Nestlé Portugal aims to boost production with 5m euro hub

first_img© GoogleNestlé Portugal aims to boost production with 5m euro hubPosted By: News Deskon: July 13, 2017In: Beverage, Distribution, Food, IndustriesPrintEmailNestlé Portugal has started work on a €5 million distribution centre that will be responsible for 80% of its products sold abroad.Located in the town of Avanca, the project will include the construction of a new 4,100 square metre warehouse. It is estimated that the renovations will be completed by the end of 2018.The current factory produces brands such as Cerelac, Nestum, Chocapic and Mokambo with around 50% of production exported to 36 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.Nestlé hopes the new facility will increase its efficiency while reducing environmental impact.Nestlé Portugal director general Jordi Lach said: “By approving this considerable investment in our Avanca distribution centre, Nestlé recognises the excellence of our local logistics operations and the importance of the Avanca hub in Nestlé’s industrial structure in Portugal.”Share with your network: Tags: distributionNestléPortugallast_img read more

Greenyard in advanced talks to acquire Dole Food Company

first_imgGreenyard in ‘advanced talks’ to acquire Dole Food CompanyPosted By: News Deskon: December 19, 2017In: Business, Food, Industries, Mergers & AcquisitionsPrintEmailBelgian company Greenyard said today it is in “advanced negotiations” to acquire Dole Food Company, one of the world’s largest fruit and vegetable producers.Greenyard has secured appropriate financing and said it is “confident in its ability to complete the transaction with a balanced financing approach should a definitive agreement be reached”. However, it stressed that there no guarantee that a transaction will definitely go ahead.The acquisition would create a company with an annual revenue of around €8 billion, Reuters has reported.Greenyard has some of Europe’s largest retailers as part of its customer base, selling fruit, vegetables , flowers and plants. The Dole deal would allow it to expand in the US.With more than 9,000 employees in 25 countries, Greenyard has annual revenue of €4.25 billion.In 2013, Dole CEO David Murdock bought the remaining shares of Dole for $1.6 billion, following four years as a publicly listed company.Share with your network: Tags: BelgiumDoleGreenyardUnited Stateslast_img read more

Colian Holding to acquire Lily OBriens in a 40m euro deal

first_imgColian Holding to acquire Lily O’Brien’s in a 40m euro dealPosted By: News Deskon: January 03, 2018In: Business, Food, Industries, Mergers & AcquisitionsPrintEmailPolish food producer and distributor Colian Holding, owner of UK chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw, has agreed a €40 million deal to acquire Irish chocolatier Lily O’Brien’s.Colian Holding has agreed the deal on a debt-free, cash-free basis with Lily O’Brien’s existing shareholders The Carlyle Group and members of Lily O’Brien’s management team.The Carlyle Group said the deal is expected to be completed later this month, and Lily O’Brien’s will retain its current management team when the deal is concluded.The chocolatier exports premium chocolate to over 15 countries and currently employs 120 staff at its Newbridge factory in Ireland. The brand registered revenue in excess of €30 million in 2016.Eoin Donnelly, CEO of Lily O’Brien’s said: “We selected Colian as the new owner for the business given our shared vision of growing our brand globally.“Colian exports to over 60 countries worldwide, providing us with access to potential new markets, and their commitment to new product development and innovation is very exciting for employees and the company”.Share with your network: Tags: acquisitionschocolateColian HoldingIrelandLily O’Brien’slast_img read more

Ezaki Glico acquires US chocolate manufacturer Tcho Ventures

first_imgEzaki Glico acquires US chocolate manufacturer Tcho VenturesPosted By: News Deskon: February 20, 2018In: Business, Confectionery, Food, Industries, Manufacturing, Mergers & AcquisitionsPrintEmailJapanese food company Ezaki Glico aims to expand its confectionery business with the acquisition of US chocolate brand Tcho Ventures.San Francisco-based Tcho, which produces a range of premium craft chocolate for snacking, gifting and cooking, is currently owned by Emil Capital Partners.Ezaki Glico said it was attracted to Tcho’s strong brand recognition in the US, particularly among millennials, the generation which it believes has the highest purchase intent.In a statement, Ezaki Glico said: “The overall market in the premium chocolate category is expecting strong continued growth, and by acquiring Tcho and entering this market, Ezaki Glico aims to enhance its chocolate business.”In 2016, Tcho adopted a new packaging design from brand consultancy Bluemarlin for its Pairings line of chocolate bars.Headquartered in Osaka, Ezaki Glico has 11 business locations and 23 group companies in Japan, and 12 subsidiaries in nine countries, employing a total of 5,210 people.In recent years it has expanded its business beyond confectionery to include ice cream products, processed foods, desserts, milk products, baby formula, food ingredients and ingredients for cosmetic and health products.Ezaki Glico USA Corporation was founded in February 2003 in Irvine, California, to sell products such as Pocky and Pretz. Share with your network: Tags: chocolateEzaki GlicoJapanTcho VenturesUnited Stateslast_img read more

Cadbury launches Darkmilk chocolate flavour in the UK

first_imgCadbury launches Darkmilk chocolate flavour in the UKPosted By: Martin Whiteon: August 28, 2018In: Confectionery, Food, Industries, New products, SnacksPrintEmailMondelēz-owned Cadbury has expanded its UK chocolate range by introducing the Darkmilk flavour, which combines both dark and milk chocolate flavours.Made with 40% cocoa solids and 14% milk solids, the flavour has been created to cater to the tastes of British consumers who find dark chocolate “too bitter”, as the addition of milk chocolate gives the bar a creamy and smooth texture and creates a rich taste.The Darkmilk bar was originally released in Australia last year, and two flavours of Cadbury Darkmilk will initially be available in the UK: Original and roasted almond, and both flavours will be available as 85g bars.The release of the range follows Mondelēz’s announcement last month that it would introduce a range of new low-sugar confectionery products in the UK this year, including a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar which contains 30% less sugar than its conventional counterpart.Benazir Barlet-Batada, marketing manager and Cadbury Brand Equity Lead at Mondelēz said: “We know our audience are looking for a new and more grown-up taste when it comes to chocolate so we’ve introduced Cadbury Darkmilk to give a rich and creamy alternative for a delicious chocolate treat.“It has taken the chocolate experts at Bournville many years to create the perfect combination of ingredients found in Cadbury Darkmilk and everyone that has tasted it so far has absolutely loved it, so we can’t wait to hear what all of our fans think.”Cadbury Darkmilk will be available nationwide from Tesco stores from September, with a suggested retail price of £1.49 per bar.Share with your network: Tags: CadburychocolateconfectioneryMondelez InternationalUKlast_img read more

Clara Foods secures Series B funding round led by Ingredion

first_imgClara Foods secures Series B funding round led by IngredionPosted By: Harriet Jachecon: April 29, 2019In: Beverage, Confectionery, Dairy, Food, Functional, Health, Ingredients, Innovation, Manufacturing, NutritionPrintEmailClara Foods, a specialist in the engineering, manufacturing and formulating of animal- and plant-based protein, has announced its Series B financing, led by ingredients solutions provider Ingredion.The funding round, the company has said, will go towards the development of ‘chicken-less’ egg proteins, expand research and development capabilities, and will extend its capacity for research into other animal proteins beyond egg white-based products.The announcement comes after four years of development Clara Foods has undergone for its protein solutions, and has raised $15 million through its Series A funding, led by The Production Board in 2016. Other investors joining Ingredion in this round include B37 (a strategic partner of Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest baking company), Hemisphere Ventures, and SOSV.Clara also announced a global partnership agreement with Ingredion, which will allow both companies to work together on new developments within the plant-based protein space.Arturo Elizondo, founder and CEO of Clara Foods, said: “We see extraordinary value in partnering with Ingredion to distribute our products globally and look forward to jointly transforming the status quo.“Ingredion has been a global supplier to the food industry for more than a century and is as committed as Clara to satiating the massive unmet consumer demand for animal-free proteins.”Share with your network: Tags: Clara FoodsIngredionproteinlast_img read more

