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Excited about Torino?

first_imgWhen the summer Olympics rolled around in 2004, we all knew who was competing. Michael Phelps, Jennie Finch, Amanda Beard, Lisa Fernandez, Maurice Greene, Diana Taurasi, Allen Iverson, Carly Patterson, Paul Hamm, Julie Foudy and Mia Hamm, to name a few, all became household names during that summer.This year, for the 2006 Winter Olympics, do we know who is competing? Sure, we can name the members of the USA men’s hockey team, but who else is out there?Here is a breakdown of some of the athletes to watch when the Games begin next week: Figure skating: Sasha Cohen is returning to the Olympics this year after a heartbreaking fourth-place finish in 2002. Since then, Cohen has had a stellar career by placing second at Nationals twice and by winning the competition this year to qualify for the Games. She also has placed second at the last two World Figure Skating Championships. Cohen is a favorite to win the gold this year, as long as she can outlast that Russian judge and the drama that figure skating normally brings to the Olympics.Speaking of drama, figure skating legend Michelle Kwan is also back this year. Kwan did not compete at Nationals due to a right groin injury, but petitioned for a spot on the team and won it at the end of January. Kwan has been around for a while, but has never won a gold medal. In her career she has won nine U.S. titles, five world titles, and has won silver (1998) and bronze (2002) in the last two Olympics. If she wins gold this year, watch for Kwan in plenty of commercials and late-night talk shows.Snowboarding: New to the Olympics this year is Gretchen Bleiler. This half-pipe sensation was left off the 2002 Olympic roster after falling victim in a tiebreaker to Tricia Byrnes. Since then, she has gone on to win the X Games, the Gravity Games and the U.S. Open.Another half-pipe star, Shaun White also just missed the Olympic team by falling short (.3 points) in 2002. Since then the 19-year-old daredevil has devoted his training to qualifying for this year’s Games. After a rough four years, his training paid off when he became an unprecedented five-event winner at the U.S. Grand Prix. First-time Olympian Seth Wescott also will be looking to make an impact in the Games. The reigning world champion on the snowboard cross has been going to extreme measures to prepare for the Olympics.To train for his event, Wescott participates in the dangerous sport of big mountain riding, where an athlete is dropped from a helicopter onto a mountain. By going where no one has gone before, Wescott will be looking to win a medal that he has never won before.Alpine skiing: It is hard not to ignore this sport, especially with Bode Miller stirring up all kinds of trouble by traveling to Mexico to visit “special” doctors, as well as declaring he competes with a hangover and accuses everyone of doing steroids.But the man does know how to ski. With four World titles under his name and two silver medals from Salt Lake City, Miller is not one to mess with. If he can stay sober, he will be an unbeatable threat to any of his competitors. As the only American female to win a medal at the 2005 World Championships (bronze in the super-G and giant slalom), Julia Mancuso looks to be the class of Team USA. Mancuso grew up on the slopes in Lake Tahoe and has been a skiing phenom since she was a teenager. Growing up, she won eight medals (five gold) at the World Junior Championships, a U.S. record.Speed skating: There must be something about Wisconsin, because four athletes on the U.S. speed skating team all hail from the Dairy State. Out of the quartet, Casey FitzRandolph highlights the crew. At age 31, FitzRandolph will be competing in his second Olympics; last time around, he won gold in the men’s 500-meter. Look for this Madison native to prove age does not matter as he tries to defend his title.Also back defending her title is Chris Witty. In 2002, the Waukesha native took gold in the women’s 1,000-meter in world-record time at the Salt Lake Games. Witty, also 31, has two more medals under her belt. She won silver in the 1,000-meter and a bronze in the 1500-meter at the 1998 Nagano Games.Last but by far not least, Maria Lamb will be making her first trip to the games along with Catherine Raney, who will be competing in her second Olympics in the 5000-meter and 3000-meter event.Ice Badgers: The UW hockey tradition carries on as eight Badgers will represent two different countries at the Olympic Games. Dany Heatley will make his first Olympic appearance and joins three former Badgers, Curtis Joseph, Pat Flatley and Bruce Driver, on Team Canada. Two other UW alums, defensemen Chris Chelios and Brian Rafalski, were named to Team USA. For the women, former Badger Carla MacLeod will play for Team Canada, and former Badger defenseman Molly Engstrom will be making her Olympic debut for Team USA.last_img read more

