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Borussia want to stay Achraf: Madrid must decide

first_imgThe performance of the Moroccan winger in the Bundesliga has been exceptional in the two seasons he has been on loan in the Ruhr area. In total he has played 65 games, has scored ten goals and has given 17 assists. He is the undisputed starter and has been able to perform in both bands at the same level. Actually, Transfermarkt gives it a market value of 54 million. Who knows if, when the time comes, Madrid is obliged to balance balances due to the crisis and prefers to sell it and keep Reguilón. At the moment the only certainty in the Achraf situation is Borussia’s interest in continuing its services. For the outcome of the operation it is also essential to know the player’s desire. Contractually he ends with Madrid in 2021, but will automatically extend two more years if he were part of the first team. Now he has a Castilla record. It is clear that Achraf will want to charge as a first level player and not as one of Castilla. “If Madrid wants me to come back, I will come back,” said the Moroccan, who also sends contradictory messages, stating that his priority is “playing minutes.” At Real Madrid, with the crisis over and such an uncertain outcome, they don’t want to hear about making decisions yet. Borussia Dortmund want to keep Achraf and will consider it for Madrid together after the end of this season, after the restart. Thus he can advance the German club’s willingness to continue with the side. What is to be defined is whether in the modality of assignment, once again, or with transfer. Madrid had Achraf’s return this summer, but that position is also covered by Reguilón, ceded this one in Seville and that, in the same way, is having a great season.From now until the talks start, the situation may have changed a lot. ANDStrategically, it is in Real Madrid’s interest to maintain the excellent relations it has with Borussia, very bold in bringing out young talents. Now there is a name on the table for the nearest future, that of Haaland. Madrid could exit Acraf and then seek a return of favors with the Norwegian striker.last_img read more

Govt swapped multiple fees for US$1M annually – Ram

first_imgOil contract…criticises less than 30 US cents per hectare “bargain”While the 1999 oil agreement between ExxonMobil and Guyana contained a regime of fees that the company had to pay, the renegotiated agreement has thrown away many of these revenue streams.This observation was made by Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram, who, in his recent writings, noted that in the place of these fees, the lump sum payment of US$1 million per year has been added to the agreement.Chartered Accountant Christopher RamThe old agreement had included different rental fees for the initial period of the company’s prospecting or production licence. In similar vein, it would pay for the first and second renewal period of the licence.“Article 10 has been amended to replace a number of annual charges with a US$1 million per year for annual rental charge,” Ram related. “This figure may sound high, but it works out at less than 30 US cents per annum per hectare…what a bargain!”According to the Chartered Accountant, there is an additional provision where payments under Article 10 have to be paid directly into bank accounts held and controlled by the Government of Guyana.“Contractor shall verify such bank accounts and the Minister agrees to cooperate, assist and provide Contractor any information it requires to conduct such verification. In other words, (Minister of Natural Resources Raphael) Trotman was central to this bank account,” Ram stated.Exxon’s operation in the Stabroek BlockMissed opportunitiesWhen the oil contract was released, analysts commented on the opportunities Guyana had missed to maximise on its oil – a non-renewable natural resource. One example was that despite provisions in Guyana’s law, Government missed an opportunity to acquire a stake in Exxon’s venture.The Petroleum Exploration and Production Act, Chapter 65:10 of Guyana, provides for the Government to work out terms and conditions with any oil company to acquire an interest in its venture in local waters.Section 22 (2) of the Act states, “There may be included in a petroleum prospecting licence provision with respect to the exercise by the State, or any agency thereof identified in the licence, of an option to acquire on stipulated terms, or on terms to be agreed, an interest in any venture for the production of petroleum which may be carried on in any block or blocks to which the licence relates.”Section 36 (1, VI) reiterates that a petroleum production licence will not be granted