New Vegebot uses machine learning to pick iceberg lettuce

first_imgNew Vegebot uses machine learning to pick iceberg lettucePosted By: Contributoron: July 16, 2019In: Agriculture, Food, Industries, Manufacturing, TechnologyPrintEmailEngineers at the University of Cambridge have created a vegetable-picking robot that uses machine learning to harvest iceberg lettuce.Called the Vegebot, the system first identifies the target crop within its field of vision, then determines whether a particular lettuce is healthy and ready to be harvested, and finally cuts the lettuce from the rest of the plant without crushing so that it is supermarket ready.The robot has two main components: a computer vision system and a cutting system. The researchers developed and trained a machine learning algorithm on example images of lettuces. Once the Vegebot could recognise healthy lettuces in a laboratory, it was then trained in the field, in a variety of weather conditions, on thousands of lettuces.A camera is positioned near the cutting blade to help ensure a smooth cut. The researchers were also able to adjust the pressure in the robot’s gripping arm so that it held the lettuce firmly enough not to drop it, but not so firm as to crush it. The force of the grip can be adjusted for other crops.Although the prototype is nowhere near as fast or efficient as a human worker, it demonstrates how the use of robotics in agriculture might be expanded, even for crops like iceberg lettuce which are particularly challenging to harvest mechanically, the researchers said. The results are published in The Journal of Field Robotics.Crops such as potatoes and wheat have been harvested mechanically at scale for decades, but many other crops have to date resisted automation. Iceberg lettuce is one such crop. Although it is the most common type of lettuce grown in the UK, iceberg is easily damaged and grows relatively flat to the ground, presenting a challenge for robotic harvesters.“Every field is different, every lettuce is different,” said co-author Simon Birrell from Cambridge’s department of engineering. “But if we can make a robotic harvester work with iceberg lettuce, we could also make it work with many other crops.”“At the moment, harvesting is the only part of the lettuce life cycle that is done manually, and it’s very physically demanding,” said co-author Julia Cai.According to the University of Cambridge team, robotic harvesters could help address problems in the future with labour shortages in agriculture, and could also help reduce food waste.Share with your network: Tags: UKlast_img read more

Try again McDonalds womens day stunt criticized as hollow gesture

first_img“This empty McFeminism has nothing to do with women’s liberation and everything to do with McDonald’s attempt to sanitise its image,” said Laura Parker, Momentum’s national coordinator. “If they actually cared about women, they’d pay their workers a living wage and stop forcing them onto zero hours contracts.“It’s completely unacceptable that zero hours contracts at McDonald’s have left women workers without enough money to feed their children – and have even made some of them homeless.”Meanwhile KFC Malaysia also made an attempt to mark the day, by changing its icon from Colonel Sanders to Claudia Sanders, the founder’s second wife. A representative of KFC’s marketing agency, Stanley Clement from IPG Mediabrands’ Society and Universal McCann, described the origin of the change thusly: “The team was looking at ways to support this, and discovered the story of Claudia Sanders, the wife of Colonel Sanders”. bogwolf (@truebe)McDonalds: In celebration of women we are flipping the arches upside down.Or you could give your employees better benefits.McD: Look it’s a W!Maybe a living wage? Better family leave? A career path forward in the face of automation?McD: The W stands for women.March 7, 2018 Thu 8 Mar 2018 14.31 EST McDonald’s Facebook Momentum tweeted the video with the question: “Hey @McDonalds, instead of empty gestures like flipping your arches, how about improving working conditions for your women workers?” Support The Guardian ‘Try again’: McDonald’s women’s day stunt criticized as hollow gesture Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share via Email Nadia Khomami and Jessica Glenza Marketing Week (@MarketingWeekEd)Meet Claudia Sanders 👋To mark #IWD2018 @kfc is introducing the world to Colonel Sanders’ wife 👇 8, 2018 Share via Email Muhammad Haris Tufail (@mhtufail_)A @McDonalds in Lynwood, California has flipped its arches upside down in honour of #InternationalWomensDay on March 8th..!! 👏👏👏 8, 2018 Reuse this content Share on Messenger Thorne Melcher 🌸 (@ExistentialEnso)When I started using the term “McFeminism” to refer to the corporate-friendly, HRC fan sort of feminism, I didn’t expect McDonalds to actually become one of the biggest examples of the phenomenon 🤦🏻‍♀️March 8, 2018 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter McDonald’s The move to flip its arches to a ‘W’ for Women’s Day was questioned by people who called on McDonald’s to pay its employees a living wagecenter_img This article is more than 1 year old Shares239239 Topics McDonald’s global chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis, said in a statement to Business Insider that the stunt was “in honour of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere, and especially in our restaurants”.But her vow that the company was “committed to their success” was called into question by social media users who called on McDonald’s to pay its employees a living wage. McDonald’s ‘M’ logo is turned upside down in honour of International Women’s Day in Lynwood, California.Photograph: HANDOUT/Reuters They may have missed part of the story however. In a biography of her father, Colonel Sanders’ daughter Margaret Sanders said her father originally hired Claudia to help her mother, his first wife, with housework, according to reporting from Buzzfeed. “It was evident from the beginning that her presence would create turmoil,” his daughter Margaret wrote. “Neither promiscuous nor a whoremonger, Father nevertheless had a libido which required a healthy, willing partner,” she wrote. “He found one in young Claudia.” Claudia became Sanders’ second wife in 1949. Last modified on Thu 8 Mar 2018 14.39 EST McDonald’s has flipped its golden arches to become a W, “in celebration of women everywhere, and for the first time in our brand history” – to which many have responded, “try again”.For its own commemoration of International Women’s Day, McDonald’s overturned its logo on Twitter, Instagram and its other digital channels; supplied 100 restaurants in the US with special branded garb; and – at one franchise in California – went so far as to install a new sign. Share on Facebook NOT A WOLF (@SICKOFWOLVES)I THOUGHT THE UPSIDE DOWN MCDONALDS LOGO STOOD FOR WOLVES OR LIVABLE WAGES BUT YEAH THIS IS GOOD SURE FINEMarch 7, 2018 Share on Pinterest Twitter This article is more than 1 year old … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Since you’re here… In response to the campaign, the British leftwing group Momentum put out a video highlighting how McDonald’s low wages and zero-hours contracts meant some women workers faced poverty and homelessness. The videos, produced in collaboration with the Bakers’ Union, are in support of striking McDonald’s workers. news Share on WhatsApp Women Pinterest last_img read more

Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery

first_imgMelania Trump … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on WhatsApp Guardian staff and agencies This article is more than 1 year old Share via Email Mon 14 May 2018 16.17 EDT Share on Twitter Support The Guardian Shares4444 Topics Share on Twitter This article is more than 1 year old Melania Trump speaking at an opioid summit at the White House on 1 March.Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA newscenter_img Since you’re here… Melania Trump Reuse this content The White House reported on Monday that Melania Trump has been admitted to hospital, probably for the rest of the week, after undergoing a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said that the procedure was successful and that there were no complications. Grisham said Trumpis at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center just outside Washington and will likely remain there “for the rest of the week”. Donald Trump tweeted in the early evening that his wife was in good spirits and that he was on his way to visit her.Last week, after rarely putting herself in the public eye other than in roles directly supporting her husband’s work, the first lady launched her “Be Best” initiative to help children counter bullying. The initiative was aimed particularly at online bullying and encouraged children to behave with more consideration and kindness on social media platforms, although the accompanying literature ran into a plagiarism kerfuffle. She had previously won praise for hosting a lavish dinner at the White House for the state visit by Emmanuel Macron, France’s president.A statement was put out by the White House on Monday afternoon, saying: “This morning, First Lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. The procedure was successful and there were no complications.”It continued that Melania Trump was at Walter Reed “and will likely remain there for the duration of the week. The first lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere.” Trump had a successful procedure to treat a benign kidney condition and is at Walter Reed medical center, according to her spokeswoman Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger Share on Facebook Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery Share via Email Last modified on Tue 15 May 2018 04.30 EDTlast_img read more

Tesla finally hits weekly production target for Model 3 cars

first_imgTesla has finally hit its weekly target production rate of 5,000 of its “mass-market” Model 3 electric car thanks to a big tent. Musk also revealed that the company produced 2,000 of its more expensive Model S and Model X cars, bringing the total number of cars produced to 7,000 in one week and triggering celebrations from workers across the company.Tesla announced on Monday that it had produced 53,339 vehicles in the second quarter of the year up 55% on the first quarter, including 28,578 Model 3s and 24,761 of the more expensive Model S and X cars. The company said it had delivered 40,740 of those vehicles to customers in the second quarter, below some Wall Street expectations but enough to send Tesla shares climbing more than 5% in morning trading.When the first Model 3s began rolling off the assembly line last summer, Musk promised to build 5,000 per week by December and 10,000 per week in 2018. But he also warned that Tesla was entering at least six months of “manufacturing hell” as it tried to hit the targets.Production delays have caused Tesla to burn through at least $1bn (£760m) as it struggled to ramp up production. Having blamed delays on “excessive automation” and being forced to conduct several shutdowns to correct issues, Tesla built a large, semi-permanent tent at the factory to house another assembly line.That extra line combined with improvements in production has worked for one week but analysts are sceptical as to whether the achievement is reproducible. Last modified on Mon 2 Jul 2018 12.47 EDT This article is more than 1 year old Firm builds 5,000 in a week but critics are sceptical over whether feat can be replicated As the crisis escalates… Mon 2 Jul 2018 06.41 EDT Tesla managed to ramp up production of Model 3s by building a giant tent to house another assembly line.Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Share on Facebook Shares5757 Elon Musk (@elonmusk)The Spice. Must. Flow. 29, 2018 Support The Guardian Share on Twitter Tesla finally hits weekly production target for Model 3 cars Elon Musk (@elonmusk)No standard automotive solution could be built in time, so we created a new solution. It is working & has slightly higher quality than the more traditional general assembly line. Perhaps most surprising is that the total cost of production in the Sprung tent is lower.June 27, 2018 Elon Musk Tesla Share via Email “Reaching it is one thing,” said Dave Sullivan, the product analysis manager at market research firm AutoPacific Inc. “Consistently producing 5,000 per week with outstanding quality is another. I don’t think producing 5,000 once is anything to get excited about until it’s repeatable.” news Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Tesla factory to be investigated over safety concerns Share on WhatsApp Brian Johnson, an analyst with Barclays, warned investors in March to be wary of brief “burst rates” of Model 3 production that were not sustainable. Tesla has been using temporary periods of fast-as-possible production called “burst builds” to estimate how many cars it is capable of building over an extended timeframe.One Tesla worker told Reuters that to hit the 5,000-a-week target, staff from other departments were drafted onto the Model 3 production line and breaks were staggered to keep it constantly running.Musk said that Tesla was targeting 6,000 Model 3s a week in the next month.A production rate of 5,000 Model 3s per week is more than just a milestone for Tesla. Despite being lauded as Tesla’s mass market electric car costing $35,000, the cheapest models have yet to be produced. Only the long-range variant, which starts at $49,000, is available to the 450,000 people with Model 3 reservations.Musk said that it would require “three to six months after [producing] 5,000 vehicles per week to ship the $35,000 Tesla” because “shipping the minimum cost Model 3 right away would cause Tesla to lose money and die”.In the meantime, Tesla has concentrated on higher-end versions, including a new range-topping dual-motor performance version priced at $78,000, which has helped avoid even larger losses. However, the lower-priced model is considered crucial to ensuring Tesla becomes a mass market car company competing with Ford and VW, rather than a more niche electric car company competing with high-end manufacturers such as Porsche.It’s not clear how many of the 450,000 who put down a $1,000 refundable deposit did so on the basis of the $35,000 asking price. Tesla recently opened up its order system to those in the US and Canada with Model 3 reservations. Buyers are required to make a further $2,500 deposit to place a full order and customise their vehicle, as the company requires for its other models.The new deposits will provide a much-needed cash injection into the company to the tune of millions, depending on how many reservation holders go through with the purchase.Whatever happened to that $35,000 Tesla Model 3 you still can’t buy? Motoring Share via Email Share on LinkedIn This article is more than 1 year old … in our natural world, we refuse to turn away from the climate catastrophe and species extinction. For The Guardian, reporting on the environment is a priority. We give reporting on climate, nature and pollution the prominence it deserves, stories which often go unreported by others in the media. At this pivotal time for our species and our planet, we are determined to inform readers about threats, consequences and solutions based on scientific facts, not political prejudice or business interests.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Scraping in through Tesla’s latest self-imposed deadline of the end of the second quarter, the 5,000th Model 3 reportedly rolled off the production line at about 5am on 1 July in California, for a total of 5,031 Model 3s produced in seven days.In an email sent to Tesla staff and obtained by electric car site Electrek, the chief executive, Elon Musk, said: “We did it! What an incredible job by an amazing team.” Automotive industry Tesla downsizing residential solar business bought for $2.6bn Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars Read more Share on Facebook Samuel Gibbs Raj Mathai (@rajmathai)The future of #Tesla hinges on this gigantic tent. Overflow production line added in back lot of @tesla HQ. @elonmusk wants to pump out 5K #TeslaModel3 per week. @Teslarati 27, 2018 Tesla Topics Read more Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Barack Obama lambasts Trump over legal troubles

