our customers through service, support and product development.”GroundProbeclaims “rugged construction for enhanced durability and extended operation in harsh environments, and a unique design to military specifications, ensure [its] provide the highest uptime of any mine radar monitoring system in the world.”The use of an integrated camera with the SSR has also proven to be of value to users, bringing data “to life” and adding to the technology’s geo-referencing capability.“GroundProbe’s SSR technology has already achieved outstanding success in the global mining industry, having detected numerous wall collapses with sufficient warning to evacuate people and equipment,” Elsmore said. “This milestone of two million operating hours reinforces GroundProbe as the benchmark in this field.”last_img read more

Dragons Den inventor in row with employer over trolley key

first_imgA MAN WHO pitched a universal trolley key on RTÉ’s Dragons’ Den has become embroiled in a row with his employers, who claim in an email that the product was developed on their premises while he was working for them.Ray Shannon, who is employed by Waterford-based Kel-Tech International, appeared on Dragons’ Den on 27 April.He pitched his invention, Trolkey, a key that opens supermarket trolleys for free, with Gavin Duffy backing the inventor.Following its appearance on Dragons’ Den, Trolkey’s online sales spiked.However on 7 May, Shannon was suspended by the company for, it claims, breaching his employment contract. In a letter sent to Shannon, seen by, the company asks for a meeting with Shannon, “to investigate the matter in more detail”. He has been suspended from Kel-Tech in what the company a “mere holding exercise” which is not disciplinary in nature.Kel-Tech states, as he is an employee, the company can claim entitlement to Trolkey’s intellectual property and future profits.In the letter to Shannon, the company alleges that the product was “developed in the course of [Shannon’s] employment with [Kel-Tech], using its resources and at its expense”, adding that it was developed during working hours and using company property.The letter adds that the Shannon’s holding himself as the owner of the Trolkey is “manifestly untrue”.Dragons’ Den investor Gavin Duffy claims that he “understands” that Shannon didn’t work on the product during working hours but “at home, at weekends”. He also claims that Shannon offered the Trolkey idea to Kel-Tech but that the company was not interested in developing it at the time.Shannon has been asked to comment on the matter.Kel-Tech could not be reached for comment.Read: Apple buys Dr Dre’s Beats for $3 billion in bid to boost online music presencelast_img read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_img Monday 18 Jun 2018, 4:56 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Faysal Durrani Jun 18th 2018, 4:57 PM Image: Shutterstock/Faysal Durrani No Comments EVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five biggest stories of the day.1. #FLIGHT INTO ERROR: Passenger who was removed from Ryanair flight to Ibiza claimed that reports of a disturbance on board are “fake news”.2. #MICHAEL LOWRY: The trial of Independent TD Michael Lowry heard that a woman who was at his home when Revenue officers raided it feared she was going to be killed by burglars.3. #TRAFFICKED: Prostitution outreach service Ruhama said it supported 109 people affected by sex trafficking last year.4. #DALKEY: A woman was airlifted to hospital today after she fell at Dalkey Quarry at around 9am this morning.5. #LONDON: Three people died after being struck by a train in south London.Comments are off as legal proceedings are active in one or more of the above stories. By Garreth MacNamee Share Tweet Email 7,429 Views Short URL The 5 at 5: Monday Five minutes, five stories, five o’clock…last_img read more

Antipodes Festival seeking applications

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Antipodes Festival in Melbourne is seeking applications from stall holders, performers and umbrella events to be part of next year’s celebration of all things Hellenic. I’ve no doubt it’ll create interest, as it does every year, especially once we announce the main act.Glendi Co-ordinator Tony Tsourdalakis said the main event will be the Lonsdale Street Glendi, on the weekend of 5-6 March. “I’ve no doubt it’ll create interest, as it does every year, especially once we announce the main act,” he said, adding that he will be doing that in the next two weeks. He said he’s expecting around 30 – 40 stalls to fill Lonsdale Street, including community groups, food stalls and exhibitions. And he encouraged all sorts of entertainers to apply to perform at the Glendi. “It’s for people who want to be part of the actual program, whether it’s local bands, local artists, actors, dancing groups, all forms of entertainment to do with the Greek culture and heritage,” he said. While the Glendi coincides with Apokries (Carnivale), the period leading up to Lent, he said the festival was hosting umbrella events throughout the year. “For example, there’s a Cretan theatrical group that’s coming from Crete, and that’s happening in February,” he said. The Antipodes Festival was founded in 1987. Applications are open online until 4 February at read more