unless the exercise of the State’s option is completed to satisfaction. Exxon was granted a renegotiated agreement in 2016 and its production licence for the Liza project in June of last year, but the provision in the law was never applied. Nor is it unusual for a country to get directly involved in oil production.While Guyana did not get this law enforced, ExxonMobil and its partners in the Stabroek block got exempted from paying Corporation, Excise or Value Added Tax on earnings from petroleum.Article 15.4 of the renegotiated contract also provides for the Government itself to pay the company’s income tax. To facilitate this, the oil company has to submit tax returns to the Government. That’s not all, Article 32 stipulates that Government cannot modify the contract or increase any fiscal obligation the company has.This, therefore, puts a cap on the taxes, royalties, duties, fees or charges outlined in the contract. Government also has to compensate the operator if a change to existing laws causes loss of revenue for the company.According to Article 32.3, “If at any time after the signing of this agreement there is a change in the laws of Guyana… and such a change has a materially adverse effect on the economic benefits, including those resulting from the fiscal regime provided by this agreement… the Government shall promptly take any and all affirmative actions to restore the lost or impaired economic benefits to contractor, so that contractor receives the same economic benefit under the agreement that it would have received prior to the change in law or its interpretation, application or interpretation.”The contract goes on to say “the foregoing obligation shall include the obligation to resolve promptly by whatever means may be necessary any conflict or anomaly between this agreement and any such new or amended legislation, including by way of exemption, legislation, decree and/or authoritative acts.”last_img read more

Government facilitating “dog food” economy with 2019 Budget – Teixeira

first_img…organic farming assistance for farmers – HarmonThursday’s 2019 Budget Debates continued with customary fiery exchanges in the National Assembly as Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira berated Government’s handling of the economy, outlining that business prospects are greatly reduced under the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration.The senior Member of Parliament noted that the coalition Government has blinded its eyes to the woes of the Guyanese, as she appeared to be tired of Ministers outlining measures aimed at giving citizens a “good life”.“We have heard about this being a good life but I want to ask the Minister on a human level, do you not see what is going on in the streets? Women selling water for a living; do you see the increase in beggars and the biggest industry in your Government is selling dog food… is this the new economy that you are proposingOpposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira7for the people,” Teixeira quipped.She wants the Administration to be aware that people are suffering.“Do you not see that our people are suffering? Do you not hear? Have you talked to the taxi and minibus drivers, the boats operators who are talking about the lack of business? Have you asked the business people what is happening? You go to barbers, nail technicians – do you not notice that they are earning less? The vendors, you move them… 400 people, a lot of them are women… ask the miners what is happening with them… you admitted it in the budget that gold is now going down… you need to change your policies!” the Chief Whip declared.She in fact called Finance Minister Winston Jordan’s budget ‘naked with nothing for the people of Guyana’ as she questioned the benefits of this and the prior three budgets presented by the APNU/AFC coalition Government that have collectively amounted to almost $1 trillion.She was sure that even though the Guyanese people are suffering, the Government’s main concern since it took office has been for “vengeance” against the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C). Teixeira also questioned if the country has truly benefited from the various budgets.“Where is the proof of the pudding? Where are the transformations? Where is it that we can say that we are going forward? The Ministers have also been hard of ears to what has been said not only by us who have been pointing out problems, but also by the trade unions… you have come into this House with this bullyismMinister of State Joseph Harmonthat nobody counts except you!” the Chief Whip exclaimed.Teixeira also chastised the Government, accusing it of never wanting to build national unity among the people of Guyana. Speaking on taxation, Teixeira questioned the cost of fuel, adding that it is still to be reduced even though the price decreased globally. She further observed that calculations show each Guyanese citizen in 2018 paid $265,000 to the Government per capita in taxes.As a result of this, the MP revealed that spending power is expected to reduce by a whopping 18 per cent.