first_imgUS politics Read more Barack Obama lambasts Trump over legal troubles This article is more than 7 months old Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger @Tom_Dart Shares1,8671867 Share on Facebook Barack Obama Barack Obama Share via Email Support The Guardian This article is more than 7 months old Share on WhatsApp Wed 28 Nov 2018 03.28 EST Barack Obama: ‘Nobody in my administration got indicted.’Photograph: UPI/Barcroft Images “When you start getting dysfunction in Washington which [makes it] difficult for decisions to get made and policymaking to run in an orderly process, what is one of our greatest assets – which is an extraordinary civil service, career staff, let’s say at the state department – when that begins to get undermined, that doesn’t just weaken our influence, it provides opportunities for disorder to start ramping up all around the world and ultimately makes us less safe and less prosperous.”Obama also expressed regret over a hyper-partisan media landscape that he believes has made lawmakers and voters less willing to compromise and means Congress is stuck in a perpetual campaign mode.In previous decades, Obama said, “there was a common set of facts, a baseline around which both parties had to adapt and respond to. By the time I take office [in 2009] what you increasingly have is a media environment in which if you are a Fox News viewer you have an entirely different reality than if you are a New York Times reader. It means the bases of each party have become more ideological.”Leaders, Obama said, failed to anticipate how globalism and income inequality would breed the rise of populism and hostility towards immigrants even in countries with strong democratic traditions; trends exploited by Trump.“You suddenly had a winner-take-all economy; where back in 1960 maybe the CEO makes 10 times more than the guy on the assembly line, now suddenly it’s 200 times or 300 times,” he said.“We did not adapt quickly enough to the fact that people were being left behind and frustrations were going to flare up … In those environments you then start getting a different kind of politics, you start getting a politics that’s based on ‘that person’s not like me and it must be their fault’. And you start getting a politics based on a nationalism that’s not pride in country but hatred for somebody on the other side of the border.”After largely staying above the fray in the months after he left the White House, Obama has been more vocal in recent months, campaigning for Democratic candidates in the run-up to this month’s midterms and criticising Trump by name for the first time in a speech in September.Then, he accused the president of “capitalising on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years”, adding that “the politics of resentment and paranoia have unfortunately found a home in the Republican party”. The 44th president was in Houston for a gala marking the 25th anniversary of Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. The bipartisan thinktank is named for James Baker, who served in the White House under Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. Baker shared the stage with Obama on Tuesday in a roughly 50-minute discussion moderated by the historian Jon Meacham.Earlier in the day, Obama met Bush at his home in Houston in what Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, described as a “very pleasant and private visit … where they rekindled what was already a very warm friendship.” Relations between Trump and Obama are rather more frosty. In comments that invited a contrast with the chaotic incoming administration following the 2016 election and implicitly referenced Trump’s self-centred personality, Obama praised the outgoing George W Bush administration’s behaviour after the 2008 vote. “They had set up a transition process that was flawless and generous and thoughtful so that every member of 43’s staff had made themselves available to the person who was going to be taking their place,” he said.“Despite the political differences which were real and significant they recognised there was a value above those differences. And when I walked into the Oval Office there’s a reverence there for that office that is independent of you. And if you don’t feel that then you shouldn’t be there.”center_img Last modified on Wed 28 Nov 2018 05.53 EST Share via Email The latest major Trump resignations and firings news Trump administration Share on LinkedIn … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Topics Since you’re here… Share on Twitter Tom Dart in Houston Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Barack Obama has taken a swipe at his successor’s legal troubles, one day after the special counsel, Robert Mueller, ended a plea deal with Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chair.“Not only did I not get indicted, nobody in my administration got indicted,” the former president said at an event in Houston on Tuesday, “which by the way was the only administration in modern history that that can be said about. In fact, nobody came close to being indicted, partly because the people who joined us were there for the right reasons. We were there to serve.”Manafort breached a plea agreement he signed in September by “lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the special counsel’s office on a variety of subject matters”, Mueller said in a court filing on Monday night. Mueller is investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, which US intelligence agencies concluded was aimed at boosting Trump’s bid for the White House, and any collusion between Russian operatives and Trump campaign team.Mueller’s inquiry has so far led to indictments against 32 individuals and three Russian entities on charges ranging from computer hacking to obstruction of justice.Obama also lamented the rise of insular nationalism in US politics, describing it as a threat to international stability and domestic prosperity.He did not mention his successor by name but Trump and his “America first” strategy cast a long shadow as the former Democratic president discussed the decline of bipartisanship in American politics and the undermining of democracy and decorum by populism and extremism.“People ask me what surprised me most about the presidency. It is the degree to which the United States underwrites the international order,” Obama said. “If there is a problem around the world, people do not call Moscow, they do not call Beijing. They call Washington. Even our adversaries expect us to solve problems and expect us to keep things running. Ex-president defends probity of his administration and laments rise of ‘politics based on hatred’ under successor Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Because everyone deserves a little sparkle

first_imgPhoto courtesy of thesparkleeffect.orgWhen she saw how just one small act of kindness made by a popular upperclassman changed the way her brother, who is on the Autism spectrum, felt about high school, Sarah Cronk had an idea that would help more students with disabilities feel included.Back in 2008, during the summer before her sophomore year, Cronk and a few other varsity cheerleaders in a small town in Iowa worked to create the first ever high-school based inclusive cheerleading squad. Cleverly titled, “The Sparkle Effect,” Cronk, 15-years-old at the time, created a team that included members with a range of disabilities from Down syndrome to autism. With over five million students attending high school with disabilities, there is an overwhelming need to include these individuals and make them a part of the quintessential high-school experience. Cronk realized the only group who could effectively include teenagers with disabilities, were other teenagers. The Sparkle Effect provides everything students need to start their own inclusive cheerleading squad from uniform grants to free on-site training and on-going advice and support, the organization has thought of everything.“Sparkle Effect squads are not about perfection; they are about connection,” Cronk wrote in her blog. “In many towns across America, Friday night football and basketball games are the main event. Sparkle Effect teams nationwide are throwing a big bright spotlight on the importance of inclusion.”To date, Cronk’s organization has launched 33 squads all over the country, from California to Connecticut, even one in South Africa and Cronk only wants to grow.In August of 2011, Cronk and the organization received a $100,000 grant from the “Do” movement mobilized by VH1 to help her do just that, grow. “[It will be] easier for squads to get started. It’s going to allow us to hire more trainers across the country,” Cronk told Do Something organizers. “It will allow us to bring cheerleaders together to share their experiences.”Bringing people together, despite their differences, is what is at the heart of this organization. In an increasingly more competitive high school athletic competition, where students are encouraged to seek perfection, The Sparkle Effect shines “a big bright spotlight” on the importance of inclusion.Cronk recently wrote on her blog, “I believe that The Sparkle Effect can reach into virtually every high school in the country. When it does, game night in America will never be the same.”Think this sounds like something your school might like to try? Sign up to be squad 34.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedTop 5 things a student with a disability should do when planning for collegeOctober 15, 2014In “Services”It’s What’s On the Inside — AND the Outside — That CountsSeptember 24, 2014In “INDATA News”An Inside Look at Inclusive EducationAugust 23, 2017In “Communication”last_img read more