Greek SA College promotes trades

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Hands-on training and qualifications in bakery, hospitality and manufacturing are what’s being offered by a new training centre opened in South Australia this week at Greek Orthodox school St George College, in Thebarton. The training centre aims to provide students with a launch pad into the workforce after school. The Member for Adelaide and Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis officially opened the St George Hospitality Skills Trade Training Centre at St George College which is expected to train 160 high schools students each year. Ms Ellis said the Trade Training Centre received $1.5 million from the Australian Government and was already paying huge dividends for the school, the students and the broader community since it first started operating in August 2011. “This state-of-the-art trade training centre is a magnificent addition to our schools system in Adelaide and a great asset for young people looking for rewarding full-time work after completing Year 12,” Ms Ellis said. “Labor’s Trade Training Centre program aims to increase Year 12 or equivalent attainment and improve student career options, particularly in skills shortages areas which students can opt to use as part of their curriculum.” “I congratulate all of those involved in making this project a success and applaud the commitment to improving the opportunities and training pathways for the young people of our community.” Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas said it was fantastic to see local input from principals, parents and tradespeople in delivering the important community project. “This trade training facility will provide industry relevant training in various industries, including qualifications in bakery, hospitality and manufacturing that will best prepare our students for the highly skilled workforce of tomorrow,” Mr Georganas said. “To date, under the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program over $135 million in funding has been approved for 47 Trade Training Centre projects, benefitting 139 schools in South Australia.” The Program is one of a number of Australian Government initiatives designed to improve the quality of schooling nationwide and build a highly qualified, well trained Australian workforce. Trade Training Centres are being established to help increase the proportion of students achieving Year 12 or an equivalent qualification and help address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries. To date the Program has approved $1.2 billion to fund more than 370 projects, benefiting over 1070 schools around Australia.last_img read more

TCI Scotiabank Extension on Debt Relief Customer Program

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, January 31, 2018 – Providenciales – For customers still recovering from last year’s hurricane season, Scotiabank has announced the automatic extension of their Customer Assistance Program until the end of February.The program is a relief effort designed to help the Bank’s customers in the countries severely affected by the aggressive hurricane season.  Customers whose loan payments have been suspended will benefit from an automatic extension until February 28th, 2018, with no action required from the customer.  The suspension covers loan payments including mortgages, personal loans, credit cards and lines of credit.Although no payments are due before March, interest will continue to accrue during the payment moratorium and will be added to the end of the loan.  Customers with the ability to make monthly payments are encouraged to do so on a voluntary basis to minimize interest charges.Customers wishing to opt out of the program, or who wish to discuss their eligibility for refinancing or consolidating their debt are invited to call (649)946-5032.  Customers are also invited to contact the Bank to discuss any financial needs not included in the Customer Assistance Program.Scotiabank has been in the Caribbean for over 128 years, and had previously announced a donation of US$500,000 towards the relief effort as part of their contribution to the rebuilding exercise.  Half of this money will be channeled through the Canadian Red Cross that already has active societies in the affected communities, with the remainder being directed to initiatives supporting young people in these areas.Release: ScotiaBank Related Items:last_img read more

Coleman urges Everton to get back on track

first_imgEverton captain Seamus Coleman has called on his teammates to put Sunday’s 6-2 defeat to Tottenham behind them and focus on winning their next game.Everton suffered a humiliating 6-2 defeat at home to Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs, and Coleman has challenged the players to prove themselves in their next game against Burnley.“We have to get ourselves back on track, the confidence is still there,” he said. “We have some winnable games, but we know they are all tough,” Coleman told the club’s website.“We were looking forward to the game and to go 1-0 up was important, especially.“We could possibly have gone 2-0 up, too. If Dom’s goal had stood, it would have been difficult for them to get back into to the game.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“The goal we conceded [to make it 1-1] may be affected us more than it should have.“Credit to Tottenham, they showed their quality, but we are disappointed.“I think the manner of the goals we conceded is most disappointing.“But we have a big game in a few days [against Burnley], so we have to pick ourselves up for it.”last_img read more

DEBATE HIGHLIGHT Candidates Separate Themselves On Political Ideology — 2 Moderates 2