“Let’s talk about purchasing power, what drives the economy is people’s ability to spend… they are stimulating the economy so that people have more to spend and so Mr Speaker, in 2019 the total spending is expected to reduce by 18 per cent… that is $462,000 per household in Guyana. Do you understand when we say that this cannot be the good life? People have to buy children’s supplies… they need to take care of their families… people will now be spending less” Teixeira revealed.She also questioned the $30 billion Guyana Sugar Corporation loan which was not reflected in the budget and the US$18 million signing bonus from United States oil company, ExxonMobil which was not paid over into the Consolidated Fund.“You have lost a golden opportunity to present a better budget… this budget will not improve the lives of our people… this Government is on borrowed time… thanks to this budget, we will get into Government  in 2020,” Teixeira  declared.Government wants green agenda supportHer previous speaker, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, saw things quite differently from the Opposition Chief Whip, telling the House that Government’s Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) was much broader than what was offered in the previous Government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). He even invited the Opposition to come on board and join Government’s green agenda.Harmon added that there were inconsistencies in the budget proposals of the Opposition, perhaps because the Budget was “so good”. He even said Government’s vision for Guyana is difficult to see for those who “don’t have 20/20 vision.Speaking on plans for 2019, the senior Minister told the House that agriculture producers will be assisted with projects such as organic farming. Another plan for the State is smart classrooms which will connect schools all over the country. Harmon added that strategies such as those for poverty production, social cohesion and culture policies will be enhanced.last_img read more

Large Grow-op Ring Busted near Williams Lake

first_imgHistory – Previous to this project, the RCMP executed five search warrants on properties in the Likely area associated to the same organized crime group. These earlier warrants found 11807 plants, making the total amount of plants seized from this organized crime group to be 45,126 since the first warrant was executed November 22, 2006. Of these warrants, two men have been convicted of Production of a Controlled Substance and one property has been forfeited to the Provincial Government so far.Several courts cases are still pending. All the accused are scheduled to appear in Williams Lake Provincial Court on September 10, 2008. The court house is located at 540 Borland Street in Williams Lake. On September 12th, 2007, search warrants were executed on one property on Bootjack Forest Service Road and two properties on Likely Road. 18,367 marijuana plants were found on these three properties. On October 24th, 2007, search warrants were executed on two properties on Little Lake Road. 8290 marijuana plants were found on these two properties. Large Marijuana Grow-op Ring Busted Over the past year, the RCMP’s North District Drug Enforcement Section , North District General Investigation Section and the Williams Lake Detachment, with an integrated approach, investigated a series of marijuana grow operations in the rural community of Likely, BC, east of Williams Lake. In this investigation, known as Project E-Pilch, search warrants were executed on eight properties in the small community. All of the properties are associated to the same, unnamed, organized crime group. – Advertisement -Summary of Search Warrants Executed: Hydro consumption – Of the eight properties that were the subject of this investigation, some had several structures located on the property. On average, the buildings where the marijuana grow operations were found, consumed approximately 10 times the amount of electricity as an average single family residence. There was no hydro diversion on any of these properties. Wai Kit CHEANG (also known as Peter CHEANG), 29 years of Port Coquitlam (two counts each charge)Thea OM, 30 years of Surrey, BC (two counts each charge)Phaly SOM, 37 years of Vancouver, BCSam Oeun OM, 40 years of Coquitlam, BCSao MEI, 41 years of Surrey, BCDong Van