Nintendo Unveils New Switch With Significantly Longer Battery Life

first_img The Tragedy of Marie Osmond Just Keeps Getting Sadder and Sadder The First ‘Scary MCU Film’ Will Come Out During Phase 4 Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents Why Billy Hargrove from ‘Stranger Things’ Looks So Familiar People are Furious ‘Cats’ Star Francesca Hayward Has White Fur Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at All Quentin Tarantino’s 50 Greatest Quotes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Nintendo Unveils New Switch With Significantly Longer Battery Life 1 Comment By Joel Hruska on July 17, 2019 at 3:14 pm The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Earlier this year, we heard rumors of two new Switches that Nintendo would supposedly launch. The Switch Lite was recently announced, which confirmed both its own existence. Now, Nintendo has unveiled a second Switch update. The new model has drastically improved battery life and no other differences and will sell for the same $299 base price.Note: The fact that Nintendo isn’t claiming other differences doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a few. It does, however, mean that they’ll likely be small and incidental.The old Switch had an estimated battery life of 2.5 – 6.5 hours. The new Switch has an estimated battery life of 4.5 – 9 hours. Do the math, and that works out to a 1.8x increase at the low end and a 1.4x increase at the top. Even if the exact figures are wrong, the new Switch should live much longer than the old one on the same charge.We already know, thanks to FCC filings, that Nintendo applied to put a new SoC and storage in the Switch, but it’d be obvious they had, even if we didn’t have that information. There are only three ways to improve battery life by 1.4x – 1.8x:Dramatically increase battery size and weight.Fix whatever broken software is wrecking overall power consumptionBuild a more power-efficient SoC, most likely on a lower process node.The original Switch still uses Nvidia’s Tegra X1, a 2015-era processor built on TSMC’s 20nm node. Data suggest that both the Switch Lite and the upgraded Switch use a T214 chip from Nvidia, codenamed Mariko. Mariko may be a die-shrunk version of Tegra X1 with backported security updates and support for LPDDR4x as opposed to LPDDR4. We don’t know the process node Mariko is built on, but there’s some evidence it may be capable of a higher clock speed than its predecessor. This also points to a node shrink, though we don’t know which process node Nvidia might have used (and there are plenty to choose from). A node shrink and the DRAM change would account for the improved power consumption.– Original T210 hardware has 4GB (retail) or 6GB (dev) LPDDR4 DRAM;– New T214 hardware has 4GB or 8GB LPDDR4x DRAM with planned support for 10nm chips;— Mike Heskin (@hexkyz) July 11, 2019If you want to pick up one of the new units, look for Switches with serial numbers starting with XKW; the model number is HAC-001(-01). We don’t have an exact date when the devices will launch in the US, but Nintendo has said to expect mid-August availability.Will We See A Switch Pro?The fact that Nintendo is putting a new SoC in a non-refreshed Switch makes it seem a lot less likely that we’ll see an upgraded Switch Pro in the near future. The simplest explanation for this is that Nintendo decided to spend the benefits of a new node entirely on extending battery life because that was the feature Switch gamers wanted most. Just improving battery life, however, may not have been enough of an upgrade for the company to feel like an entirely new higher-end product was warranted.The rumors around an upgraded Switch have always been vague. One possibility in all this is that Nintendo keeps the Switch as-is for now, but rolls out its own upgrade in 9-12 months, to better compete against the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Next. The goal, in this case, wouldn’t be direct competition — Nintendo is playing its own game on that front — but to make sure Switch stayed relevant in the overall hardware conversation, and that Nintendo demonstrated its own ability to deliver better hardware on a cadence. The degree of interest the company has in this step likely hinges on the degree to which it sees itself in competition with Sony and Microsoft in the first place.There are rumors that the new Switch’s GPU might be clocked at a higher default frequency, which would improve performance in games that aren’t memory bandwidth-limited, but we won’t know if the console delivers many performance improvements until it’s actually available.Now Read: PC Gamers Who Didn’t Play Classic Console Games Missed Out on Great ExperiencesNintendo Switch Controllers Are Beginning to Fail in Large NumbersNintendo Unveils Switch Lite, Coming Sept. 20 for $199 Tagged In microsoftnvidiasonynintendoconsolesconsole gaming10nmSwitchtegraNintendo Switchpc gamesX1X2switch liteMarikoSwitch Pro Post a Comment 1 Commentlast_img read more

New Solar Panels Use Waste Heat to Purify Water

first_img The Real Reason the ‘Blade’ Reboot Is Happening 14 Comments Gamora’s Fate Is Finally Revealed After Tony’s Snap in ‘Endgame’ We Now Fully Understand the Bizarre Finale of ‘Friends’ Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Tagged In scienceengineeringsolar powerwaterwater purification Post a Comment 14 Comments The Transformation of Daisy Ridley Is Turning Heads This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Star is Breathtaking in Reality New Solar Panels Use Waste Heat to Purify Water You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared By Ryan Whitwam on July 11, 2019 at 8:40 am Solar panels can bring electricity to remote areas, and photovoltaic technology has improved in recent years. However, many of these regions also have limited access to clean water. A new type of solar power setup developed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia could address both of those issues. These panels leverage waste heat from solar panels to distill and purify water. The researchers used salt water to test the technology, but it should work equally well on fresh water that simply isn’t fit for human consumption. The solar panels sit on top of a multi-layer box where they can absorb sunlight and generate power. Below that is a three-stage distillation unit. There’s nothing particularly special about the solar panels used in the system. About 10 percent of the sunlight hitting the photovoltaic cells goes toward generating power. While much higher efficiencies have been demonstrated in the lab, most commercial cells are only a little more efficient. However, those panels aren’t also generating water. As the panels pull in solar radiation to make power, some of the energy radiates out as waste heat. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology design directs that heat down into the first layer of water purification. It heats seawater, causing it to evaporate and re-condense as clean, fresh water. The heat generated by the first layer passes through a membrane into the second distillation layer where it purifies more water, and it’s the same for the third (bottom) layer. It’s essentially a very fancy stacked solar still — the researchers note the solar panel design purified three times as much water as a solar still, and you get electricity, too. According to the team, water passed through the device comes out safe for drinking by all measurable standards. The levels of lead, copper, sodium, calcium, and magnesium after filtration are all below the thresholds set by the World Health Organization. You might be able to deploy a more efficient solar power farm and water purification rig as separate systems, but the system developed by these researchers could be a major breakthrough because it can do both at the same time. The team sees this as an ideal solution for remote areas where people have limited power and ample access to undrinkable water. With more efficient solar panels, they say, this system could eventually generate 10 percent of the world’s fresh water.Now read:RoboFly Is the First Wireless Insectoid Robot to Take FlightMIT’s ‘Sun in a Box’ Could Solve Our Energy Storage WoesSaudi Arabia, SoftBank Plan the World’s Largest Solar Project What the Biggest Fans Don’t Know About ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ We Finally Understand Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Got Canceledlast_img read more

Elon Musk Starship Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines

first_img Saying Goodbye to Johnny Depp Sun Baby From ‘Teletubbies’ Is 22 Now & Unrecognizably Gorgeous By Ryan Whitwam on July 23, 2019 at 7:23 am You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Helen From ‘Waterworld’ Is 56 Now and Incredibly Gorgeous Most spaceflight firms would never hang around on Twitter and randomly tweet information on upcoming rocket designs. But most companies aren’t SpaceX, and most CEOs aren’t Elon Musk. During his daily Twitter ramblings, Musk revealed that the Starship launch platform is now up to a total of 41 Raptor engines. Although, he jokes that the design is begging for just one more. In his initial tweet, Musk announced that the Starship Super Heavy would have 35 Raptor engines in total. After a request for clarification, Musk explained that the “full stack” of the Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle will have 41 engines — 35 of those will be on Super Heavy and another six on the Starship itself. From what we know of the Starship’s design, the craft will have three Raptors optimized for use in the atmosphere and three others designed for vacuum usage.Before this most recent update, the Super Heavy was slated to have just 31 Raptor engines. Traditionally, rockets have relied on smaller numbers of more powerful engines. However, SpaceX has always gone the other way. According to Musk, the added complexity is outweighed by the redundant nature of having many engines. If one or two fail, the vehicle can still fly its mission. Full stack is 41 rn, but kinda beggin for just one more …— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 21, 2019Musk has explained many of the Starship’s design updates and milestones on Twitter. For example, the momentous test firing of the Raptor engine earlier this year and the name change from BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) to Starship, perhaps a more suitable name for something that could one day ferry 100 passengers to Mars. SpaceX is closing in on the first real test flight of the Starship in a configuration known as the StarHopper. That vessel will lift off, hover, and land safely. Late this year, the company could launch a high-altitude sub-orbital version of the Starship later this year. The first orbital flight is currently scheduled for 2020. At 41 engines for the full stack, the count is just one shy of the answer to life, the universe, and everything from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. No one really knows why Elon Musk does the things he does, so it would not be shocking at all to see another engine pop up on the final Super Heavy. After all, this is the man who launched his car into space on top of the most powerful rocket in the world.Now read:SpaceX Starship Moves Closer to Launch With Successful Engine TestSpaceX Successfully Launches, Partially Recovers Falcon HeavyElon Musk Explains Why the Starship Will Be Stainless Steel Elon Musk: Starship, Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 1shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The Tragedy of Marie Osmond Just Keeps Getting Sadder and Sadder Reality TV Scandals We Never Saw Coming Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads Movies That Hollywood Didn’t Want to Make Tagged In sciencespaceelon muskrocketsstarshipSuper Heavy Post a Comment 6 Comments 6 Comments Wesley Snipes Sounds Off On The Latest ‘Blade’ Newslast_img read more