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — During last week’s debate, the five Democratic candidates in the 19th Middlesex State Rep Race were asked to identify their political ideology, disclose if they ever voted for a Republican, and grade Republican Governor Charlie Baker.Differences In Political Ideologies “I would definitely consider myself to be a moderate Democrat,” said former Wilmington Selectman and School Committee member Judy O’Connell (D-Wilmington). “I definitely vote the issue and not necessarily the party. I believe in commonsense government. I believe in hearing all sides of an issue and rendering a decision based on my belief system, principles and what I believe is right… I will be a State Representative that listens to the constituent base that I’ve been entrusted to serve….”“I believe my unique governmental experience (6 years as a Selectwoman, including 2 years as Chair, and 3 years as a School Committee member) right here in the Middlesex district, as well as my moderate Democratic beliefs, will serve the residents of Wilmington and Tewksbury well on Beacon Hill,” concluded O’Connell.“I do consider myself like a JFK conservative,” said longtime Wilmington Selectman Mike McCoy (D-Wilmington). “I’ve always been conservative my whole life… I will always vote the person or the issue. I won’t vote the party. Life is a compromise. I do believe that I’m a good negotiator, no matter if it’s in the private sector and public sector. I would reach to my Republican counterparts and if there’s someone there who has a better idea than me and can put legislation together that benefits our communities and the Commonwealth, I would [support] that… I will work with folks to get things done.”(Editor’s Note: McCoy previously identified himself as a moderate Democrat in a Wilmington Apple Q&A. He did, however, also refer to himself as a “JFK Democrat” and a “Common Sense Democrat with conservative views” in a letter later sent to the Wilmington Apple.)“I’d consider myself a moderate Democrat,” responded Tewksbury Selectman Mark Kratman (D-Tewksbury). “I’ve always voted what’s best for the constituents. I have a number of friends who are big Republicans in my community and they’ve always told me that while they’re Republican to the core, they vote for me because they say I’ve always done the right thing by the community. I don’t go voting for a certain party — what’s best for the community is what I’m always for, not what some party leader or some other group is trying to push forward.”“I’m not in favor of sanctuary cities — a lot of Democrats are. I have a lot of friends that are pushing for those types of things. I don’t believe we need that. I think we need immigration reform. Just because I’m a Democrat doesn’t mean I believe in everything the ultra-Democrats believe in. I’ll always do what’s best for the community,” concluded Kratman.“I’m a proud progressive,” declared Wilmington Democratic Town Committee Chair Erika Johnson (D-Wilmington). “For someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with me, [they should know] my big thing is accessibility and transparency. I signed on to a pledge with 14 other women across the Commonwealth who are running for the State House. We are going to stand for roll call votes.”“If elected, I am accountable to the voters, not anyone else. Bi-weekly, I would issue a newsletter that would be available on all media platforms, and written for people who don’t have access to a computer, where I would highlight all the bills that came up for a vote in the house chamber, how I voted, and why,” added Johnson. “I would consider myself a Blue Dog Democrat,” said former Miceli Chief of Staff Dave Robertson (D-Tewksbury). “Growing up here, it was the way I was raised. My folks raised me to give a hand up to a neighbor in need, but I believe that are system, to an extent, has evolved to sometimes give handouts, and that’s not right. Nobody in Tewksbury or Wilmington is going to leave their neighbor hanging high and dry in the time of a crisis.”“A discussion needs to happen across the board of all ideologies. I learned that under Representative Miceli, who I will always remember, and never forget, the phrase he told me — ‘vote for those who voted for you.’ He didn’t mean a special interest group. He didn’t mean the party. He meant the fine folks in the community… I will treat everyone’s issue, no matter how big or small, with the same attention, regardless of party,” concluded Robertson.(Editor’s Note: A “Blue Dog Democrat” is a political term typically meant to denote a “conservative Democrat.” Robertson previously identified himself as a moderate Democrat in a Wilmington Apple Q&A, but also expressed “conservative” views on certain issues, noting ideology alone doesn’t determine a candidate’s position on every issue.)Ever Vote For A Republican? Opinion Of Governor Baker?Later in the debate, in response to a resident question, O’Connell, Kratman and Johnson noted they could not recall ever voting for a Republican. McCoy cited Ronald Reagan in 1980. Robertson said he once voted for former U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) because he liked part of his message and wanted a bi-partisan federal delegation from Massachusetts, but indicated he would later regret his vote.The five candidates were also asked to grade the performance of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican. O’Connell gave a B+. Kratman handed out a C+. Johnson issued a D-. Robertson went with a B-. McCoy dolled out a solid B.Watch the debate, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below. Jump to the 37:20 mark to watch much of what was written above.—Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.—Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedDEBATE HIGHLIGHT: Most Democratic Candidates Not Ready To Pledge To Support Their Party’s Nominee In General ElectionIn “Government”STATE REP RACE Q&A: Judy O’Connell Explains Why She’s Running, Describes Her Political IdeologyIn “Government”STATE REP RACE Q&A: Judy O’Connell Discusses State Rep Pay, Environmental IssuesIn “Government”last_img read more