TRAN (also known as Don TRAN), 52 years of Burnaby, BCSam Ol OM, 40 years of Vancouver, BC (two counts each charge)Pauv SOM (also known as Paul SOM), 35 years of Surrey, BCSophek HEL, 37 years of Surrey, BCEach of the accused could face penalties of up to life in jail and the properties may be seized (see below). Some further details about the investigation: Structures – Several of the buildings that housed the marijuana grow operations were modified from their original state. In most cases, some type of addition was specifically built to grow marijuana. In addition, several large buildings with an average size of 6000 square feet, were recently built on some of these properties and specifically designed to house large scale marihuana grow operations. Criminal or Civil Forfeiture – Six of these eight properties have been legally restrained and the RCMP are seeking forfeiture of the properties to the Provincial Government. These properties will go through either a Criminal or Civil Forfeiture process and may be seized under the authority of the Criminal Code of Canada or the BC Civil Forfeiture Act. All of the properties were found to be used in the cultivation of marijuana. A total of 33,319 marijuana plants and 11 kilograms of marijuana bud were seized from all eight properties.Charged with Production of Marihuana and Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking are:Advertisement On November 20th, 2007, search warrants were executed on three properties on Cedar Creek Road. 6662 marijuana plants were found on these three properties. The RCMP remain committed to detecting, dismantling and deterring criminal activities like marijuana grow operations in the communities we police. Our overriding goal is to ensure safe homes and safe communities for all Canadians. We believe that marijuana use and the criminality that surrounds it harms individuals and communities. The RCMP continues to fully enforce the laws against the production, importation, exportation, trafficking and possession of marijuana across Canada.The results of this project and largely due to information received from the public. If you have any information on these or any other marijuana grow operation, please contact your local detachment of the RCMP or call Crime Stoppers at (800)222-TIPS (8477).last_img read more


first_imgAND NOW FOR SOME POST MATCH REACTION FROM BLAKES…ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzInto Blakes Bar on Letterkenny’s Main Street for the cure on Saturday evening. The cure for insomnia, that is, otherwise known as the Ulster SFC semi-final. For truly that was hard to watch at times with an atmosphere to match as the television coverage appeared to indicate. Donegal just about got there and that was the sole purpose of the exercise so job done. But not done very emphatically even if the pre-match predictions were that Brian McIver’s side would put it up to them.That they did and indeed had they managed to net in those closing minutes they, and not Donegal, would be preparing themselves for a tilt at Monaghan in the Ulster Final.True, there was always the belief that the green and gold could, if necessary, apply the necessary gear change but that’s a dangerous game particularly when you’re facing a neighbouring county managed by your old boss.McIver described himself as “absolutely sick” at the end of the game, summing up how close he felt his side were to ending Donegal’s domination in reaching Ulster Finals. Neutrals and indeed fans of either side – the occasional groans inside Blakes told some of the story – can’t have been feeling too well either such was the quality, or lack of, on show. Errors were never too far away from this slow burner of a game that never ignited into anything much.But aided by the inspirational Neil Gallagher in the middle of the field – fittingly he provided the searching ball that found Martin O’Reilly for the only goal of the game – and a couple of hefty scores from Michael Murphy, Donegal survived a relatively poor showing and opponents who didn’t give up until the end.And hopefully also survive the injury to Patrick McBrearty who, much to everyone’s surprise, remained on the field despite it.Best thing for them, the argument has surfaced. Had they delivered a trouncing to Derry, they would have been returning to Clones for the Final with an over abundance of confidence and cockiness. Now they know they have plenty of work to do before even considering what lies beyond Ulster.All true in its own way but nevertheless we surely expected more from Rory Gallagher’s men in an Ulster semi-final. What a complete contrast to Sunday’s gem of a game at Croke Park. Westmeath and Meath had been described as the curtain-raiser