LA City Council approves new redistricting plan

first_imgThe Los Angeles City Council voted Friday to approve a redistricting plan that would move USC to the 9th District.Los Angeles County requires district lines to be redrawn every 10 years. The area that will now be within the boundaries of District 9, which is represented by City Councilmember Jan Perry, includes the University Park Campus, University Village, Exposition Park and the Coliseum.Thomas Sayles, senior vice president of university relations, said USC is satisfied with this change.“The only request we made was that we be placed in a single district. We want to be treated like any other college in Los Angeles, and we are happy that we are now in one district,” Sayles said.Sayles said, portions of USC were previously in both the 8th and 9th Districts.City Councilmember Bernard C. Parks, who represents District 8, said USC’s request to be in one district was legitimate, but he disagrees with the overall redistricting decision. Parks also said he and other councilmembers have pledged to take legal action if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs the redistricting proposal.“I think [USC] is going to be a part of a legal battle,” Parks said. “These changes were made without any community input. None of this was requested by anyone in the 8th or 9th Districts.”Parks said moving to District 9 might delay the university’s plans for expansion and renovation. He said USC’s current and future projects might not receive the same attention from District 9 officials as they did when situated in District 8.“We have worked for three to four years on these projects,” Parks said. “Moving to a new district would be starting from scratch.”last_img read more

Tipp boss will keep players’ feet on the ground

first_imgKilkenny V Tipperary will be live on Tipp FM on Sunday – our coverage gets underway shortly before the throw-in time of 2 o’clock and will be brought to you in association with Alliance Medical. That’s the view of former Tipp goalkeeper Ken Hogan, who believes that those hoping to be involved against the Cats shouldn’t get too carried away by last weekend’s fourteen point win over Dublin at Semple Stadium.Another victory for the Premier County would put them in a strong position to qualify for the quarter-finals and leave Brian Cody’s side, who were beaten against Waterford last time out, with a difficult task to make the last eight.Ken says the Tipp boss will ensure that his players are mentally ready for the trip to Nowlan Park.last_img read more

Winning Post: Football data rights… the first shots of a revolution?