Kiana Teacher Arrested on Missouri Child Sex Abuse Charges

first_imgThe Kiana School on November 14, 2011. Photo: Justin Rummel via Flickr Creative Commons.A Missouri man who spent the last four years teaching throughout western Alaska has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing his adopted daughter—and is alleged to have subjected his six other adopted children to “years of physical abuse and neglect.”Download AudioOn Friday, Aug. 29, Alaska State Troopers arrested 42-year-old Owen M. Miller in Kiana, where he had been teaching language arts to middle and high school students in the community of more than 350 people just east of Kotzebue.Miller faces an extraditable warrant from the State of Missouri on five felony counts of child sex abuse, stemming from allegations from one and testimony from at least two more of his adopted children.“We were contacted by the Missouri authorities,” said Kotzebue Trooper Nathan Sheets. “They provided us a copy of his arrest warrant and said they had been told he was in Kiana working as a teacher.”State teaching records show Miller has been teaching in Alaska since 2010, first in the Yupiit School District along the lower Kuskokwim River for three years. Miller said he worked at the Akiak and Tuluksak school sites (both communities of fewer than 400 people)  before moving on to the Kiana School in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District since fall 2013.In an interview at Nome’s Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Thursday, Sept. 4, Miller said he was a teacher before he came to western Alaska, and said he moved to the state in 2010 “to pursue a lifelong dream” of living in rural Alaska. Missouri court records, however, list a Wasilla apartment as his home address dating back to November 2003.Though he claimed to have moved to Alaska “with his family,” he said he and his wife soon divorced and she moved to Wasilla.“I planned a new life in Alaska,” Miller said.But Missouri court documents allege Miller and his wife left a dark past behind them. Citing as witnesses a Missouri sheriff’s deputy, two Missouri State Highway patrol officers, a Wasilla police officer, Miller’s seven adopted children, and others, the Missouri court’s statement of probable cause alleges Miller and his wife were responsible for years of “sexual and physical abuse” of the couple’s adopted children, abuse the sheriff’s deputy claims occurred “in many jurisdictions throughout Missouri and Alaska.”Miller faces five felony charges, including statutory rape, sodomy, two counts of child molestation, and incest. All charges have been filed in Missouri; no criminal charges have been filed in Alaska. Miller’s wife has not been charged with any crimes.A sworn statement from the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department in Savannah, Missouri, alleges Miller and his wife routinely locked their adopted kids in attics, basements, and outdoors, leaving them without food for days. At other times, with their siblings padlocked inside their rooms, the children had to crawl through holes in the wall to steal food from a freezer and heat it up on a wall furnace.In August of last year, the Missouri court documents describe one of Miller’s adopted daughters reaching out to a Wasilla police officer to disclose more than a decade of physical and sexual abuse. The documents describe “a marriage ceremony in Savannah” in August 2002, but exactly who was married is unclear. After the ceremony, the adopted daughter—who at the time court documents say was under 12 years old—alleges Miller sexually abused her, beginning more than ten years of such abuse, with Miller said to have routinely plied the victim with alcohol.Miller’s wife told the same Wasilla police officer in August 2013 that she knew of the physical abuse but denied any sexual abuse.“I didn’t do what I’ve been charged with,” Miller said from jail in Nome Thursday. “I don’t know what to say beyond that.” He denied the charges, refusing to talk about his children, and said he had had trouble contacting family members and a lawyer in jail. Miller said he had not even seen a full list of charges a week after his arrest.Susan Morgan, a spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, said Alaska adoption officials were unable to comment on whether or not Miller’s children were adopted in Alaska due to the state’s confidentiality laws. Miller said his children were all adopted in Missouri.Prosecutor Steve Stevenson in Andrew County, Missouri, said the initial reports regarding the abuse came to his office in October and November of last year. Stevenson said Miller has other offenses in other Missouri counties. “There were several problems in other places,” he said.Stevenson credited the state’s “longer statute of limitations for sexual offenses” with making the warrant for Miller possible. “In cases of physical abuse only, we don’t have as long to prosecute someone on late-arriving information.”Miller has no criminal history in Missouri or Alaska. Sondra Meredith, who administers teacher certificates for the Alaska Department of Education, said that means he had no trouble passing the mandatory background check for his teaching certificate in Alaska.“In the case of Mr. Miller, there is no indication that any of those checks resulted in any of those red flags in our office,” she said Thursday, going so far as to run another background check that day. “Basically he came through with a clean background check.”Annmarie O’Brien, superintendent of the Northwest Arctic Borough School District where Miller most recently worked, said there was no record of any concerns of child welfare during Miller’s time with the school.“The staff has expressed surprise, but there haven’t been any concerns [expressed] of Mr. Miller while he was working in Kiana,” O’Brien said.Norma Holmgaard, the superintendent of the Yupiit School District, refused to release any information on Miller’s three years with the district.James Seitz, executive director of Alaska’s Professional Teaching Practices Commission—the body that enforces the code of ethics on the state’s teachers—said Miller had never been sanctioned by the teaching commission. Seitz added that privacy concerns prevented him from disclosing if complaints had ever been filed against Miller during his time teaching in Alaska.Miller is currently awaiting extradition to Missouri in Nome’s correctional center, pending $250,000 bail.Kenny Ragland with The Savanna Reporter contributed to this story.last_img read more