to the “main event” of the day, the clash of Dublin and Kildare but it managed to take centre stage long before a ball was kicked in that second Leinster semi-final.It appeared to be business as usual as Meath steamed along with gusto in the opening half and when they headed in at the interval comfortably in the driving seat at 2-12 to 1-7, they can only have been close to starting work on the match programme for the Final.But what a turnaround in the second period – the Westmeathers achieving their first ever win over their fierce rivals (difficult to believe that but the record books don’t lie) and restricting Meath to a solitary point in the last twenty minutes as they rattled in a tally of 2-9 with John Heslin and Kieran Martin leading the scoring charts.Stunning was the word for it though there are invariably others better suited to describe an astonishing comeback (astonishing, see, there’s another one…). And now they face the mighty Dubs who ballooned the Lilywhites into the qualifiers with a nineteen point victory (were we really expecting anything less?) and have set up an intriguing Croke Park showdown.Dublin will be expecting – even if they’ll be playing it down somewhat – to march all over Westmeath on July 12th and with the playing personnel at their disposal and a massive home support will be most pundits favourites to do so while the rest of us will be rooting for the rank outsiders.A couple of months ago, ‘Irish Times’ columnist and former ‘Donegal Democrat’ reporter, Keith Duggan, questioned the viability of allowing Dublin play every Championship game at H.Q.“The argument is that they are such a big attraction that Croke Park is the obvious venue. From a financial perspective, the logic here is unimpeachable. The Dubs bring a crowd, even for games which they are heavily favoured to win,” the ‘Times’ man conceded.But he argued the principle of counties having to travel for Championship fixtures should apply across the board and Dublin should be no exception in this case. “It would serve to end the lingering sense of unfairness that exists,” he maintained. Right on, Keith.Not that the forthcoming Leinster Championship Final or indeed last Sunday’s semi should be played anywhere but at Croker of course but, surely, for next year, even if the G.A.A. stand to lose out at the turnstiles, those counties drawn at home against the Dubs should not be expected to have to take their chances on the Blues home territory on each and every occasion.Difficult enough – as eleven Leinster Final appearances out of the past dozen –GLASS BLOWERCrushing disappointment for the highly fancied Donegal Minors in their Championship semi-final in Clones where the impressive displays of previous rounds were left behind on the team bus.A one point defeat it may have been but it could just as well have been twenty-one such was the dominance of Derry for much of this game. And helping to shatter Donegal hopes was ace marksman, Conor Glass, who returned a personal tally of seven points, and looked like a man who can rise to the very top of the game if it wasn’t for the fact that he is set to move to Australian Rules football.But whlle it was a good day for one Conor, it was a less memorable one for another one, Donegal’s Doherty seeing his last gasp penalty kick make its way over the crossbar when it needed to go under it.But he should hold no blame for this defeat – it was just one of those days and have no doubt that Declan Bonner and his team will be back on the Championship trail again.ALL-IRELAND TITLE CHASERSThe nerves are stretched.  Heck, they could reach Longford all on their own at this stage but we’ll be travelling with them in any case and hoping to leave them there as we return with some coveted silverware on board. After months of preparations carried out down to the last detail, training sessions, challenge matches, fun day outs (yep, that should be all part of the game), and highly competitive fixtures, the Donegal Under-14 girls will take to the field at Ballymahon on Saturday (throw-in 4.p.m.) for the All-Ireland Final against their counterparts from Tipperary.It’s been a long journey right through from county trials and whatever the outcome this weekend the squad under manager, Greg Harkin, and a highly dedicated team of coaches, have earned the plaudits of all from County Board to county supporters.They’ve done their clubs and areas proud and all we need now is for them to make a little piece of history and have a lasting memory of the day and the time they got their hands on an All-Ireland title.Go for it, girls…!SEAMUS TO GET HITCHED AGAIN?Seamus Coleman got united last week but will United get him? Fresh from the chimes of wedding bells in his native