first_img A disruptive legal battle brews for all betting stakeholders, as last week Sportradar challenged the narrow structure of Betgenius and Football DataCo ‘exclusive live data’ deal.Regulus Partners warns leadership to follow legal proceedings closely, as all licensing and distribution dynamics of the betting’s data value chain will be placed under review._____________The 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre is perhaps a fitting moment for Sportradar to launch its legal case against Genius Sports and Football DataCo. On the one hand, relatively specific commercial issues are at stake which could be dealt with in the courts on a fairly narrow basis (the British OC and his eight his men were tried and acquitted of murder, represented by John Adams no less, but two soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter); on the other hand the case came to represent something far bigger that no fair trial based upon the narrow facts of the fairly minor event in question or it’s limited direct impact could address: liberty or oppression (the fact that British troops were removed from Massachusetts Bay after a fair trial for the protagonists mattered not a jot to the broader outcome). Similarly, the narrow nature of the case nevertheless reaches into the heart of something profound and seismic for betting on sports: what is owned, what is public domain and how can IP holders do business with what they own.Sportradar’s case is relatively simple. Like the American Patriots, they see their rights being trampled by a system unlawfully designed to lock them out of going about their legitimate business: cries of liberty tend to ring fair to Anglo-Saxon ears. Specifically, SR is challenging FDC’s process of awarding the sole data rights agreement to GS to which SR has not been given ‘fair’ subsequent access as anti-competitive.SR wishes for this case to be heard by a ‘specialist tribunal’ (which will presumably look at the narrow question of competitive tendering under UK/EU competition law). However, Football DataCo as a rights holder is following plenty of precedents in selling its rights to the highest bidder and Sportradar itself is keen to demonstrate the ‘exclusivity’ of a number of its rights (e.g. the NFL and MLB, the Korean Football League, ITF Tennis, and ESL esports).It would seem curious in that context for SR to suggest that exclusivity is entirely wrong or completely insupportable, the question must, therefore, be a narrower one of the conditions of competitor access which presumably are met by other means in the ‘exclusive’ arrangements entered into by SR (or the perceived hypocrisy would perhaps stretch even judicial patience).SR and FDC have been to court before and this battle went all the way to the CJEU (2012). The judgement found that SR’s use of ‘unofficial’ data amounted to “re-utilisation” of a database right held by FDC given the scale of investment by football in creating the database and that FDC could seek redress. Ironically, the judgement was sufficiently narrow as not to prevent ‘unofficial’ scouting at football matches continuing in order to directly create a database to resell, but sufficiently clear to help SR settle a case with BetConstruct in the High Court over “re-utilising” SR’s ‘exclusive’ ITF tennis data.What still occurs, therefore, despite the previous case, is that an agent of a distributor (freelance or otherwise) collects data in the stadium having bought an ordinary ticket: a key related question is whether this represents breach of ticket T&Cs and/or trespass and whether this sits with the rights-holder (whose database is arguably being infringed) or the stadium/event organiser (with whom the ticket contract sits) and the extent to which these related stakeholders are prepared to work together (if indeed they are separate).These are on one level narrow-sounding questions (who fired the first shot and under what duress in Boston will never be known), but on another level they are profound (tensions escalated to a war that permanently altered the global balance of power), on two levels.The first issue is whether sports rightsholders can sell ‘exclusive data’ without also ensuring that exclusivity does not materially ‘disbenefit’ other suppliers – which in-turn makes the service non-exclusive at all. We would venture to suggest that a narrow ruling that threatened ‘real IP’ exclusivity would be challenged aggressively by enough stakeholders to make the government seriously rethink IP laws (though the UK is one of the strongest pro-IP jurisdictions globally, so we doubt it would come to that).The second relates to business models: bookmakers need a broad range of sports data as well as access to core products (such as Premier League football) to be even remotely competitive. If the data is officially available then large and even mid-sized bookmakers can buy this (if they are also reputable and in jurisdictions where the IP is recognised), though they might be (marginally) disadvantaged vs. those bookmakers that choose to get data from ‘unofficial’ sources (though this case might accelerate a different term being used for data that bypasses official rights and in so doing increase the likelihood of effective enforcement).However, many bookmakers want a turnkey solution from as few providers as possible as cheaply as possible. For example, there are 145 active betting licensees in Malta and only the top 20% or so of these have the kind of scale to be able to afford rights directly (unless they were given the significant scale and volume discounts).The ability of an odds provider to pass on the cost of expensive official rights is therefore limited. Equally, given the increasing number of ‘exclusive rights’ by sports league, the ability of a single odds provider to stitch together all the necessary data to provide a ‘one-stop package’ stretches potentially to breaking point.A lot is at stake, therefore. If GS – FDC wins outright (e.g. by dragging this up to a higher court and bigger issues), then this is a victory for sports (in the UK at least, perhaps more broadly), official data providers and potentially more reputable larger bookmakers which can use official rights to differentiate.If SR wins outright then the value of exclusive data will potentially be reset to a ‘lowest common denominator’ of access, hugely benefitting data aggregators and the long-tail of bookmakers, saving bigger bookmakers money directly (but arguably costing them more in competition long-tail competition) and reducing the value of rights to sports (not exactly an obvious direction of travel in terms of government policy).Equally, if SR wins on points or causes delays, then FDC and other sports might think twice about going all in terms of exclusivity on the next rights cycle, forcing either lower rights yields or a more direct approach to distribution and protection.This ‘narrow spat’ could, therefore, shape the future of betting’s relationship with sports and the role data distributors; this, in turn, could have a huge impact on the ability of smaller businesses to cheaply (and legitimately) offer a full array of sports betting content. A revolution might indeed be on the horizon.____________Editorial note – Regulus Partners acted as a strategic advisor to Football Data Co during its 2018-2019 UK football rights tender process. Betgenius expands virtual sports range with Kiron August 20, 2020 Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Share Submit Related Articles Winning Post: Third time’s the charm for England’s casinos August 17, 2020last_img read more