2019 Mini Countryman S E All4 Review Bouncy FuntoDrive PlugIn Hybrid

first_img Winnie From ‘Wonder Years’ Is 44 Now and Unrecognizably Gorgeous You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents 2019 Mini Countryman S E All4 Review: Bouncy, Fun-to-Drive Plug-In Hybrid Mini now has a plug-in hybrid version in its largest model, the Countryman. Like every Mini, the plug-in is a blast to drive, with iconic big round instrument clusters and toggle switches. But, oh, the compromises: The little battery adds only 12 miles of electric-only range. The gas-plus-electric range is about 270 miles. The suspension is stiff, the wheelbase is short, and the ride can be choppy. The car weighs pocket change less than two tons. Our test car cost more than $45,000 and the cheapest plug-in hybrid Countrymen is in the upper thirties. The base prices don’t include much in the way of driver safety assists and no amount of money will get you blind spot detection.Mini’s strongest competition comes from the dealership next door with the blue-and-white propeller logo. BMW sells the Mini, more or less, as the BMW X1. They look a lot different, but they’re built around the same corporate-common front-wheel-drive chassis.  Tagged In carsautomobilesautoscar reviewsBEVselectric carsPHEVs2019 carsplug-insauto reviewsMiniMini CooperMini CountrymanMini Countryman S E All4Mini reviewsplug-in hybrds Post a Comment 1 Comment 1 Comment ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 and Season 5 Details Revealed The Real Reason Emma Watson Refuses to Do a Nude Scene The biggest Mini, the Countryman, is 170 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 61 inches high. For comparison, the next biggest is the Clubman at 168 x 71 x 57. The base Mini Cooper is 151 (157 as a 4-door) x 68 x 56. The BMW X1 that is sort of the same under the skin is 175 x 72 x 63.<><>1234567891011 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. How It Works, How It DrivesThe PHEV Mini S E — lots of stories have it as the Mini SE without the space — uses a 134-hp, three-cylinder turbocharged engine (turbocharged, because otherwise, you’ve got a nice riding mower engine) to drive the front wheels through a six-speed automatic. An 87-hp electric motor running off a 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery powers the rears. Combined, they output 221 hp and 284 pound-feet of torque. The EPA rates the car at 27 mpg city, 28 mpg highway, 27 mpg combined running on gasoline, and 65 MPGe. But if you’re going to get 65 MPGe, you’ll need to plug the car in every night, and there may be times — human nature and all — you may say, maybe not tonight, I’m only going to pick up 12 miles of range. But with just a 9.5-gallon tank, you’re at a range of around 230 miles on gasoline alone, allowing for 8.5 gallons of usable fuel capacity.Trouble is, you’ll want a full load of electrons on board every morning so you can also use the motor, at will, as a second turbocharger. Electric motors provide maximum torque at 0 rpm, where gas engines are weakest. Having e-power in the back is a neat way to get all-wheel-drive without running a driveshaft and differential to the rear axle. Toyota hybrids have done it for years.When you jab the throttle, the car scoots its 3,950 pounds to 60 mph in 6 to 7 seconds, depending on who’s holding the stopwatch and who’s tromping the throttle. That’s nice. The motor provides quick stoplight getaways. It is quick around back country roads. Where this Mini falls down is on the average American road. A wheelbase of just 105 inches yields a choppy ride on all but the smoothest surfaces. To inject politics for a moment: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike want better infrastructure, but they can’t stop bickering over which piggy bank to raid to pay for the work.Passenger room in front is good, and the room in the back is passable. Minis are short on cupholder and storage space.Adding a battery and electric motor (to drive the rear wheels) had virtually no effect on passenger or cargo space. It did knock the fuel tank (under the back seat) down to 9.5 gallons.Countryman S E All4’s Place in the Mini EcosystemThe original Mini: 10 feet long, less than 2,000 pounds.From a distance, Minis look about the same: small and hatchback-looking. Most have sporty versions (Cooper S) and seriously sporty versions (John Cooper Works). You can see the family resemblance going back to the late 1950s and the original Mini Cooper designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. That first Mini circa 1959 was truly Mini, measuring just 120 inches long. (The smallest car in the US today is the two-seater Smart Fortwo, 106 inches long.) The basic Mini Cooper sold now is 151 inches long (two-door) or 157 inches long (four-door). The Countryman tested here is 170 inches long, 72 inches wide, 61 inches high. In between, the Mini Clubman is 168 x 71 x 57. The Coupe and Roadster Minis were discontinued after 2015 because they were too close to the Mini Cooper hardtop and convertible. There was also the three-door variant of the Countryman called the Paceman; it died after 2016.The base Mini Classic Country S E All 4 is $37,800 (including $850 shipping) and that has a panoramic sunroof, sport seats, and 6.5-inch center stack display. The Signature ($40,250) has touchscreen infotainment, heated seats, keyless entry, dual zone HVAC, and forward collision warning/emergency braking. The Iconic ($45,250) brings navigation, Apple CarPlay, and LED headlamps/taillamps. Driver safety assists cost extra: $850 for adaptive cruise control, front/rear parking sonar, and parking assistant.The Countryman S E All4 exists to improve Mini’s desirability among environmentally motivated buyers, such as 12 miles on battery power motivates them, as well as buyers who want a tax credit ($4,100) or preferred parking status in some garages and office complexes where the chargers are near the main elevator or employee entrance. But the car also provides more power than the non-PHEV Minis and costs less than the all-out John Cooper Works performance.It lacks an adaptive damping system, meaning shocks that adjust to the road conditions. The lack of an adaptive suspension could be a turnoff for spouses and partners who admire how your Mini looks, but have learned from harsh experience not to apply cosmetics while the car is moving. Lipstick plus Mini plus potholes equals war paint.The first all-electric Mini arrives this fall. (Excluding the 500 prototype Mini E’s of 2009.)Should You Buy?Mini is the premium small car in the US. The Mercedes-owned Smart is cute in Europe but doesn’t sell here; by the time you add all the airbags and such, you’re paying the same as for a Hyundai or Toyota with space for four, which most Americans value more than the fact that you can almost park two Smart cars sideways in a parallel parking space. The Honda Fit is a fabulous small car, sized between the basic Cooper and the Countryman / Clubman.What sells Minis is their uniqueness, their sportiness (real and not imagined sportiness), and the immense variety of options (most Minis are factory-order, not sold off the lot). Reliability is around average now; Consumer Reports ranks Mini 15 of 28 brands in its 2019 Car Brand Reliability Rankings. The competition is other premium compact SUVs, most of which have higher sight-lines and more cargo capacity.If you’re interested in the Countryman S E All4, make sure you take an extended test drive and take along any family member who can make your life miserable if you were to ignore his or her opinions. If you can wangle the car for the weekend, better still.You will probably find: 1. Cute car. 2. Handles well. 3. 12 miles on battery isn’t a lot. 4. Stiff ride. 5. Driver safety assists some competitors make standard will set you back more almost $1,000. 6. Blind spot detection isn’t available. 7. Adequate cargo space for two for the weekend (but there is the roof rack). Mini is an intriguing brand and it carries the aura of a high-status car, regardless of it not costing $50K (although some models do get there).You may find it hard to understand the reason for such a modest EV-only range even though you know the electric motor serves to boost the car’s performance all the time. Also, if you’re looking at Minis broadly, not just the PHEV, you may find the turbo-three motor (other than in PHEV model reviewed here) isn’t enough, so look to the turbo-four models.If you want all-electric, hold tight. The pure-electric Mini S E will debut this summer and (but) it focuses on sporty performance, not max range. A demo car Mini showed to the media had a 33-kWh battery and a range of around 110 miles with a weight 265 pounds more than the gas-engine Mini Cooper hardtop. First customer shipments are expected in November.Now read:Mini’s Urban-X Accelerator Imagines the Brooklyn You’ve Always Dreamed OfFord Drops $500M on Rivian, Gets Head Start on EV Pickups, SUVsNew eTrucks Reduce Air Pollution at the Cost of More Visual Pollution<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>  Could Negan Get A ‘Walking Dead’ Movie Next? Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Heads Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at All The Most Inappropriate Comic Book Characters Ever By Bill Howard on May 28, 2019 at 7:08 amlast_img read more