Killybegs  – and belated congratulations to him and his bride, Rachel Cunningham – comes more speculation that the current Everton full-back may be Old Trafford bound. That speculation has been circulating for some time but this is the first sign that Louis van Gaal is actually contemplating  a bid – believed to be in the region of £15 million – for the 26 year old. Naturally, Everton are determined to hold on to him with manager, Roberto Martinez insisting his prized asset is going nowhere at any price.Kicking ball as a young lad in the fishing port, Coleman would have been imagining himself in the colours of his then beloved Red Devils – and despite his manager’s assertions, he may not get closer than this to fulfilling that dream.Former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United defender, Paul McGrath, rowed in yesterday to this latest round of rumour by urging the Donegalman to pack up his boots and head for Old Trafford.Insisting Coleman would be “a good fit” for United, he maintained: “He works so hard, is a good defender and has got an engine like no other.”And is one of the top scoring defenders in the English Premiership, he forgot to mention.Watch other spaces for more on this story.MAGEES TAILORED FOR MORE MEDALSDifficult to believe that one family can produce so much talent but then it is the Magees so perhaps it shouldn’t be that hard to take on board.In the world of Irish badminton they hold court over all of their rivals but in the wider world they have also proved themselves and once again the haul of medals was added to at the weekend following further impressive performances by the Raphoe dynasty.Double Olympian Chloe Magee did lose out in the singles tournament at the European Games in Baku but, along with brother, Sam, took home a bronze in the mixed doubles event.Victory over the Polish pairing of Pietryja and Wojtkow ensured the Donegal combination of at least a bronze medal but the silver went out of reach following a straight games defeat on a scoreline of 21-12, 23-21 to their French opponents, Fontaine and Mittelheisser.And not Sam’s only triumph as along with brother, Joshua, he claimed another bronze in the men’s event after the Raphoe men overcame the Belgian duo of Dierickx and Golinski at the quarter-final stage.The Magee trio arrived back at Dublin airport on Monday in the company of other Irish medal winners at the Baku Games including the golden girl of the boxing ring, Katie Taylor, who overcame a scare in her semi-final bout to claim the ultimate prize at the end.But Raphoe still got the bulk of the Irish medals haul.REMEMBERING THE BIG FAT ZEROS IN THE GOALS AGAINST COLUMNAh, remember the days. A lifetime away now. And yet it only seems like last week.  Great times.            Will we ever see the like again? When Finn Harps defence was as unyielding as an E.U. bailout package and went eight games without conceding a solitary goal at the start of the season. Undoubtedly comes under the bracket of ‘where are they now?’.Three more goals conceded at Shelbourne on Friday night – albeit two of them from the penalty-spot – continues a run that has seen Ollie Horgan’s team breached far too freely and frequently when at one stage they looked close to incapable of conceding.But it’s not as if Harps are playing badly. In each of the past four games, including the Cup replay against Longford, they’ve performed well, playing the game the way it should be played.That point was reinforced by manager Horgan who, in light of the latest result setback, has suggested that his team need to reach a happy medium – tightening up at the back again and plugging those gaps that can come from playing too much football.This weekend’s opponents, Cabinteely F.C., went close to dropping a spoiler into Wexford Youths’ promotion hopes at the weekend only to allow a 2-1 lead slip in the closing stages and lose to a stoppage time goal.The Dubliners will arrive at Finn Park with some measure of confidence, however, having been enjoying a decent spell and will believe that a confidence dented Harps are there for the taking.But the home side will be unveiling new signing, Nathan Boyle, the striker who has arrived on loan from Derry City and also including additional arrivals, Kieran McDaid from Buncrana Hearts – the midfielder who never signed for Exeter City! – and Oisin McMenamin in the squad.One suggestion for Harps: Persuade their sponsors McGettigans to cough up the cash for a daring swoop for League of Ireland bound, Damian Duff.The former Republic of Ireland winger has confirmed in recent times that he wants to end his career here following his stint in Australia and rather than signing for one of the big Dublin clubs as the national