SBC Digital Summit: The US is a growth area for virtuals – Martin Wachter

first_imgShare Related Articles Submit The industry wakes up to virtual sports potential June 26, 2020 Golden Race’s virtual sports products get Swedish certification June 18, 2020 Share Cross-party MPs call for gambling overhaul in new report June 16, 2020 StumbleUpon Delivering a Virtual Sports Showcase on day one of the SBC Digital Summit, Martin Wachter – CEO of Golden Race – predicted that virtual sports in the US will grow in popularity. He said: “At the minute, one of our biggest projects is New Jersey. This is our first stop in the US, which is a very important market for us. We believe that virtual sports in the US will become very big. Maybe not now, it could take a few years, until people understand how this business works. But it’s good to have a foothold in the market.”Virtual sports has grown exponentially during the global pandemic, with many choosing to integrate virtuals to fill the void left by the cancellation of live sports. Wachter kicked off his presentation by sharing more details about entering the industry in 2000. He said: “When I first started in the virtual industry, I could already see that there was going to be a high demand for virtual sports across retail betting. “Why is this? Sports betting means that wins are not guaranteed every month, so players can have high payouts, but can also have months where they are down.“So virtual sports was always great to have next to it, because even with low amounts, you can still cover your income, your salaries for your employees. It was always very important from the beginning.“Randomly generated on-demand games are also very popular. We have seen a really high growth in terms of mobile applications that people like to play on demand where they can play immediately.”Dispelling the myths surrounding virtual sports, Wachter addressed the misconception that virtual sports does not have the same appeal as real sports. He added: “In my opinion, this is wrong. Many virtual operators see their games like slot games. So you can play any dog, any horse, any football team. It doesn’t make sense to look at the statistics.“At Golden Race, from the beginning we have always rolled out realistic odds. We used realistic statistics which is the basis for our bookmakers in Spain, and they have used these tools to generate their odds in a way that it is realistic. If you work like this, there are things to analyse to realise what is possible, and to generate a real outcome so it’s not just an RNG game.”Addressing the rise of virtual sports during the ongoing pandemic, Wachter disclosed that Golden Race has seen a 240% increase in visitors compared to last year.He said: “Looking at our web page, we can see that virtual football was the most searched term to reach us, and the trend is continuing to grow. So in the coming weeks and months, this is going to see an even bigger interest.”Rounding off the presentation, Wachter revealed that the virtual sports specialist is continuing to grow its global presence, with plans to expand into Latin America.“Our two big projects at the minute are Colombia, where we have just licensed and gone live with some of our clients. And not to forget, new clients in Spain.”With global business communities in the grip of the COVID-19 crisis, the Digital Summit was created as a platform for the industry to connect and share knowledge amid critical and unprecedented conditions.Wachter will deliver another webinar for the event on Wednesday (29 April) at 1:30pm UK time, where he will explain the main differentiation between Golden Race and the rest of the virtual companies, exhibiting all the products and games features that make Golden Race the industry leader in virtuals around the world.The SBC Digital Summit runs from 27 April to 1 May 2020 and features seven conference tracks, a virtual exhibition and virtual networking lounges, attracting an estimated 10,000 delegates logging in from around the world.There is still time to register for the event, with company discounts available: read more

Doctor under fire for drinking, socializing with Donald Sterling after competency exam

first_imgOne of the doctors who declared Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling mentally incompetent socialized with the billionaire at a hotel restaurant after the exam, raising questions about the physician’s conclusions, Sterling’s attorney said Tuesday.Sterling was examined May 19 in his Beverly Hills home by Dr. Meril Platzer, a Woodland Hills-based doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s disease. Later that night, Platzer drank alongside Sterling at a table at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sterling attorney Bobby Samini said.With Sterling fighting the $2 billion sale of the Clippers, Sterling’s legal team argues that Shelly Sterling failed to properly follow the rules in removing her husband as a trustee of the entity that owns the team. She convinced Donald Sterling to take a mental health exam but didn’t explain why she wanted him to do so, his attorney argue.Nor did Platzer provide a proper analysis, Samini suggested in court documents. “It is unclear (at) which point the purported medical examination ceased,” Samini wrote, “and at which point a social interaction began, with the consumption of alcoholic beverages taking place.”With the trial over the $2 billion sale of the Clippers looming, Donald Sterling’s legal team is seeking to cast doubt on his wife’s actions and the experts who declared him incompetent.The trial, set to begin Monday, won’t focus on Donald Sterling’s mental state, but a judge will decide whether Shelly Sterling properly followed the rules of the trust in removing him as a trustee after the doctor’s examinations. By removing Donald Sterling as a trustee, Shelly Sterling was able to fast-track a pending sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Donald Sterling is fighting that sale.Platzer was one of three doctors consulted by Shelly Sterling. Platzer concluded that Donald Sterling “is at risk of making potentially serious errors of judgment” and shows signs of “cognitive impairment,” court documents show.On the date of her exam, Platzer met with Donald Sterling in the afternoon, court documents state. Afterward, Donald Sterling and Samini left his home, and travelled to Donald Sterling’s office, Samini said. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img Samini and Donald Sterling then went to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where the pair encountered Platzer and Shelly Sterling.It’s unclear if the meeting had been arranged before or was accidental, and Samini didn’t return a follow-up call.Regardless, everyone gathered together at the Polo Lounge. Samimi said that everyone was drinking alcohol, including Platzer. Donald Sterling ordered lamb, he said, and also had a drink.Over the course of about an hour and half, Platzer dominated the conversation, Samini said. Platzer went on for “about an hour and half, telling her life story, and how her husband left her,” Samini said.Donald Sterling paid for the check at the end of the meal, Samini said. “I watched him give his credit card,” Samini said.The attorney questioned whether it was “acceptable” for a physician to “evaluate someone and immediately thereafter go and have drinks with him.” He also questioned whether Platzer was still assessing Donald Sterling while she was drinking at the Polo Lounge.A woman who answered the phone at Platzer’s Woodland Hills office said the doctor wasn’t returning reporters’ calls.The release of Donald Sterling’s mental evaluations have angered the real estate magnate and his lawyers, who contend his privacy was breached and he was tricked into submitting to the exams.Shelly Sterling’s attorneys contend that Donald Sterling consented to the exams and his attorneys were in the next room.Court documents detail Donald Sterling’s anger at Platzer, whom he called weeks after the Polo Lounge gathering. He was incensed that she declared him unfit to run the trust, court documents show.“What a horrible woman you are,” he said in a voicemail message for Platzer that was submitted to the court. “All you did was go to the Beverly Hills Hotel and drink liquor. I’ve got two declarations from people in my house that all you did was cry and drink and complain about your life and then you lie about me that I’m incompetent. How dare you?”last_img read more