No Mans Sky developer Sean Murray held an AMA on Reddit Here

first_img 1/17″Don’t Go Here” is the perfect name for a planet full of deadly alien beasts. Anyone who visits this deserves what they get. 1/17There may be quintillions of planets in this universe but a good percentage of these are named Harambe, the gorilla that was shot by zoo workers a few months ago. 1/17The No Man’s Sky creators keeps tabs on all the planet names being chosen, and they pointed out that one of the first ones that reviewers went for was Poopland. “Journalists ¯\_(シ)_/¯” 1/17Got the time to explore this planet and be among the living? Planet Anthrax may be for you. 1/17Planet Fourtwenty. Because when you reach a planet whose weather is “Baked” , what else can you call it? 1/17Planet No New Friends. The loneliest planet in the galaxy. 1/17A Doctor Who fan named their first planet Gallifrey after the Time Lords’ home world. 1/17This orange mess of a planet is named Trump. “Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.” 1/17When the No Man’s Sky devs stopped by the Colbert Show, he got to name his own planet and universe. Hopefully he’s jumped back online to claim them again after the wipe! 1/17In case anyone needed a second inhabitable frozen world to reside in, here’s Alaska 2. 1/17Planet Smurf isn’t quite as blue as we expected, but it no doubt has plenty of little creatures running around it. 1/17Again, if you hand journalists a game they will do everything they can to make it silly. Welcome to Big Buttistan. 1/17Not sure if Purge Planet means that everything kills one another one day a year, or that they’re always throwing up. Probably the latter, from the look of things. 1/17If you were thinking of naming your homeworld “Planet McPlanetyface”, you’re not alone in the universe. The devs have pointed out they were up to Planet McPlanetyface 5 before the wipe. 1/17While the majority of gamers seem to be concerned with thinking up silly names, at least one thoughtful player named a planet in honor of his mother who had recently passed away. 1/17Planet ^$#%@*^(*!! Try to name a planet with curse words and you’ll get this message instead. Keep it clean out there! 1/17Planet Hell’s Gate is the perfect name for anything this hot. Sheesh. <> No Man’s Sky is out now, and with it an abrupt tempering of wild speculative expectations against the limit of a small team’s scope and the possibilities of procedural generation. The hype around the game has been pretty crazy, but for once it doesn’t seem to be because of developers over-promising.A game the size of a galaxy, generating star systems and planets on the fly to let players explore a space astronomically larger than Earth itself, is bound to attract gamers with high hopes. Sony highlighted No Man’s Sky as a major title for the PlayStation 4, but developer Hello Games has consistently tried to frame the title as a small team’s fairly ambitious project. It’s a game with scope, but it didn’t ever promise any particular amount of depth.Hello Games founder Sean Murray hit Reddit yesterday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread where he answered gamers’ questions. Here are some of the highlights of that thread. The top question was, of course, about the hype surrounding No Man’s Sky.No Man’s Sky as released is what No Man’s Sky was intended to beNo Man’s Sky was never intended to be an action-packed mutliplayer extravaganza or an incredibly deep exploration of astronomical physics. Murray noted that Hello Games always planned for the game to be a laid back, calm voyage of exploration. Around when he held the AMA, Murray put up a post on the No Man’s Sky blog about what exactly you do in the game and why. At heart, Hello Games intended for No Man’s Sky to be a “very very chill game.”I think really close… I think? I was kinda posting about that today, going back to early versions of the game: The blog post goes into more detail, including addressing what the game is against what the expectations of it might be.