Extreme Reach Launches AdBridge for Sellers A New Ad Distribution Platform for

first_imgSolution simplifies the complexity caused by today’s fragmented viewership; taps into AI capabilities within VAST tags Extreme Reach (ER) announced the launch of AdBridge for Sellers, a solution built to address the challenges faced by programmers and ad operations teams in a content-everywhere world. The viewer expectation of finding content they love on a myriad of screens and platforms has added tremendous complexity to sell-side workflows as teams look to ensure that quality ads align with quality content everywhere it is seen.AdBridge for Sellers connects the buy and sell sides to simplify the distribution of ad creative to every serving point: OTT, VOD, CTV, Digital and linear TV.  The current complexity of this workflow, industry-wide, has prompted many players to begin building their own siloed solutions that essentially act as Operational Walled Gardens that prevent ads from being efficiently distributed and trafficked. This, in turn, creates significant redundancies for brands, agencies, programmers and MVPDs as it multiplies the number of requests for the same creative assets. The multiple hand-offs of those assets that take place between receipt from the buy-side and serving the ad, can result in missed opportunities for all. The buy side misses the chance to get in front of valuable eyeballs and the sell side loses the opportunity to monetize valuable content.Marketing Technology News: New iPad App for Food and Beverage Professionals Takes Menus from Paper to Fully Digital in Less than an Hour“Fragmentation of audience based on new and innovative video delivery platforms is creating complexity on the sell side as ads need to be positioned everywhere,” said Bunker Sessions, VP Sell-Side Solutions at Extreme Reach. “AdBridge for Sellers is shedding light on these challenges and the friction that exists in campaign execution on the sell-side, and delivering a true solution that ensures the industry can realize the full value of every ad impression.”VAST Tags Are Key to Simplified ProcessUsing AI, AdBridge for Sellers taps into the power of VAST tags which enables simplified campaign trafficking and also preserves the original Ad-ID through a maze of sell-side point solutions and Operational Walled Gardens. This is a key differentiator in the sell-side workflow. Unifying inventory across all Dynamic Ad Insertion opportunities allows sellers to serve ads more quickly, almost in real time, into environments that have traditionally been very hard to serve into and to monetize.Marketing Technology News: Digital Shadows Reveals a 50% Increase in Exposed Data in One Year“With AdBridge for Sellers, we’re bringing our powerful technology and deep expertise to bear on the serious complexities of asset management on the sell-side,” said Extreme Reach CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Conley. “We must make it easier for publishers and programmers to monetize their premium content across every platform by transforming the most fundamental element of campaign execution—the sourcing, preparing and deployment of the ad assets themselves down the waterfall of parties that need them to launch on time and with precision. AdBridge for Sellers leaves sluggish, legacy processes behind in exchange for a modern solution, leveraging powerful technology.”Marketing Technology News: Lightspeed POS Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Chronogolf Extreme Reach Launches AdBridge for Sellers, A New Ad Distribution Platform for Sell-Side Teams and Their Advertising Partners MTS Staff WriterJune 3, 2019, 7:32 pmJune 3, 2019 center_img Ad Distribution PlatformAdBridgeExtreme ReachNewsTim Conleyvideo delivery platform Previous ArticleSDI Marketing Set to Fly High with Launch of New Stand-Alone Loyalty Agency, kiteNext ArticleCalabrio Acquires Teleopti to Create the Global Standard for Customer Experience Intelligencelast_img read more

Jeff Herrera Announced as Chief Marketing Officer at Annex Cloud

first_imgAnnex Cloud, an industry leading customer marketing and loyalty commerce solution for mid-market and enterprise brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors, announced that Jeff Herrera has been hired as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).“We are thrilled to have Jeff on our team”Jeff Herrera“We are thrilled to have Jeff on our team,” says Al Lalani, CEO of Annex Cloud. “Jeff is a very talented e-commerce senior executive with a strong track record of success at companies like Visa, NBC Universal, Western Union, eBay, Inc./Magento, Guidance, etc. His extensive experience in both commerce services and technology products with respect to e-commerce platforms such as Magento Commerce (now, Adobe Commerce Cloud), Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Hybris, Shopify Plus, Episerver and Big Commerce, will be invaluable to Annex Cloud as we continue to advance our loyalty and customer marketing solutions for our clients.”Marketing Technology News: Artificial Solutions and Swisscom Announce Partnership“Annex Cloud has a best of breed customer marketing and loyalty technology platform that is ideal for clients who are looking to maximize revenue per user (RPU), retain customers, and capture cost efficiencies for internal marketing and development teams,” says Jeff Herrera, CMO at Annex Cloud. “The Annex Cloud marketing and loyalty solution has been a premier commerce technology solution among many brands and retailers for the last several years, but what is most exciting is the ongoing investments the company is making in additional products, features and functionality to accelerate incremental revenue growth for our clients.”Herrera holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine, and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from California State University, Chico.Marketing Technology News: TechTarget Integrates 1st and 3rd Party Intent Data within Priority Engine Platform to Help Companies Make Faster Sales and Marketing Progress with Best Fit AccountsAnnex Cloud also recently appointed Narasimha Voruganti as Vice President of Engineering and Matt Reeves as Head of Strategic Solutions. Voruganti has over 20 years of experience in various engineering and technical leadership roles at Bank of America, NEOGOV and NBC Universal. Prior to joining Annex Cloud, Matt Reeves spent over 16 years at SAP in various leadership roles in product development, commerce marketing, strategic customer solutions, manufacturing, analytics, supply chain and retail.Marketing Technology News: Medallia Becomes Premier-Level Partner in Adobe Exchange Partner Program Jeff Herrera Announced as Chief Marketing Officer at Annex Cloud PRNewswireJune 4, 2019, 2:49 pmJune 4, 2019 Al LalaniAnnex CloudCustomer MarketingJeff HerreraMarketing TechnologyNewsSalesforce Commerce Cloud Previous ArticleE2open Announces Acquisition of AveretekNext ArticleWith 87% Surge in Customer Bookings, Episerver Promotes Internally for CMOlast_img read more