media have been mooting for some weeks, Finn Park could represent a real challenge for a player who still has a lot to offer.What a boost that would be for Harps promotion aspirations and for the gate receipts (never mind the reputation of this humble column,…!).FIRST DIVISION STUNNERSo just during a spell when Harps are losing all around them, R.T.E. opt to decide to start a section on the previously ignored First Division on their ‘Soccer Republic’ package on Monday night? Typical. Where exactly were they when Harps were sitting pretty at the top and the table made for sound reading?Mind you the brief highlights of Friday night’s match at Tolka Park didn’t give us a chance to see the penalty box offences that resulted in the awarding of the two spot-kicks for Shelbourne and ultimately the sending-off of Keith Cowan that evened things up player-wise following the earlier dismissal of home striker, Mark Sandford.The panel’s in depth knowledge of the First Division was, however, reflected in the comment from Stuart Byrne that Harps were currently “going well” and Ballybofey was always a difficult place to go.Going well? After four defeats on the bounce?And as for Ballybofey always being a difficult place to go, I’ve generally found it relatively easy to get there which is more than can be said for R.T.E. and other broadcasting outlets.AND ANOTHER ONE COMES ALONG!Planning Notice: St. Eunan’s G.A.A. Club wish to apply for permission to construct extension to their under-age trophy cabinet. Submissions in relation to this application may be made in writing, social media, local radio and any communication you care to consider in acclaiming another magnificent performance over the weekend.It was always going to be hard to follow in the boot steps of the Letterkenny club’s hurling and camogie teams who claimed national Feile Shield titles the previous week after respectively stirring performances. Indeed the big achievement up to that was the fact that no less than four teams from the one Donegal club had won through to the national finals.But hold hard, another All-Ireland crown arrived back in Letterkenny late on Sunday night, cavalcaded through the town to the clubhouse at O’Donnell Park and carried proudly by the under-14 boys team who earlier in the day had claimed the All-Ireland Feile Division 2 title at the Wicklow Centre of Excellence following a 2-14 to 1-2 victory in the final over St. Paul’s from Laois.Three All-Ireland titles in the space of seven days and a close run thing in the girls equivalent football tournament last weekend.The female black and amber won all four of their games in the run-up to the semi-final where they narrowly lost to Mungret St. Paul’s from Limerick.A hearty well done to all concerned, players, coaches, mentors and families for a double weekend of crowning gloryBALDING IN SPORTS COVERAGE SHOCK!Herself’s been asking me about the life-sized photograph of Maria Sharapova on the bedroom wall.I’m telling her it’s just to remind me that Wimbledon is starting but she insists: “You may as well put Clare Balding up there – she’s going to last longer at Wimbledon than Sharapova…”.COLEMAN TO GET HITCHED AGAIN? DONEGAL MINOR DREAMS SHATTERED BY GLASS – IT’S WALSHY ON WEDNESDAY was last modified: June 30th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:columndonegalfinn harpsGAAnewsPaddy WalshSportlast_img read more

Galvan paces Rio Hondo Prep

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 That pressure quickly got to Maranatha. Galvan’s fumble recovery with 5:47 left in the first quarter was the Kares’ first score. Another fumble recovery two plays later set up Bill Baumgartner for an 11-yard touchdown run and the score was 14-0 after one quarter. The second quarter featured more defense from the Kares. Sean Piper, Peter Amundson and Edwin Ixta pitched in with Galvan and Coulter to slow down the Maranatha passing attack. The Minutemen were held to just 5 yards total offense and two first downs in the first half and 31 total yards and three first downs for the game. Meanwhile, on offense, the Kares ran wild. Bill Baumgartner led the attack, finishing with 96 yards on 16 carries and three touchdowns. Joe Padilla added 49 yards and two touchdowns and Trevor Finchamp had 46 yards on the ground. Next week Rio Hondo Prep begins defense of its 2004 Prep League title with a Saturday afternoon game at Webb in Claremont. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! ARCADIA — Rio Hondo Prep fullback Mike Galvan doesn’t get to run the ball too often, but the linebacker had a monster game on defense Friday night. Galvan recovered two fumbles (one for a touchdown) and returned an interception 41 yards for another touchdown to lead the Kares to a 50-0 trouncing of Maranatha High. center_img Kares coach Ken Drain expected a tough game and was surprised with how his team handled the Minutemen, who came in at 4-0. “We made some changes on defense this week, moving Kurt Coulter from linebacker to line, blitzing more with our safeties,’ Drain said. “It all worked and allowed us to get a lot of pressure on their quarterback.’ last_img read more