Twitter reacts to Knicks missing out on Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant in free agency

first_imgNBA free agency opened with a bang on Sunday with the news that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant plan to team up and sign with the Brooklyn Nets.While both players will obviously be huge additions to a young Nets team — even with Durant’s likely season-ending injury — another big story from the confluence of events was the Knicks striking out on their two biggest targets. It was widely speculated throughout the season that New York would sign at least Durant or Irving. The ripple effect is that the Knicks have arguably lost their long-held status as the top basketball team in New York, with an already limited roster not likely to get much of a boost.  Social media hardly ever disappoints when there is big NBA news, and of course Sunday was no exception. As you can imagine, very few people on Twitter were kind to the Knicks — who are nearly assured to come out as the biggest losers of NBA free agency less than half an hour after it began. MORE: NBA free agency rumors, live updatesHere are some of the best Twitter reactions from Sunday after the Knicks struck out in free agency. The Knicks BEST Free Agent EVER is either Allan Houston, a 2 time All Star, or Amare, a 1 time All Star in NY before he fell off from injuries. Meanwhile, it took the Nets just 7 seasons in Brooklyn to sign KD and Kyrie…. Honestly 1 RT=1 Prayer for Knicks fans they need it 🙌— Mike Korzemba (@mikekorz) June 30, 2019Knicks tanked for Zion… Thought they were gonna get KD and Kyrie…. To now focusing on Julius Randle and Wayne Ellington. #NBAFreeAgency— Dylan (@DylansRawTake) June 30, 2019The Knicks traded Porzingis, their best draft pick since 1985, to clear space for KD and Kyrie, only to see them sign down the street.Good luck RJ!— JD Bunkis (@JDBunkis) June 30, 2019What an amazing day for the Nets.Incredible job by Sean Marks and the whole Nets organization, to beat out the Knicks for KD and Kyrie. Huge, massive gut punch for New York to see KD sign across the river in BK.Nets have a legit shot at being a championship contender for years— Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) June 30, 2019If today’s events don’t make Jim Dolan take a step back and think about where the Knicks are as a brand — after, remember, Dolan himself promised big things in free agency in March — I’m not sure what will— Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) June 30, 2019I’m so glad I’m not a Knicks fan-Me, a Detroit Lions fan— Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) June 30, 2019Live look at Knicks fans right now… 😢— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) June 30, 2019#Knicks always ran unopposed in NYC, until 7 years ago, a team came to #Brooklyn. For the first time, the Knicks had to compete for NYC’s NBA fans. Today that competition is over. The Knicks are finished as the #1 basketball team in town. The #Nets own NYC. It’s Jim Dolan’s fault— Max Kellerman (@maxkellerman) June 30, 2019The Knicks & all their cap space— Jaycob Ammerman (@Jammer2233) June 30, 2019The Knicks land their big fish in free agency.— Field Yates (@FieldYates) June 30, 2019last_img read more