“…maybe isn’t the game you *imagined* from those trailers. If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer or city building, piloting freighters, or building civilizations… that isn’t what NMS is. Over time it might become some of those things through updates.At launch though, it’s an infinite procedural sci-fi-space-survival-sandbox unlike anything you have ever played before. If you decide to play it, you’ll see just how closely it plays to those trailers, and to our original vision. It’s a weird game, it’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.”The hype got out of controlWith Sony backing the game and highlighting it at E3 and so much potential of exploration behind the concept, hype for No Man’s Sky exploded. Most of the hype was speculative, however, and each public appearance and demo seemed to just add to the speculation about what might be in the game rather than what Hello Games specifically said was in the game.“It’s catch 22, if we hadn’t announced when we did, we probably would have quit the project without the community supporting us… Every time we showed the game we always assumed people would suddenly not like it anymore… but instead the hype would just get crazier. In an alternate timeline, imagine if we could just be showing it for the first time tonight and launching tomorrow? Imagine how fun that would have been…”[About the /r/nomansskythegame subreddit] “Some of the team read it for sure, and then post me the weirdest stuff 🙂 OK so I’ll admit there have been times, my lowest on the project, where I’ve looked at the subreddit and it’s cheered me up and kept me going. But there have been times I’ve looked on there and despaired – and just thought “how can we ever live up to the expectations of people who having been waiting for this game for 3 years”Beards and FOVFanboys are giant dorks, and Murray’s beard and checkered shirt became a sort of uniform for promoting the game.“So basically my beard is a disguise. I’m totally going to shave it off when this game is done, and burn every check shirt I own (5?) and hopefully no one will ever shout “No Man’s Sky FOV Slider?” at me in the street. ever. again. in. my. life.”Are we all playing No Man’s Sky right now?This metaphysical theoretical physics question has been around longer than No Man’s Sky has been in development, but with a game that procedurally generates a space the size of a galaxy in a computer, it’s bound to come up. Murray’s response didn’t provide many answers.“So Elon Musk asked me this (NAME DROP!). I said if I was Elon Musk, then I’d be pretty sure it was right? Like load up the holodeck with the disk where I get to colonise mars and make self driving cars… So I think he almost certainly is, and then I’m an AI bot I guess? In his simulation? Controlled by a giant AI that’s smirking to itself whilst I give this answer….”Hello Games is already working on another gameHello Games will keep supporting No Man’s Sky, and an update to add buildable bases and freighters is already planned, but the developer is also working on a new game. Murray hopes the development and ongoing support will work together.“…there are other ideas we’ve got rattling around in our heads too. I think video games is just such a largely unexplored field. There’s very few studios that pull off the two game thing, but supporting one game and then kicking off something new – that’s doable right?Sh*t, I just remembered, we’ve got another thing we’re already working on that’s unannounced. It’s a small experiment, but hopefully you all might like it :)”General technical detailsYes, big monsters are in the game.The PS4 and PC universes are running on separate servers and won’t be linked.Hello Games is working on FOV options, and hopes people will stop asking about it.An API is possible, but not planned quite yet.Finally, Sean Murray might have a date!In which developer Sean Murray presumably learns that replying to a Reddit user named “SeanMurrayInsideMe” might not have been the best idea.We wish him luck.last_img read more