Pond5 Announces Worlds Largest Collection of RoyaltyFree Editorial Video Featuring Content from

first_imgPond5 Announces World’s Largest Collection of Royalty-Free Editorial Video Featuring Content from Reuters and Other Leading Global News Organizations Business WireJune 19, 2019, 6:00 pmJune 19, 2019 Jason TeichmanJohn FordMarketing TechnologyNewsPond5 Previous ArticleUnity Technologies Finds That 63% of Creatives Struggle with Implementing AR AdvertisingNext Article4C and IRI Deepen Relationship for Linear TV and OTT New collection launches with an industry-disrupting licensing model for news, celebrity, sports, and user-generated content from Reuters, Cover Video, Newsflare, and morePond5, the world’s largest royalty-free video marketplace, announced the launch of its industry-disrupting, royalty-free Editorial collection, featuring timely footage from the worlds of current events, sports, and entertainment, plus a wealth of video from citizen journalists, who are able to capture unique footage in the moment, as it unfolds.Access to high-quality news footage has traditionally been subjected to complicated licensing structures at high prices. With this collection, Pond5 is reinventing an industry largely known for a strict rights-managed approach. The new royalty-free model for this content gives filmmakers and creators worldwide access to a massive collection of premium news, celebrity, sports, and archival footage with one simple license, at a fraction of the cost of traditional licensing options — footage in the collection starts at $79 a clip.“Historically, it’s been very difficult for content creators to license quality, reliable news footage,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “Prices were often based on a litany of factors, such as where you’re using the media, how you’re using it, and how many different places you’re going to use it. That antiquated process needed to be reinvented, and with the launch of our new royalty-free editorial marketplace, it all goes away. Anyone can now license content under one license, for a reasonable price.”Marketing Technology News: Triton Digital Integrates Centro’s Basis Platform with the a2x Programmatic MarketplaceTo build the new collection, Pond5 has partnered with global news agency Reuters, one of the world’s most respected editorial resources. As an undisputed leader in the industry, Reuters is a natural fit to help launch the collection, which will be continuously updated with their recent topical and newsworthy content.Pauliina Hepola, Global Head of Channel Partners, Reuters News Agency, said: “Reuters is committed to delivering trusted, independent, and impartial news from around the world. We’re excited to share this content with newsmakers and content creators in a new way by partnering with Pond5.”Marketing Technology News: Mindtree to Showcase Contextual, Real-Time Solutions for Personalized Traveler Experiences at HITEC MinneapolisOther partners include Cover Video, which offers celebrity and entertainment video content, and Newsflare, known for user-generated breaking news videos, with more partners to be announced in the coming weeks. Through these partnerships, Pond5 is both expanding its collection of valuable archival footage and presenting buyers with royalty-free options for video relating to timely topics and current events, with thousands of new clips added to the collection every day.“To gain access to quality news footage — a critical component of their content — producers have often had to deal with complicated licensing restrictions and/or price points that force them to figure out alternative solutions,” said John Ford, general manager of NPACT, the trade association representing non-fiction production companies. “Pond5’s new royalty-free editorial collection is a big benefit to production companies and a great opportunity for our community.”Marketing Technology News: CoreMedia Announces CoreMedia Content Cloud – Marketing Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplacelast_img read more

Customer Experience Transformation Will Attract 23 of 168 Billion Dollars Invested in

first_imgCustomer Experience Transformation Will Attract 23% of 1.68 Billion Dollars Invested in Digitalization in 2019 PRNewswireJuly 5, 2019, 3:53 pmJuly 5, 2019 Customer experience improvement is at the core of corporate digital investments in 2019, IDC Research Spain reports in its latest analysis “Impact of Digital Technologies in The Customer Journey” jointly drawn up with Atento. According to IDC data, 23% of 1.68 billion dollars will be invested in digitalization processes in the course of the year will focus on customer experience transformation.Isabel Tovar, IDC Research Spain analyst, considers that “the confluence between technology and the customer journey is an increasingly vital area for brands. For instance, the development and configuration of omnichannel platforms combining conventional and digital channels allows enterprises to offer a more homogeneous and seamless customer experience generating higher value for consumers.” Isabel adds that “customer journey management and the impact of new technologies therein is crucial, as it paves the way for a clear competitive advantage for an organization.”Marketing Technology News: Aprimo Recognized as Winner for 2019 Microsoft Media & Communications Partner of the YearKeys for achieving success in customer experience transformation Technology-driven customer experience optimization is an imperative. According to IDC Research Spain, the impact of digital platforms on the customer experience is one of the factors that could decide the success or failure of organizations, particularly taking into account that a digital platform is not only a matter of technology but a new way of organizing business that will enable the introduction of new operational and commercial models. Additionally, organizations focused on improving customer experience are reinventing their relationship with the consumer thanks to the implementation of omnichannel platforms and the creation of highly relevant connections that increase satisfaction and loyalty.Other technology related components enabling organizations to optimize the customer experience include secure infrastructures, real-time use of Big Data, innovation capacity, seamless and standardized experience across channels or data privacy protection.“To be successful, enterprises should invest in platforms that integrate personalized omnichannel customer journeys endowed with the customer intelligence that will allow them to build their current and future service offerings,” Tovar adds.Marketing Technology News: Say It Now and Booxscale win Amazon’s European Alexa CupTackling omnichannel, the new challenge facing enterprises in the digital ageAccording to IDC Research Spain, by the end of 2019 about 50% of retailers will have adopted an omnichannel commerce platform. The key for organizations is to utilize these omnichannel platforms to add intelligence in each and every customer interaction in order to improve experience and obtain useful knowledge for the future. Omnichannel enables the development of deeper, more immersive and trusting relationships that will drive the frequency of interactions, increasing consumption, satisfaction and bottom line profitability.Digital Customer Experience Solutions by AtentoAtento, through its digital business unit, Atento Digital, provides tools and solutions for digital marketing, automation of front- and back-office customer related processes, a robust omnichannel platform and the use of analytics for greater efficiency and improved results in acquiring, managing and retaining customers. It also offers solutions for advancing digital transformation processes while fully leveraging existing systems. Atento Digital’s value proposition incorporates the use of cognitive technology based on Keepcon’s semantic engine and comprises a wide a range of solutions including 100% online sales, digital customer service, digital technical support, or digital debt collection. All these services are offered via Atento’s omnichannel platform combining both traditional and digital channels.Marketing Technology News: Button Raises $30 Million in Series C Funding to Build the Future of Mobile Commerce Atentocustomer experienceIDC ResearchImpact of Digital TechnologiesMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleMerkle Releases Customer Experience Impact ReportNext ArticleTapad Partners with Programmatic Buying Platform, Beeswax, to Extend Identity Resolutionlast_img read more