Why Carmelo Anthony is wearing 00 jersey for the Trail Blazers, and not 7

first_imgCarmelo Anthony officially joined the Trail Blazers on Tuesday, and he’ll be wearing a new jersey number: 00.Anthony’s choice of 00 may have confused those who are familiar with the NBA player’s number history. After all, Anthony has branded “#StayMe7o” based on the fact he wore No. 7 throughout most of his career. But even when he didn’t wear 7, he’s had other numbers. One should be concentrating on clues that the universe is dropping for them to take up a quick reaction. Divine power is seeking my undivided attention. I had to achieve the tranquility of spiritual maturity through the guidance of the Universe. I WILL ALWAYS BE 7️⃣ #007 #GRA7EFUL #STAYME7OA post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) on Nov 19, 2019 at 9:44am PSTMake sense? No? Welcome to the club.Anthony’s post doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it’s the best answer we have as to why he chose 00. It is a little odd the Trail Blazers will have one player wearing 00 (Anthony) and another just wearing 0 (Damian Lillard), but that’s where we’re at now. View this post on Instagram There are reasons why Anthony wasn’t able to wear any of his previous numbers …No. 7: While not technically retired in Portland, it is reportedly being withheld in honor of Brandon Roy.No. 15: The number Melo wore in Denver and Syracuse is retired for Larry Steele.No. 22: Melo’s high school number at Oak Hill is retired for Clyde Drexler.So this brings up … Why is Carmelo Anthony wearing 00?We’ll let him explain it.last_img read more

List of contested school board elections in north-central Iowa

first_img== Hampton-DumontHampton District (3) —- Erran Miller, Mark Morrison, Tom Birdsell, Tom Teggatz == Lu VerneAt-Large (3) —- Joella Leider, Amber Harris, Miranda Robinson, Cody Holmes, Lany Mitchell, Jennifer Ludwig MASON CITY — Looking at other contested school board races in our listening area:== Belmond-KlemmeDistrict 2 —- Sara Hansen, Ryan MeyerDistrict 3 —- Jim Swenson, Daniel GabrielsonDistrict 5 —- Michelle Murphy, Teresa MosimanBallot Question —- Should Belmond-Klemme change from a board made up of two at-large directors and five directors from separate director districts to seven at-large members? == Charles CityAt-Large (2) — Janiece Bergland, Patricia Rottinghaus, Robin Macomber == Central SpringsDistrict 2, South B — David Luett, Martin Coleman == Garner-Hayfield-VenturaAt-Large (2) —- Kim Upmeyer, Pamela Roberts, Gene Toppin == Northwood-KensettAt-Large (3 seats) — John Anderson, Larry Hovey, Cindy Pangburn, Blake Severson == North ButlerDistrict 1 —- Shelby Gallagher, Addison JohnsonAt-Large —- John Endelman, Elizabeth Schroeder == Clarion-Goldfield-DowsDistrict 2 —- Cindy Dorn, Clint Middleton == Forest CityDistrict 1 — Keila Buffington, Beth Clouse == OsagePhysical Plant and Equipment Levy extension for another 10 yearslast_img read more

Grassley says police brutality must be addressed

first_imgWASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says action needs to be taken at the federal level to address issues being voiced by multitudes of protesters about police brutality and racism.Last week’s death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis has sparked demonstrations in cities across Iowa and nationwide. Grassley calls Floyd’s death a “horrific murder.” “I’m outraged. I hope everybody’s outraged,” Grassley says. “I’m saddened and I hope everybody’s saddened that this happened to a fellow American and particularly outraged because it happened by a police officer while three other police officers were standing around watching it happen.”Grassley, a Republican, says this most recent tragedy is shining a spotlight on problems that must be addressed. “We need a review of how civil liberties are being violated because we’re talking about constitutional rights,” Grassley says. “Chairman Graham on the Judiciary Committee is having a hearing on police use of force and I will be participating in that.”Grassley says other problems need to be addressed by individual city councils, not by members of congress, as he notes the federal government can’t take over local policing. “Something that’s more at the local level than the federal level, but we have police protocols,” Grassley says. “I’m not sure how uniformly they are but if they’re uniform, how uniformly enforced and practiced are they?”Policing is different in Wyoming versus New York, Grassley notes, but there’s an overall responsibility to guarantee civil liberties.last_img read more