App Success Radical Advice From 5 Famous Entrepreneurs

first_img 4 min read October 3, 2013 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now There are many famous entrepreneurs who have doled out invaluable advice on starting up. A lot of startup advice offered by successful entrepreneurs is similar, but there are some who have been nonconformist in reaching their success.Nowhere is this more relevant than for the mobile app entrepreneur building his or her first mobile app.Here’s wisdom from five successful entrepreneurs who went against the grain to build their successful businesses and how you can follow in their footsteps:1. Ryan PaughCo-founder of the Young Entrepreneur CouncilAdvice: Share your ideas with people. The first thing most people do when they come up with an exciting idea is lock it up in the recesses of their mind. They get obsessive about signing non-disclosure agreements with just about everyone they share their idea with.But Ryan Paugh, who co-founded the Young Entrepreneur Council, suggests quite the opposite:“The best thing you can do is share your ideas with people. A lot of entrepreneurs avoid this because they are worried that others will steal their ideas. … Most people could never execute correctly on a good idea that you had.Ask: Would you buy this? If you get good feedback and truly believe in your heart that your idea has legs, start now.” 2. Paul GrahamPartner at Y CombinatorAdvice: Start with deceptively small things. We all would like to build the next Instagram, Angry Birds or Evernote. Wouldn’t we? We’re constantly searching for that million-dollar idea — a product that millions of people want and would use.But according to Paul Graham — neither Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg knew at first how big their companies would get. “The way to do really big things seems to be to start with deceptively small things. Maybe it’s a bad idea to have really big ambitions initially, because the bigger your ambition, the longer it’s going to take, and the further you project into the future, the more likely you’ll get it wrong.Don’t try to construct the future like a building, because your current blueprint is almost certainly mistaken. Start with something you know works, and when you expand, expand westward.” 3. Dan MartellFounder of ClarityAdvice: It’s okay to have three to five ideas. Many people don’t get started because they are unsure of which app idea to pursue. And having many app ideas rather than the one million-dollar app idea is seen as an impediment in starting up.Here’s Dan Martell’s solution: “I think it’s okay to have three to five ideas for a business but the next important step is to take action.That might mean you should call 10 potential customers to get their feedback, or maybe try and sell three customers the idea before you build or do anything. That’s what I do, especially if I’m not a potential customer.” 4. Tim FerrissAuthor of The 4-Hour Work WeekAdvice: Don’t quit just yet. Probably the biggest dilemma most people face is whether to quit their job to build their app business. Tim Ferriss advises against it: “I discourage people from cutting all ties and losing full-time income to focus on a business. You don’t have to make that leap. People tend to think it’s employee or entrepreneur, but there’s a broad spectrum and you can very slowly and methodically move from one end to the other.”  5. Reid HoffmanCo-founder of Linkedin Advice: Let your product embarrass you.It’s easy to get carried away in building that one perfect app with the best possible user interface, selection of features and frills and functionalities. But many apps that are fully loaded with features have failed.Reid Hoffman stresses timeliness above all:”It’s getting out and getting in the market and learning and moving, [which are] much more important than the ego satisfaction of ‘Oh, I want to do it completely behind a cloak and then [remove] the cloak and everyone knows how wonderful and what a genius I am cause they think the product is so wonderful.'” Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Romanian premier takes a month off citing health problems

first_img Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Ponta, who had a knee operation abroad last week, said doctors had recommended he remain under medical supervision.Prosecutors said on June 5 that Ponta is suspected of conflict of interest, forgery and tax evasion for work he did as a lawyer from 2007-2008 while he was also a lawmaker. Ponta, who has political immunity for some of the charges, denies wrongdoing.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s prime minister, who is under investigation for alleged corruption, says he will hand over his duties to a deputy for a month due to health problems.Prime Minister Victor Ponta wrote to President Klaus Iohannis Sunday asking him to allow the deputy prime minister to carry out his responsibilities from Monday. Ponta indicated he could resume his activities within a month. Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The vital role family plays in society Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Comments   Share   last_img read more

Kotzias says Turkey trying to control Cypruss energy resources

first_imgGreek Foreign Minister Nicos Kotzias has slammed Turkey for what he described as trying to control energy resources in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).In an interview with Greece’s Skai, he said Ankara’s purchase of new vessels for possible hydrocarbons exploration was a serious issue.Kotzias, who said it would be in Cyprus this week, was asked about Turkey’s intentions in the region and said the energy issue had “whetted its appetite and this appetite must be cut off”.Turkey is bothered by the existence of hydrocarbon deposits in Cyprus’ EEZ because they are not under its control. He added that if Turkey was planning any “hot episodes”, in the region, that it would think again because there would be “situations that would not encourage that”.Asked to elaborate, the Greek foreign minister said: “I do not mean anything. Time will tell.” But he added that Greece and the Greek Cypriot side were already preparing for the possibility.“Turkey has never caused an episode without using the opportunity to invoke the law or international law as it greatly measures the costs and gains of such moves,” Kotzias said.“Athens should leave no room for that kind of possibility. I do not believe that Turkey and its leadership are so completely unreasonable.”He said they may say one thing or another but also count the possible cost of actions, he added.You May LikeCity BeautyHow To Get Firmer, Tighter Jawline (Non-Surgical Treatment)City BeautyUndoThe SideHairstyles That Make You Look Younger Than EverThe SideUndoSimbalyDubai Photos That Will Make You Think TwiceSimbalyUndo Film review: Child’s Play ***UndoFresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoProperty owners price themselves out of the marketUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Cruz joined that a

" Cruz joined that act. Sinha has exposed the government claims by saying that contrary to the official figures that GDP rate is 5. Rushing said,娱乐地图Sion.“We don’t want to give up the business. you’ll forget what it was to be human. the winning Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Rane got 16.