Men’s Basketball Accepts CIT Berth

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa – The Drake University men’s basketball team has accepted an invitation to the 2019 Postseason Tournament (CIT). The Bulldogs open postseason action Friday, March 22, at Southern Utah. Tipoff is set for 7:30 p.m. CDT with broadcast arrangements to be determined. Drake’s postseason appearance is the 12th in program history and comes on the heels of a historic season in which the team reeled off 24 wins to earn a share of the Missouri Valley Conference regular-season title. Print Friendly Version The CIT appearance is the second straight for the Bulldogs and the fourth in program history. In addition to last season, the Bulldogs also appeared in the 2012 and 2009 editions of the event, now in its 11th season.last_img read more


first_imgFrom Left: Ronan Doherty, Lecturer, LYIT; Mick Murphy, Donegal GAA County Board; Paul Hannigan, President, LYIT; Dr Lynn Ramsey, Head of Department of Law and Humanities LYIT; and Rodger Keenan, Ulster Council. PIC BY CLIVE WASSONDonegal GAA has gone into the classroom for the first time!Letterkenny IT is hosting a new Diploma in Performance for Gaelic Sports. This is the first time that this Level 3 Diploma has been held in Donegal.“We are delighted to host the Diploma course at LYIT,” said Dr Lynn Ramsey, Head of Department of Law and Humanities. “It reflects the long-standing close relationship which LYIT has with the GAA.” Currently, elite gaelic athletes are offered the opportunity to participate in the LYIT GAA Academy during their studies.The Academy supports player development and helps prepare them for the new season. The hard work is paying off with LYIT Ladies and Men’s Gaelic teams doing very well this year, recently reaching the final in the National College Leagues.Dr Ramsey adds, “We are delighted to be able support the development of coaching within the county. Our sports curriculum has always been informed by external coaching bodies including the GAA and we’d like to thank them for their valuable input.”LYIT currently offers Degrees in Sports Coaching and Performance, Sports Development and Coaching, and a Higher Certificate in Sports Studies. To find out more about Sports Programmes at LYIT, visit    DONEGAL GETS ITS FIRST DIPLOMA IN GAA SPORTS STUDIES was last modified: November 21st, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalGAA studiesLYITlast_img read more


first_imgAre you looking to increase employee engagement, boost morale or looking for an event to have a bit of fun as a workforce?If so, then the NorthFit 2014 Corporate Challenge is for your business.On the 4th of October at Letterkenny Community Centre, local Letterkenny businesses will come up against each other in fun and wacky challenges creating the first steps of employee wellness. Packie Mailey gave Donegal Daily an insight into the event earlier in the week, but remained tight lipped on what exactly the challenges are that lay ahead for the participants.Teams are made up of eight employees who will undertake outdoor wet and dry challenges to see which Letterkenny business comes out on top on the day.There is no prior training needed for this event, and we want to emphasise this is about encouraging employees to create a healthy lifestyle.The event will last for three hrs with plenty of time to refuel and mix with employees from the other businesses who are taking part. Founder of NorthFit Annette Houston is really excited for the upcoming event.She told Donegal Daily that this event will help spread NorthFit’s message which is to help businesses take positive action towards the Health/Wellness/Fitness of their teams.Annette said, “We are delighted with the response from Letterkenny businesses who value their employee wellbeing but also shows they are up for a bit of fun.“Work can be a very serious environment which can lead to high stress levels and this event is one of the ways NorthFit can help improve productivity and morale in the workplace.If you business is up for the challenge contact Annette– 086-8329336 Packie–086-4039064 now!! IS YOUR BUSINESS UP FOR THE NORTHFIT CORPORATE FITNESS CHALLENGE? was last modified: September 26th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:FeaturesnewsSportlast_img read more