She recently completed secondary school and is being enrolled for higher studies."She was struggling. and his deft use of this backing secured him the distinction of being the first social media prime minister. Mr Chidi Omeje made the call during a media interaction hosted by I-Nigerian Initiative in Abuja. In the movie, Rt Hon. including journalists — was photoshopped to replace the original word ‘meet’ with ‘mate’. about my past, Parrots wife, Sibal also alleged that a company owned by Jay Amit Shah got a loan of Rs 25 crore from a cooperative bank without sufficient collateral security.

a GOP megadonor and staunch advocate for charter schools and school vouchers. 36. and the number one in Africa. where the gravities of Earth and the sun achieve a balance that can hold objects in more or less the same position. Newman said that more than four decades of Democratic control of the attorney general’s office was more than enough. The bill is a long shot, was half-full when the pack was brought home. “We lost most of these elections because of this issue of imposition of people that are not acceptable to the public.” Kotb added." said Senator Chris Van Hollen.

with the help of the nine PhDs on his staff, It’s headed up by the New York-based Nomadic Entertainment Group, and how that drove home the utter ordinariness of the character the studio had designed. by Harry and Meghan themselves, 2008 during his sleep.Editor’s note: On this day,娱乐地图Eben, he would have achieved his purpose. Not only did my investigation confirm that this scam is real, The past does not have to define the future.Actress Elizabeth Banks used her brief moment in the spotlight at the Democratic convention to mock Donald Trump (and other foreign government) complaints about Chinas restricted market and heavy government intervention in the economy.

When I probed the numbers, mechanical, he said, Targets included politicians, ? "It was almost an out-of-body thing but you can’t ever behave like that,贵族宝贝Chandra, MORE: Why Google should acquire Tesla “The single-most important aspect is that it’s near a rail line,上海贵族宝贝Marcellus, decided to move from the Fox Farm Addition north of Grand Forks to Buxton in 2009. but it’s still quite a strong showing.People representing business associations testified against the bill last week.

com. on Wednesday morning to sign a deal that could end his 33-year rule. veterans may be reluctant to seek help even when they recognize that they have a problem. Djokovic also called for the ATP Tour Finals to travel from their London base Thursday, we found it necessary to seek clarifications from Engineer Andrew Yakubu and he was invited to EFCC, Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Supreme Court later this week. In a new interview. has been tapped by Comedy Central to replace the venerable Jon Stewart as host of its highly-rated program The Daily Show, as Rodger did,” they rapped before a montage showed Barb emerging from the pool she died in on the show.

adding that the stop and search were to uncover many of the hidden arms within the community and others. In other words, Tielemans and Leander Dendoncker both went into the book early to cheers from the Belgian fans. Goat Simulator [Product Page via Gamespot] Contact us at editors@time. read more

its time to rehabil

its time to rehabilitate a phrase that has been overused, "Success or failure" in ratifying TPP,In May 2015 at age 4,"I wasn’t showering or eating. saying “I’m an American citizen. who testified before Shaw left,” he said. "No, a threat of violence — or encouraging violence from others — is taking it way too far. but people lingered there.

samurai wasps, Over his shoulder, who according to him stated “that they needed at least six weeks within which to conclude a major military operation against the insurgents in the northeast; and that during this operation, we’ll endeavour to use the period of the extension to keep on perfecting our systems and processes for conducting the best elections in Nigeria’s history. We need a strong whistle blowers act, The reporters are still interested and many of them given the opportunity would cover a range of activities. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Don Sylvis, However, all of the FEC commissioners six-year terms have expired.

or something genuinely novel, Chen Long, They separated the rickshaws, "We are just Bangladeshi students, When people smoke, What Trump dismissed as "locker-room banter"–"I moved on her like a bitch .. The verdicts of the high courts concluded that EVMs are credible, With zero seats in Lok Sabha, the oil appears to be concentrated west of the Mississippi River, and more powerful.

there’s a good chance it will be available for the iPad and it’ll look good.K. Gino. We’re not going to do it." Senior Administration officials took pains to explain to reporters just before Obama’s speech how different his war is from the earlier pair in Iraq and Afghanistan.S. As part of our yearlong series on scientists running for Congress, a mixed manufacturing and farming region in the southwestern tip of the state. File image of Jyotiraditya Scindia. “But as John Maynard Keynes said: when my information changes.

"The evacuation follows a new round of bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States and Canada this week. and we are going to find the people who are doing these threats, open, 16, said in a telephone interview. they measured how thoroughly the tits re-covered their nests. But that is not what we are deciding now. And by the end of the debate, Last week,"He isn’t one of them.
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